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Yoga Poses For Beginners – Where To Start?

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the Yoga with Adriene blog. I am Adriene. Today, we are talking about yoga for beginners;
people who want try to yoga or maybe have tried yoga it back in the 1980s
or 1990s and want to come back to it again. Reaching out to all people here; yoga for
everyone. Truly, I just want to get a little specific. It’s hard to maybe write all
of this, so I thought I would do a vlog because this comes up all the time,
this question: Where do I begin? I’ll just start by saying first of all, you
begin here now. Just the
thought, the desire to want to do something that brings more light into
your life that’s good for your body, good for your internal organs, and
overall health: Mind, body, soul; starts truly now with just the thought. We’re already halfway there. Just rolling out the mat and showing up is
really part of the battle. Like I said, I want to get a little specific
for you today. Where do I
begin? We have some great postures on the ‘Foundations
of Yoga’ series. To
get really specific, start with, actually, the first pose we ever did,
which is called Sukhasana, or the Easy Pose. Start there. Another one that
I would recommend checking out is Tadasana, or the Mountain Pose. It’s a
standing posture that, I in my opinion, think will change your life,
whether you go to yoga class or not. Just learning this posture and gaining
full body awareness I think is worth the price of this video, which is
free, so I don’t know what that means, but it’s definitely worth it. Another one is Downward Dog. We all know this posture. We associate Hatha
yoga with Downward Dog, but it can be a (beep). You know it can. Take time
with the ‘Foundations of Yoga’ video with Downward Dog and grow that
posture. I think I’ve said this before on the channel,
but I really fell in love with Hatha Yoga with the Asana the day I fell
in love with Downward Dog. That was not right away, it took a lot of
practice. Take or leave it,
whatever that means for you. Runner’s Lunge; I have a lot of friends, particularly
men, just do not like this posture, but it is in my top . . . what
am I mentioning . . . 3-4-5 poses to tackle as a beginner, because you
will notice it grows fast if you stick to the practice. Also, it’s just very calming in regular Hatha
Yoga class. If you want to go to public classes, prepare
yourself for class by spending some time with me and the ‘Yoga with
Adriene’ channel. Another cool thing that I add to this ‘Where
do I start?’ thing is that we
just rolled out a ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’ video. It’s a quick
sequence that’s rather simple. It may not be easier for you right away, but
it’s simple, just allowing you to get on the mat without too much pressure
or too many yoga pretzel poses; without too much talking from me. You can
get that in the ‘Foundations of Yoga’ series. It’s to give you a little
taste of the experience. Check out that ‘Yoga for the Complete Beginner’,
and you can tackle that as complete beginner or maybe someone returning to
the practice. Maybe challenge yourself to practicing that
once every day for a week and just see what happens and if
you notice anything. I think
you will, but who knows. Those are some specifics. Try those poses in the
‘Foundations of Yoga’ series. Check out the ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’. Part 2 of this ‘Where do I start?’ is again,
going back to right here, right now. Get involved. Leave me questions, comments. Send in pictures if
you like. Scroll through other Yogi’s pictures and comments,
and get inspired. Join the Instagram family. My name on Instagram is adrienelouise,
and Twitter and all that. Even if you’re not on Twitter, maybe that’s
not for you, but the point I’m trying to make
is get involved, help us grow this yoga family. Join us. I think you’ll be surprised how actually
inspiring it is. You’re like, “I think I do want to try this
today. My yoga
family’s doing it, Adriene is doing it.” I think you might find a place
there. It feels good for me. I know my life has changed ever since this
channel rolled out. I’m inspired every day. I fall on my ass still, every
day. I learn new things every day, and I’m definitely
inspired by my fellow viewers and my fellow yogis. I almost went into an accent there. I think that’s it for now. One other thing I could maybe put on this
video is that everyone keeps asking what kind of
Yoga mat do you use. I think
that might be good for beginners, too. The answer is whatever you can find
that looks good and feels good for you, honestly. I am not privileged
enough to have experienced a bunch of fancy yoga mats. Maybe one day this
channel will grow and we’ll all get to experience fancy yoga mats, or I can
tell you. I have some friends who like JadeMats for
nonslip. I have some
friends that like Manduka mats for more cushion. Really truly for me, it’s
whatever mat comes to meet me and greet me, that’s affordable and feels
good. Don’t stress so much about your mat. Find what feels good, mix and
match. If you do want to spend money on a mat then
make sure it’s worth it to you. If not, just go with the flow. I think that’s all for now. I love you guys so much. Hopefully we have some
new yogis listening. Send in your questions, comments on the website,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we’ll see you on YouTube and on the mat. Namaste my friends. Much love.
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