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Your Brain On Illusions (The LAB)

your brain is making an assumption right now hello and welcome to another episode of the lab where we take your questions and turn them into experiments my name is Greg and I’m Mitch and today we’re gonna be talking about cool illusions and why we love them so much so we’re gonna be doing a bunch of weird stuff to our brains and yours let’s start off with the thing that humans do really well our brains have evolved to pick up pattern so for example there’s a tiger hiding in amongst grass and it’s camouflaged like my coat then what will happen is that our brains will be able to actually focus on the important aspects and see the tiger and obviously this makes sense our brains have evolved to do this because it helps us evolutionarily but interestingly your brain actually wants to ignore all the other information it’s receiving so much and it’s trying to pick out what’s important and what’s not and so the stuff that’s not it tries to get rid of so the solution is gonna be called spot the difference we haven’t actually seen these images yet but basically it’s gonna be a flashing image and each time it flashes one thing changes back and forth we’ve got a spot what that things about the difference okay wait oh oh I what is it someone well it’s funny cuz once you see it it’s like all you can see it’s like I’m just like I do not see it but oh the shadow oh yeah oh my god okay so that time curious let us know how long these take you in the comments ooh tourism but you spotted already okay so we got there in France no fair pain out there in New York see this is the I shouldn’t be ya know like finding things yeah I’m like oh cool image I cannot see anything it’s like a pattern in the fence no what I’m not good at this what does that mean I’m like I would have died no no I was like a primitive human never just been like oh that’s a cute this was interesting because there are so many faces and things that you would expect to change like people walking your brain is like are they moving the light is something that could change the cars could be moving but it’s something that you don’t necessarily always anticipate and your brain is actually making these assumptions that these are the things that make sense to move on my I automatically goes to the words and the people okay I give up okay it’s on the car the window like the reflection on that is the changing back and forth oh my god yeah but that was like discrete cuz it wasn’t an R I’m surprised you even saw next Jeff yeah from the night Otto so my brain is no working no having right my brain is right now going to probably look at the human or look at the words look at the things that’s a violation airily wanting to do but I know this is an illusion so I need to try and find the things I probably won’t move because I’ve learned oh the blue box yeah on the screen disappears in and they do really go down because the water is behind it so it’s a natural piece that goes I guess that’s part of the solution in that it’s replaced by something that seems normal ya know those illusions work because our brains have evolved to focus on things that they think are important and in fact leaving and making assumptions about all the things that Dean’s as not important so now it’s time to take a look at how our brain makes some wrong assumption we have a variation of something called the Moirai illusion and so if we stick these together you’ll start to see something happen so in this optical illusion you actually see six different somewhat similar dinosaurs as one static image but as soon as you put this grid over top your brain is tricked into thinking that it’s one dinosaur that’s moving so actually when they first thought of the concept of film and entertainment for us humans there were something called as oh trope which essentially was a static with static images that were in this like circular little machine that would spin and it would create movement so the first this would have been the first ever a drastic park people would have lined up with popcorn just it’ll be like wow it’s all tricking your brain okay so we are here at you soft we are gonna do some more tricks to your brain so let’s go on inside so you thought this may be most famous for their games Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell just and and just dance lots of Gdansk games but what’s most exciting is this emotion capture system where they’re able to suit us up and then track all of our movements to be in sync with the characters on screen doing that right now blue steel okay put on your fashion do a spin I honestly feel like you’re super into that and I think for gloves and these on and I think we’re good to go now you decide which spots exactly so the top just one marker here it’s called it so it is just all showing you in detail how amazing and adapted and evolved their brains are to be able to look at these simple dots and patterns and know that’s a human it was really important to bring it to Mabel it’s amazing how your brain I create so many Sun just as you can see so much oh you’re interesting even if you don’t see the full human you can like tell the action Oh to make quickly make assumptions so you don’t have to sit there thinking or every little thing and you can just understand your environment in an instant it was awesome I could not it was so fun yeah a wearing these is super cool if you like superheroes are in a movie text over the Nana seeing the actual experience of the stuff up on the screen and recognizing how little is necessary was really awesome so now we’re gonna train my brain to make some new assumptions with this little rig we’ve got going so yeah this is obviously a fake and you couldn’t tell and this is Mitch’s real hand and if I touch the same parts of the fake hand as his real hand I’m actually able to trick his brain to actually have a new experience and then he’ll make some different weird assumptions and essentially start to feel things in this fake hand and also the fingers are attached to my fingers so I kind of can create the sensation that I’m in control this hand I can’t see my hand at all so oh my gosh that’s so weird as I’m looking at it now it’s starting to be like that he’s actually touching my hand and that this is what’s feeling the sensation since I here what are you doing oh that’s so weird okay so we’ve been doing this long enough that I honestly like I know in my brain it’s not really my hand but there’s something about it that it just I don’t feel I feel like I have I projected my physical touch onto this hand it’s oh my god what it scared me it didn’t I didn’t when you stab it I didn’t feel it like I feel a sensation but I had the fear that it was going so I feel like that anticipation of pain I felt but then obviously I didn’t feel like you stabbed my hand with an exact don’t really mean I was stabbing you it was kind of fun cathartic release for gray wow that was really amazing I highly suggest this is such a simple rig if you guys at home if you think this is just like a Halloween fake hand we got cardboard box just attach these vision like fishing wire so absolutely I recommend just trick your brain you have to hide your own hand and make this set up and you could do it at home now it’s time for this week in science the idea that wearing strong perfume can attract mosquitoes may be a mess researchers studying effective alternatives to DEET found that Victoria’s Secret’s bombshell perfume was actually almost as good as its deep counterparts but don’t go running to the shopping mall because Victoria’s Secret bombshell perfume costs about 50 US dollars whereas DEET repellent is usually only around 10 dollars and if you actually wear the scent you’re probably used to people fleeing because the smells were really bad some good news for our closest relatives the chimpanzees 98% of our DNA is the same as our primate relative and the National Institute of Health has decided to stop their bio medical research on chimpanzees as a result 50 chimpanzees are scheduled to be released to animal sanctuaries with no nutritional attributes and the source of 1/3 of all the sugar intake in the US there’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t be drinking soda so here’s another reason why it’s a huge waste of water for every liter of soft drink produced there’s between 340 to 620 liters of water used to create it thanks for watching another episode of the lab you can follow us both on Instagram and Twitter by using our hand down here make sure you subscribe to ASAP signs for more science videos and we’ll see you next Sunday for a new episode of the lab
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