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Yoga Strength Drills In The Greek Isles—Santorini

[Music] hey everyone it’s keno here thanks so much for joining me on this practice today I’m in the beautiful Greek Isles on the wonderful beautiful island of Santorini here at the adronis hotel what a beautiful spectacular view we’re going to dive into a quick core practice so when you’re ready come to a comfortable seated position and close your eyes [Laughter] [Music] slowly turn into breath and body noticing the quality of breath noticing the state of the body bringing peace into the mind and allow your eyes to open let’s get started on the hands and knees from the hands and knees plank gripping your fingertips rooting down through the knuckles and then rotate the tailbone a little bit under and we’ll start off with retracting and protracting the shoulders making sure that the front body is nice and squeezed in exhale dip a little down inhale pick it up exhale let’s go a little down and forward and then inhale again pick it up three more times exhale down little forward and help pick it up two more down little forward tighten the armpits pick it up last one down little forward and help pick it up hold it there for a moment inhale release the spine nice long deep breath exhale round let’s pick it up pull it under step your right leg back rotate the tailbone under and let’s come on up to plank plank position is a great space for you to integrate that core activation with the pushup from the shoulders and we’re gonna retract and protract the shoulders again retracts protract again retracts protract three more times retracts throat rack one more you try keep the body tight protract and now chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing state downward facing for a moment widen the shoulders draw the navel in towards the spine and just let the breath be steady and deep give yourself a chance just to feel the body and then let’s slowly bend the knees cross the feet underneath you and pointing the feet slowly come up begin to work on navasana you can stay here or you can pick it up or you can come all the way up to Navas and it will hold for five breaths one look at the toes – nice and easy three to mine calm and steady for almost there and cross your feet inhale hips back it up and then exhale set it down we’re gonna do it again one more time so you can stay here find the way for you to work or the toes up or all the way up to navasana one just feel it just feel that front body working – almost there three four you can do it cross the feet and your hips backing up exhale now keep the feet and the knees together roll your spine all the way down from here rotate the tailbone under fingers behind the head and pick it up and we’ll just hold it there for a couple of breaths one to work your front body three four and set it down lift the legs up and we’ll do it again inhale pick it up and we’ll hold it for five reps one nice and steady two three four and put it down let’s do it again and he’ll pick it up one two three nice and steady four and let’s put it down now draw the knees into the chest hold it one two three four straighten the legs and pick it in and all the way up let’s do it five times in and out squeeze it in and now you can even lift the hips off the ground and all the way out three more in all the way out one more and all the way out last one and hold it hold it and all the way down relax okay now bring both legs up and then place the hands underneath the hips hold it there for a moment and then slowly left leg drops down keeping the back on the ground pick it up right leg drops down keeping the back on the ground pick it up then left leg and right leg into the chest keep the back on the ground switch so we start to scissor the legs switch really do the work with those muscles of the lower abs working and going oldie as far as is comfortable for you we’ll do about five more switch switch feel those lower abs really tightening and pulling in almost there nice and stable don’t give up just work find where you can work okay both legs together now slowly both legs little down then inhale both legs little up we’ll do it about five times really tuck the tailbone feel the core muscles working pick it up then both legs pick it up from the core feel the tailbone talking lower abs up two more lower abs as you really tuck the tailbone to bring the leg up one more tuck the tailbone hold it hold it hold it come up now take the arms forward tuck the chin in hold it stay there right there nice and easy then little little work the lower abs just kind of pulse you’re not vaasana’ pulse it stabilize almost there feel it you got this a little more you can do it the knees bent if it’s do our cross your feet step all the way back to play find your plank exhale chaturanga inhale upward facing exhale downward facing okay now let’s do the knees in all right so lift comes a plank and then inhale right again send it back left knee in send it back let’s try to trust touch the triceps left side right side left side right side left side right side do a few more left side right side left side right side almost there left side right sides do two more left side right side the last set left side right side jump forward bend your knees go for a little squat hold it there release Hansen prayer nice big breath in big breath out calm the mind then sit the hips all the way down open the legs let the mind be nice and calm and rotate the tailbone and inhale lift the legs hold on to the outsides of the feet look up stay for a couple breaths and then release your hands hold the feet again and release listening the body hold it with its own strength hands in prayer – – calm and steady three almost there four bend the knees come back to your squat just for release shift the hips back as the chest goes down then sink the hips down straight legs open the right leg out take the hands forward now shoulders forward on hips back it up exhale down and do it two more times shoulders forward and hips back gonna exhale down last one shoulders forward and hips back and up exhale down we get through the other side right leg in left leg out shoulders forward and hips back and up exhale down shoulders forward and hips back exhale down last one shoulders forward on hips back it up exhale down oh that was a lot now come on to the knees again squat find the release no Bach asana knees into the armpits or just outside the triceps pick it up one two three shoulders strong shoulders pick it back and up with the core four jump back chaturanga inhale upward facing exhale downward facing step the right foot forward let’s release the front of the hip just pump some a nice easy lunge no stress hang out there for a moment then inhale raise the arms find the center line two breaths here again no force just a nice easy release exhale down then back to plank switch the sides left foot forward right knee down inhale up through the center line lift the spine up out of the pelvis let the mind be calm enjoy the moment and exhale slowly back to plank chaturanga inhale upward facing and exhale downward facing across your feet come to seated close your eyes for a moment bring the attention to breath and body notice the pace of the breath notice the inner sensations then gently switch the gaze towards the tip of the nose cross your feet last little lift up shoulders forward and hips backing up one two shoulders more shoulders three draw the ribs in four and maybe you come off the ground maybe not but keep doing the inner work five all the way down close your eyes rest for moments let mind and body come to a point of unity a points of rest trust that all is good that you put in the work let it be enough have faith in a power that’s greater than yourself so sort out all the other details allow yourself a nice long deep breath in and as you exhale start to move fingers and toes hands and feet bend the knees and the elbows draw the knees into your chest yourself a little squeeze in and then that’s roll over onto the side come on back up to a comfortable seated position eyes closed for a moment attention inward feel yourself grateful and appreciative of all the work that you put in acknowledging the depth of the mind in the body gently bring your hands together and plant the seeds of peace may I be happy may I be peaceful may I be filled with love may all beings be happy be peaceful be filled with love [Laughter] [Music] thanks so much for joining me on the practice today remember it leave me a comment and let me know what other kinds of practices you’d like to see it for me and I hope you keep the seed of inspiration keep practicing namaste
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