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Yoga Stretches For Back Pain, How To Routine | Austin Yoga Teacher Jen Hilman

new videos every day hey everybody I’m Jen hilman I’m a yoga teacher in Austin Texas and today I’m going to demonstrate some stretches that you can follow along with we’ll be doing some stretches to open up tension through the upper and lower back as well as through the sides of the body so these are some really nice stretches for anyone that is experiencing upper or lower back pain it’s good for anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk or sitting for their job so these are just some nice ways to open up the compression and tightness that happens in the back so the first pose we’re going to start with is on the knees and you’ll just start by placing your head down on the floor in front of your knees placing the crown of your head down and you’ll reach behind you and grab onto the heels from here you’ll start to lift the hips up and round the back and this allows for a nice stretch through the tops of the shoulders and the top of the bat you can come down for a moment to rest and then coming up again lifting the hips you and folding back down we’ll come up into a seated position and we’ll start with the right leg crossing the right leg to the outside of the left knee and then reaching up high with the left arm you’ll hook the left elbow to the outside of the right knee and twist towards that right leg and this twisting action allows for more mobility through the middle back as well as into the low back and if you include your head with this twist then you’re also improving the mobility in the neck through the cervical spine Mizzou untwist can bring that right leg out to the side while keeping the left leg bent in and just reach the left arm up and over towards the right toes then rotating the left shoulder down towards the floor you can start to deepen the stretch through the low back on the left side so coming up we can switch to the other side can just fold in that right knee and bring the left foot to the outside of the right knee then reach the right arm to the outside and twist then extend the left leg out to the side you’ll start to bring the right arm up and over reaching towards the left toes you then rotate the right shoulder down towards the floor we’ll come back up to seated and just let yourself relax and rest so these are some fairly simple stretches that you can practice on your own so go ahead and favorite this video and follow along with me after the end of a long day or even to start your day this is a great way to start getting some mobility and some openness in the back shoulders and low back leave me a comment let me know how these stretches are working out for you and visit my website Jen hilman therapeutic touch comm to learn more about my practice don’t forget to subscribe to the psyche truth Channel so you can watch lots more videos thanks so much have a great day you Oh
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