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You’ve Never Seen It Slow Cook Like This

in today’s video we’re going to see what happens if we cook eggs in a slow cooker overnight [Music] [Applause] what you see before you eggs cookie dough and hot dogs are all foods that are traditionally cooked fairly quickly let’s see the instructions for the cookies here are saying 12 to 13 minutes eggs are usually like yeah 4 minutes or 5 minutes penny what you know boiling them is taking longer frying those faster hot dogs are the dogs we’re gonna take all three of these things put them in these crock-pot slow cookers and let them go overnight on low so the exact opposite of everything that you want with cooking we’re making it take longer than it needs to in a way that we don’t actually even know if any of this stuff will survive no clue at all here’s the basic idea we’re going to take three foods that usually cook fairly quickly and we’re going to see what happens if we turn down the temperature and turn up the time we’re gonna put all three foods in slow cookers and leave them to cook overnight we don’t think anybody’s ever attempted this before we’re going to I’m hoping that we get a cookie but I’ll be honest I have some doubts I have some concerns I have some concerns from my research well on average the low temperature on a crock pot is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s good it’s warm enough to kill any germs pathogens all that it might be growing in here the problem is whether it’s high enough to actually burn stuff over a long period of time like eggs so just for the record Nestle has warned me against what I am doing I just want to acknowledge that they’re not advocating that you eat cookie dough like this but as my friend Jason says if you weren’t supposed to eat cookie dough out of the tub then it wouldn’t come in tubs I’m just filling this with eggs yep dear predictions what do you think is gonna happen I think this is all gonna burn horribly I’ve seen people make cakes and slow cookers before that is a pretty cool thing you can do probably not overnight no no not overnight so I’m really not sure what will happen I do think it’ll cook but the consistency I’ve got no clue that’s 20 eggs do add a little bit of milk and just stir a little and then I’m adding a little under half a cup of water to the hotdogs just you know get some steam going in there I don’t like boiled hot dogs so I don’t want to have a lot but I’m worried about how badly these are going to so we are going to turn on the crock-pot outside yeah we’re gonna leave these plugged in overnight but outdoors where if something starts to burn they put off a little smoke it’s okay we’ve got our three crock pots plugged in in three different spots plenty of ventilation insulation out here if anything does start smoking it shouldn’t really be a problem but it should be good [Music] we broke stuff oh this has been gone weird all right so we’ve got our hot bags our cookie dough and our eggs everything is a question now hot dogs egg let’s just say quick looks yeah at them they’re still plugged in still cooking technically at this point smells like cookie smells like cookie but there is like some burn smell to it so I’m guessing like some chocolate was on the edges somewhere and obviously some parts like didn’t cook all right I don’t even know what there is yeah there’s definitely sort of a rancid smell happening it’s weird we just left cookies in a 200-degree environment for a while you’re not supposed to do that these are the hot dogs let’s take a look at these oh gosh and maybe a little rubbery in the middle we’ll take a closer look inside yeah we’ll take all of these inside and really look at everything’s bad everything’s bad but what Nate’s about to show you might actually be a crime against nature eggs I don’t even know what liquid that is that’s bubbling on the side no this was eggs with a little bit of milk gently stirred in all right let’s take them all oh gosh what do you want to start with worst or best it’s just just let’s just get this over with all right well let’s explore what’s going on here in the cookie this top actually kind of looks like a cookie sort of thing this looks like a fungus grow underneath it looks like warm coffee cake no really underneath it it’s very burnt that’s burnt coffee I’ve never seen mark back away with the camera that quickly it’s just burnt it’s just burnt it’s just it’s burnt all the way up to this goopy who the heck I’m not trying this I’m sorry try some from the very top layer here it doesn’t look burnt up at the top to this jar mmm the burn flavor has really permeated all the way up even to the gelatinous goop I didn’t try the gelatinous cream don’t try that no don’t don’t I don’t want to try this okay guy did good so turns out without ample liquid this little crock-pot gets a little too warm for cookies well here’s the thing it could have worked if we hadn’t left it for 16 hours oh yeah it might be very possible to cook a blob of cookie dough and a sort of a good cookie cake yeah but not overnight that’s too long I was hoping that it would stay at a low enough temperature that nothing would burn clearly that’s not how this worked out I’m a little disappointed in that so what we have a lot it seems is about the texture of boiled eggs and I don’t like hard-boiled eggs I’m just not a fan why is it brown pretty bad it tastes like your hard-boiled an egg for about two hours well guess what I think the brown might be from the milk that’s possible your this salt help I think if I were starving to death I could eat that it is also for us to eat it has been at a hot enough temperature for long enough that safe is not this name is good though so I tried some of the egg white and it’s really like it’s gone past rubbery like if you over took a hard-boiled egg usually gets rubbery this has gone past her ovary into just like soft again and maybe that’s because of the milk that’s in there as well but like it’s very very soft like it barely holds itself together and that happens when you’re chewing it as well okay that is horribly disgusting but I’m gonna be honest it’s fascinating and weirdly less disgusting than the cookie dough like these are ruined yeah but the cookie dough got ruined way harder okay what No all right hot dogs clearly on the edges they got a little overcooked in the middle less so now I did put some water down at the bottom so they should have been getting steamed the whole time now normally when you put me in the slow cooker the ideas that I get does this nice soft texture where it just sort of falls apart when you press it it’s tender you can shred it like it’s the best way I know to cook a lot of kinds of pork oh sure interesting like almost a smoke ring going except it’s the opposite where it’s like pink in the middle and darker all the way around [Music] okay it’s not bad the lower levels of the hotdogs are quite different oh I’m so glad I tried that before I saw that now that I understand where this smoky flavor is coming from it’s more burnt hot dogs this is actually palatable like if you were burning hot dogs add in flavor to the don’t worry hotdogs smoked smoked the other hot dogs oh all right let’s take out some of these lower level ones that for some reason fleetly change color it is more tender good but you never wanted that like hot dogs are soft enough these hot dogs are just falling apart in my mouth and I’ve learned that that’s not a texture you wanted I’ve decided just now that’s not an acceptable hot dog texture anymore but the flavor of this there’s still a flippin hot dog it’s okay it is worse I think the water pulled some parts of the flavor out and then like it cooking in its own oils like put some less pleasant part of it back in overall I’m going with one of the weird multicolored ones that was in the middle level you’ve got a bottom level they don’t you it’s just unpleasant we have ketchup you might cover this up in any other way I don’t actually think I can save this but we’re gonna attempt with two of the greatest inventions ever known to mankind if you’re ever gonna try and fix the flavor of anything I don’t care if it’s your wedding cake like if you want to fix the flavor of something you had bacon and you add cheese so while she’s attempting to fix that I’m not saying that we are particularly enjoying anything we’ve got here but we are open to trying other stuff in a slow cooker if you’ve got a good idea of things we should try in a slow cooker let us know maybe will at some point feel foolish enough to try something like this again some of these things can be done yes you could cook eggs like this not sure why you would want to but I have seen it where people will scramble the eggs and make an actual souffle or something you can do that you can make cakes and slow cookers you can’t cook other things we’re talking about do you want to see us take something and put it in the slow cooker and leave it overnight like we’re not timing this it’s just overnight it looks like a decent hot dog I may have saved this [Music] how is it mm-hmm cheesy and bacony with an unfortunate hot dog under flavor perhaps uh a little on the warm side this is now an acceptable hot dog I would see this everything would it would still be an acceptable hot dog if there was no hot dog in it seasoned bacon that’s called a sandwich guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more for you to see and if you like this kind of content make sure to hit that button to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun we’ll see in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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