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Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Day 3! Fat Burning 20 Minute Workout Beginners & Intermediate

[Music] psyche truth life wisdom hello and welcome to the joy of yoga I’m Joyce Scola we have with us again the beautiful Tracy we are moving on to round 3 huh of our yoga for weight loss challenge beginners intermediates step up to the mat to begin let’s go ahead and stand in our nice tall Mountain poses you can keep the feet about hips distance apart or bring them together standing up nice and tall tucking the pelvis staying stacked we can start to rotate our heads to the left and to the right going nice and easy now I wanted to remind everybody or in case this is your first time joining in there is a prize associated with this four-part challenge if you participate in all four videos and either post a video or picture of each challenge you participating and tag us at psyche truth fitness as well as hashtag psyche truth Fitness Challenge we will pick a lucky random winner to claim their new prize okay go ahead and bring our heads back to Center and now we can come to the front of our mat to open up to warrior one so we’re actually going to take our left foot back behind us you don’t have to reach super far super far but you do want to make sure that your knee does not go past your ankle and we want to have our back foot at a slight angle right foot facing forward and we’re trying to take our hips and point them forward and then we’re going to open up the arms nice and tall and I want you to pretend like you have an imaginary ball between your thighs squeezing and pulling back and then pressing into that right foot breathing [Music] you can let’s take it a step further out or stay where you’re at whatever you’re needing in your practice [Music] and then now we’re going to exhale folding forward into a nice lunge we can scoop the right foot over so both hands come down and again if you need to walk your foot back go ahead and we’re just going to again pulling back trying to square off those hips then when you’re ready try and lift up or you can always stay down here if you need to but now we’re actually going to move into a pulsing action while holding this pose or you can stay right here if this is enough of a workout but next we’re going to start dipping the knee not all the way to the mat and then back up again [Music] just hold your lunge if that’s enough of a workout more you do this video you can eventually work up to pulsing and one more time good job now we’re going to reach down with the left hand by our right foot reaching up our right arm nice and tall you can always come up onto the fingertips if you need to or walk your hand out we’re pulling in that belly button turning those hips pulling that right right hip back left hip forward and reaching if you’re if it’s too much on your neck to look up at the ceiling you can definitely stay looking forward keeping the neck nice and neutral breathing now on your next exhale go ahead and bring both hands to the mat rotate that back foot back down and then we’re going to windmill on our inhale arms up to warrior two again trying to get the hips on the same plane here pressing with the outer edge of that foot legs nice and strong now if you want to give this a little bit more of a workout you can start crunching forward and shifting back or just stay in that warrior which ever is it good for you and one more all right go ahead and rotate that right foot facing forward and folding down continuing to press with the outer edges of the feet lifting up the arches you can place your hands on the floor if you’re just right here that’s fine or if you need to hang on to those hips that’s okay to just whatever you need to do to keep that nice flat back we don’t want to crunch over here go and place your hands to the mat if you can bend the elbows and slowly start to allow yourself go as deep and as back as you can breathing you could even take a nice headstand here if you wanted to [Music] and on your next inhale go and walk your hands up and then place your hands on your hips and pushing through with the pelvis to rise we’re now going to turn our left foot towards the side and reaching into that nice deep warrior two lunge here arms open up again if you want to activate those crunches we’re really lifting and pulling with those obliques to reach forward and down really activating the thighs I’m holding and on your next exhale go ahead and rotate that back foot up reaching down to our lunge step out that left foot to give space for your hands here if you need to stay right here that’s totally awesome just make sure you’re really activating your legs and not relying on your hands to hold you up eventually you want to work two here and two here or even hands on the hips keeping it all nice and square and then we if you want to take it full though activating the knees pressing back up you can even do the knee dip if you are reaching for the floor just bending that knee down the back knee there you go activating those glutes and last time now reaching forward with that right hand and bringing that left arm up making whatever variations your body is needing I will tell you you will get more balance you’re pulling that left hip back and that right hip forward pulling those thighs in still again if you need to relax the neck keep it neutral making sure the shoulders are away from the ears and exhale bring those arms down and then rotating that back foot down and windmill arms up to warrior one so make sure that the hips are driving forward so if we need to we want to make sure that this is rotating there we go if you need to step in that back foot you can bend in the front knee there we go and pulling the left hip back pushing the left hip forward squeezing those thighs breathing and on your next inhale coming back to the front of your mat and forward fold take in those deep breaths if this is too much for you you can always walk your feet out to the edges of your mat kind of give you some more space it takes a warrior to get through the Warriors so good job get your rest and on your next inhale go ahead and rise up with a flat back pushing that pelvis under to come up standing tall now we’re going to come into our standing balances so let’s go ahead and make sure that our feet are together with a little sliver of space for your ankle and next we are going to move into our tree so I like to have my hands on my hips to kind of add stability feels like it grounds me a little bit you want to make sure that that pelvis is pushing through you want to be here but you also don’t want to be out here either or not wobbling ducks so I’m going to pull that in activate the core now we’re going to give 99% on our left foot and if you need to you can always place your foot against the shin but we want to try and reach it up into the corner you never want to apply direct contact now still pushing got pelvis through we’re finding our drifty our gaze at the end of the nose something that’s not moving so a reflection of yourself doesn’t work and breathing we’re pressing the thigh into the foot and the foot into the thigh and trying not to fall down we don’t want to fall out of our poses we want to intentionally release with control breathing unclench the jaw and then whenever you’re ready you can untucked bring that knee in and set the foot down whoo I’m gonna give that leg a little shake out mm-hmm but we’re not done yet hmm so coming back to that nice tall Mountain Pose oh is coming back to Center before reaching out we want to root to rise let’s go ahead and now take that right foot back behind us and lift up behind keeping the hips nice and square again I’m still focusing if you want to make this a little bit more of a challenge you can pulse kind of getting into a ballet workout now or just stay wherever you’re at control breathe [Music] and then exhale bringing that foot back hmm and shake this out if you need to hmm now let’s go ahead and try that in the front and on your next inhale rising that foot up if you’re only here and you just are tapping off the ground that’s great we just really want to build that muscle memory saying hey this is what I have to activate to hold lift and rise get that belly working and exhale slowly lowered down calves should be burning a little bit that’s good hmm all right now taking it to the other side a nice strong mountain coming to Center putting the weight onto our right foot now we are going to either lift our foot to the side of our shin or go ahead and pick it up place it gently into the crook of the thigh pressing into each other we want to create that that resistance which helps zip us up helps us to grow tall and balanced notice my feet are kind of balancing which way I’m having to activate different muscles in my body to help keep myself up I’m not just a statue here I’m having to work I’m having to stay balanced working on your balance and your ankle strength helps you when you’re moving into more tough poses or workouts to help you from rolling your ankles and helps you to trip less as your body knows what it needs to do it remember so if I’m starting to tip this way I’ve got to activate this to pull it back in bada bing bada boom you’re moving freely throughout your environment feels great and then on your next exhale untuck bring that knee in a little slowly lower down I want to drop it I do whoa shake it out so she that last little bit hmm shake it off that was the song I was thinking of it shake it off yeah okay coming back to our Mountain nice strong routing to rise confidence taking that left foot back behind us sorry I’m going into my ballerina poses again you can have your hands on your hips and then just slightly lifting that back foot yeah feeling it keeping those hips level squared off and again if you want to pulse booty workout my biscuits are burning breathing unclench that jaw ah smile you’re doing yoga and exhale slowly bring it back I want to drop it last a little bit more my body just wants to be like graaah guess they know you’re in control hmm all right and for the front now hands come on the hips strong branches taking out that left foot and raising up again if you’re just hovering off the ground tapping great eventually you’ll get here eventually you’ll get here eventually here eventually you’ll kick yourself in the face and you’ll love it breathing [Music] yes most certainly keep a micro bend in your need don’t want to lock out we don’t want you to collapse we want this to be a muscle workout and exhale ah yes oh yes we’re working everything there’s so many muscles in here and we forget who doggie that was a workout good job if you weren’t able to hang in there again just keep practicing every time we’ll get that much stronger you’re already doing great by taking action in your life now again please remember to participate in all four videos and hash tag and tag us on Instagram of you doing each workout for your chance to win that beautiful two piece of black yoga outfit thanks to dragonfly mm-hmm and we’ll see you for video four [Music] you
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