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Yoga On Safari—Slow And Gentle Flow

[Music] hey everyone it’s keno here I’m in beautiful Kenya in the region called Samburu this is the Safari collection ATSA sobs just over the river there is herd of elephants which are having the best time ever now if you’re ready to join me for a nice gentle yoga flow class come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes bring your hands together a long deep inhalation [Music] mr. hands down any comfortable position and feel the breath moving in and out of the body let your awareness of the breath call the minds into presence as though that steady pace of inhalation and exhalation concentrates the mind on the inner body and helps all the thoughts simply stream away breath by breath moment after moment so that there is only the peace that lies underneath the noise of the minds then allow yourself a conscious deep breath in through the nose rooting that breath deep into the center of the pelvic floor a conscious deep breath out through the nose again rooted deep in the pelvic floor and allow the eyes to open and let’s get started on the hands and knees over on the hands and knees grip the fingertips letting the knees be about hips width apart then inhale and reach through extending the spine exhale round let’s pull it all the way under two more times inhale extending the spine exhale round let’s pull it all the way under last one nice and easy long deep inhalation long deep exhalation from here let’s draw the knees a little bit closer together and your hands close together and away from the body slide down into a nice easy puppy pose resting the forehead on the ground with each exhalation just melt your spine towards the ground widening the shoulders don’t force there’s no competition there’s no goal there’s just the breath in the body you stay here for a couple more breaths give yourself a chance to really drop down and tune in to the feeling space underneath the skin deep in the spinal axis deep in the pelvic floor tapping into parts of the body that are often ignored stay there for another moment keep breathing keep feeling the body from feet to head all the way to the fingertips and then walking the hands back slide the knees forward round the back a little bit under and then exhale all the way back to Child’s Pose and in Child’s Pose really just soften tuning into both breath and body for a moment of pure presence without any judgment of the body without any need to be more flexible to be more strong just to be here so really notice the thoughts in the mind and see if you can train the thoughts of the mind to be more kind more generous more loving towards yourself and let’s gently lift the head up take the hands forward about shoulder width apart knees gonna spread about hips width apart gripping your fingertips widen the shoulders and then inhale back to downward facing dog take a moment in downward dog perhaps bending the knees and then inhale hips back and up straighten the legs stabilize the shoulders and spread the shoulder blades away from each other keep breathing long deep inhalation long deep exhalation let the mind be calm and steady deep inner focus feel everything but cultivate a non-judgmental attitude then let’s walk the feet forward about halfway towards your hands then gently bend the knees and drape your arms over each other just hang here for a few breaths drawing the belly in lifting the spine up away from the pelvis and then exhale relaxing the spine down and you lift the spine up away from the pole listen exhale draping the spine down one more time inhale lift the spine up away from the pelvis exhale let’s drop it down stay there for another moment and then soften the shoulders down that’s gently switch the gaze forward take the hands back down and now let’s step back to the plank pose use plank pose to just check in with the shoulders and rotate the tailbone under and we’ll hold this for a couple breaths feel the strength coming into the body mind is calm picture the shoulders just a little forward and then exhales go all the way down to the ground point the feet let’s come onto the elbows nice easy cobra pose we can wiggle until the thighs feel comfortable then give yourself a nice long deep inhalation exhale hold it there but it be stable slow and deep no need to force just being here appreciating the beauty of this moment the beauty of the practice the duty of the opportunity to dive into an inner experience of presence and then let’s walk the hands back curl the toes under and then press up to upward facing dog will hold upward facing dog for a moment long deep inhalation long deep exhalation back to downward facing dog oh let’s step the right foot forward planting the left knee down and then just drop that left hip towards the ground hold it there for a moment nice and easy again no stress no force inhale back to the center and now let’s place both elbows gently towards the ground hold this here for a couple breaths and soften the chest down notice what you’re feeling there may be a tendency or a desire to force or fight the body you may be feeling oh I wish I were a little bit more flexible or I wish I could get out of this posture see if you can tune the mind into simply making peace with what is recognizing that what is simply is of course make sure you check your alignment so that the body is protected from harm but if there is just Comfort if there’s just a feeling perhaps an emotional feeling that arises it to the surface see if you can make peace with it instead of fighting it then let’s come on up walking your hands back stepping that right knee back let’s release the spine long deep inhalation long deep exhalation pull it under from here let’s step the left foot right forward pointing the right knee a little back and then just drop the right hip down use this as an opportunity to really feel the openness through the front of the right hip and then inhale back to the center and now we’re gonna settle both elbows down and just hang out here for a little bit feeling the groin releasing feeling the inner thighs releasing if you can’t get the elbows down you just stay up on the hands but go as deep as possible with as much alignment and intelligence as possible respect the body but show up and ask for work staying here for just a few more moments dropping down to that little bit more a little bit more and then inhale let’s come on back up and now from here we’re gonna take it all the way up to plank pose so inhale come forward to plank hold your plank let it be nice and stable exhale chaturanga or you can put the chest down inhale upward-facing long deep inhalation exhale downward facing from downward facing slowly and quietly step your right knee all the way forward we’re gonna move into the pigeon pose now keeping the knee joint closed will really allow you to protect the knees so let’s be sure that you feel really comfortable here come up onto the fingertips and lift the spine up out of the pelvis lose later for a couple of breaths long deep inhalation use this to release the Front’s of the left hip as well as to get that external rotation in the right side really well established calming the mind deep study breathing lifting the front of the chest nice and calm long deep inhalation long deep exhalation point those left toes and now let’s pitch the shoulders a little forward now if your knee feels okay you want to deepen the movement in the hip let’s open the knee keeping the shin bone parallel with the front of the mat and then exhale you can place the elbows down dropping the chest as close to the shin bone as possible keeping that left leg engaged for a moment nice and easy calming the mind feeling that Sun coming up to find me a little bit here I like the Sun so that’s alright now let’s come on back up releasing the hip dropping that back and then let’s inhale come all the way up to the plank pose hold your plank for a moment exhale chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing now let’s slide that left knee forward settling the hips back and down and again coming up on to the fingertips there’s this tendency to let the weight kind of push over to the left side do you really want a school where the hips forward as much as possible coming up onto the fingertips right leg is engaged spine is lifted up out of the pelvis as much as possible stay there with calm deep inner focus allowing what is to simply be what is making peace with the body in the mind the goodness of the self within check in with the hip if the hip feels good beneath eals good let’s open the left knee joints and then again slide the pelvis back to square tech in with yourself you could flex the left foot a little bit if you need some support eventually coming down onto the elbows and again really feel so the goal is just to feel not so force if you find yourself forcing dial it down a notch and just feel stay here with mine with breath with body all in unity find the space to relax the space to just be not to force let’s walk the hands back step that right knee forward the left knee back and then let’s come all the way up to plank pose again exhale chaturanga inhale upward facing exhale downward facing then nice and easy again cross the knees sit down straighten the legs all the way forward from here we’re gonna do our last posture which is a twisting pose then the right knee up into the chest glide it over so you can really feel a gentle internal rotation of both hip joints then lifting the chest that’s the rule and twist around the spine gazing over the right shoulder to take it a little bit deeper you could fold the left shoulder around holding on to the right foot but no need to force you’re really just working the spine around the center line the belly draws in and you feel length and space energy rising and then inhale back to the center exhale it’s straighten the legs try the other side then the left knee up into your chest don’t close it all the way slide it over hold on like you’re hugging the knee and just feel a nice gentle twist of the body you want to fold the chest on the outside of the thigh then place the left hand back behind you and you could stay here or if you feel that your body is inviting you to go deeper glide the right shoulder down and around avoid pushing but instead focus on the glide and reach always working with the concept of ease and flow creating space and allowing the space to just be accepted and integrated both body and mind nice and easy and then inhale back to the center let’s cross the feet huh get into the chests and then slide over the toes here we go back to plank pose find your play exhale chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing slide your knees forward again and come to a seated pose close the eyes turn your attention inward find the center line of the body turn the palms open place the tips of the index fingers and the thumbs together gaze towards the nose tip and feel the breath traveling up and down the spine long deep inhalation long deep exhalation with every breath you’re diving deeper into the subtlety of inner experience long deep inhalation long deep exhalation one more long deep inhalation feel the center line of the body long deep exhalation Oh soften the spine curl the spine under an exhale lie all the way down close your eyes rest for a moment in this space of rest just keep the attention at the heart center and feel breath moving in and out through the heart as you breathe in speak words of kindness to your body if you could speak a word of support of love of life to the body what would it be perhaps you’d say hey my body you’re good hey my body I love you just as you are you did a good job keeping your connection through the heart space begin to move your fingers and toes your hands your feet then the knees and the elbows draw the knees into your chest give yourself a little squeeze in and roll on over to the side and back up to a comfortable seated position after you find your comfortable seated position eyes closed for a moment attention at the heart center keep your hands in prayer position and plant the seeds of kindness and compassion for all beings including yourself may all beings including myself all the animals and all the human beings in the whole world now I’ll be happy may all be peaceful may all be filled with love may all beings live in harmony thank you so much for joining me on this practice namaste remember to leave me a comment if you’re enjoying these videos and if you want me to make more always open to suggestions for topics
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