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Yoga For ZOMBIES! | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, everyone, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and this is Benji and today we
have yoga for zombies. So this is an
awesome quick practice for anyone who needs a refresh, who needs a break
from whatever is going on, but in a positive
and mindful way. So we’re zenning in
to find balance and calm. This is also just really great if you’re like find yourselves on one of these roller coaster where you’re on the
phone or on the computer, or maybe you
didn’t sleep all night for one reason or another, and you feel like a zombie, this is the yoga
practice that’s gonna help you feel alive again. So hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) (thunder) Alright, zombies. Let’s begin in a
nice comfortable seat with Kapalbhati breath. So sit up nice and tall. We’re just gonna
jump right in, okay? Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and change. Right, when you feel
like oh, I’m way off balance, way way way way beyond helping there is help. Bring your hands
to the lower belly. Skull shining breath. Inhale. Exhale, draw the
navel in sharply. With a little sound. Inhale. Exhale, draw the navel in
sharply with a little sound. So breath of fire or
skull shining breath. I have a whole
video just on that. But you can pick it up
with a little play here. Just try to keep
your shoulders relaxed and resist the urge to do this. (breathes intensely) This is what someone looks like who is confined to
screens and craziness. We’ve put that away. We are coming right
back into the source. So here we go, big
inhale, keep this relaxed. Brush your shoulders off. No? Alright. Inhale and let’s begin. (exhales with a sound) Keep it going. Keep your shoulders relaxed and see if you can stay calm within the storm of this breath. Nice and controlled,
it gets easier with practice, and move in the
rhythm that is right for you so you inhale passively,
exhale with action. (exhales with a sound) Navel draws in on every exhale. I swear Benji is
emulating the sound of Kapalbhati breath right now. Keep it going,
you’re almost there. (exhales with a sound) And if you lose it,
just come right back to it. (exhales with a sound) And then take a big inhale. Hands come to the knees
as you exhale everything out. Great, take a second
to check in with the neck. So the neck and the
spine, all this time on the phone, or maybe
working on your thesis, or maybe you’ve been up
all night with your kiddo. Whatever has led you to
feel like a zombie today. Let’s turn to a
little neck hygiene. So gentle circles,
nodding the head yes and no, side to side, right
ear over right shoulder, left ear over left shoulder. Breathing deep. Great, then send
the legs out long. So extend one leg,
then the other. Press the heels
firmly away from you and sit up nice and tall. And then, you knew
this was coming, right, send the fingertips forward,
then drop them down, Thriller arms,
stretch through the forearm. Beautiful. Then flip the script. If you need more
take it here or here. Stretch. Ooh, tight. Awesome. Then inhale, reach for the sky, bend your knees,
lift the shins up, feet up, and you’re gonna come into Boat Pose, your variation. So you can clasp
the backs of the legs. You can reach the
fingertips forward. Or maybe you
extend the legs, alright. But I want you to
create a little energy, a little fire,
a little shake, a little heat. So lift the chin,
lift the chest, breathe deep. Again, you can clasp,
you can reach. Breathe deep here, smile. And you want to start
to hear your breath here, really feel that shake and allow your breath to respond to it. Great, we’re here
for one more breath. Lift your heart. Exhale. Then cross the ankles,
come all the way forward and all the way into Plank Pose. You got it. Plank Pose. You can
always come to half plank if you’re a super zombie. Take it nice and slow. But if the knees are lifted, really reach the backs
of the knees to the sky and lift the heels for
the back edge of your mat. Then lengthen
from crown to tail, draw the lower belly in,
breath deep, inhale. Then exhale, come
onto the outer edge of your right foot and
dip the right hip down. Now you can stay
here for a couple breaths feeling that deep stretch through the IT band
and the side body. Or you can start to power
it up and go side to side. So you’ll definitely
want to do both sides but you just get to
decide how long you stay there. Or if you want more
upper body, more heat, you’ll just dip
hips back and forth. Coming onto the knife
edge of your left foot and then the knife
edge of your right foot. Breathe deep, keep it going. Your own variation. Side to side, side to side. Then even it out,
come back to Plank. And then Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful. Deep breath in. Empty it out. Peddle it out. Out with the old. In with a little fresh
energy, positivity, life. Find a little wave in the spine. Then slowly look
towards the top edge of your mat and you’re gonna
walk nice and slow, feeling every
nuance through every step as you walk nice
and slow all the way up to the front of your mat. Make sure to get a
stretch through the calf, the achilles, the ankles. You walk all the way up, feet hip-width
apart when you land. And then let it all go. Shake the head loose. Bend your knees generously. Then bring the
fingertips to the mat and sweep them to the left, keep your feet planted firmly, toes bringing forward. And now sweep them all the way through center and to the right. Then pick up the pace
sweeping left and then right, and try to keep your
knees over the ankles. So strong footing. Then come back to center. Let it all go,
shake the head loose. Inhale, half way lift,
nice, long, beautiful neck. Heart reaches forward,
exhale to fold, soften and bow. Here we go,
zombies, tuck the chin, bend the knees,
slowly roll it up. Press firmly through the feet as you stack all the way up lifting the heart and
the chest and the head. Make a sound (roars) as you relax the shoulders down. I’m proud of
myself for that sound. And then we’re gonna
bring the fingertips down, lead with the wrists,
reaching all the way up so you’re getting a big
stretch through the forearm, all the way up as you
reach up towards the sky, flip at the top, bend the knees, and then cascade
it all the way down. Inhale, the halfway lift. Exhale, the fold. Plant the palms,
step the right foot back, step the left foot back. Plank Pose.
Take a deep breath in. Then exhale,
bring the right hand to the center of your
mat and bring your right knee to the center of
your mat and down. Then you’re gonna
slowly pivot on the back foot, we’re coming into a
little gate variation here. So you inhale, open
left fingertips to the sky. And then exhale,
draw your navel in, nice and slow,
work from your center and reach the right fingertips
all the way up and back. And then all the way
back down nice and slow. And then all the way back. So you have to kind
of wake up your center or your core here. Keep it going. And then you can
start to let it evolve here, maybe the left hand
goes all the way forward. Stretching all
four sides of the torso. And then the next time
your right hand goes down, take a Side Plank variation. So you could just be here, could be bringing
the right foot in front for kind of a fallen
triangle sort of deal. Maybe you do a
wild thing in honor of holiday some
of us practicing. Maybe it’s just the
Side Plank or the kick stand. We’re here for one more breath. Inhale, lift the hips up high. And then exhale, bring
it down and take a vinyasa, belly to Cobra, or
Chaturanga to Up Dog. Use an inhale to open
the chest, open your heart, and use an exhale
to make your way back. Inhale to look forward and exhale to step to the top. Rag doll. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. Roll it up again, nice and slow. This is a zombie roll. So, shedding all
the extra weight, leaving it behind as
you rise and grow tall. Open the chest,
loop the shoulders, forward up and back,
length through the crown. Here we go again. Reaching with the wrists first, nice and slow, inhale. (roars) Make a sound. And then exhale, paint
the wall in front of you, bend your knees and
cascade it all the way down. Inhale to
halfway lift, find length. Exhale to fold, plant the palms, step the right foot back,
step the left foot back, and this time we’re
gonna bring the left hand to the center, left
knee down into the center. Pivot on the back foot and when you’re ready, inhale, open up, gate variation here. Big breath in. Exhale, take the time to connect to your center here,
then slowly rise up, and stretch left
fingertips towards the back. And then that’s
your flow, nice and slow, moving from a place of connect. This is a great
little flow to practice that. Moving from your center, keeping that energetic
lift through the front body and that grounding
through the back body. Moving with your breath, inhale. And exhale, we’re
stretching the side body. And then letting it
evolve a little bit here, keeping length
through the crown. Keep it calm, nice and
in control of your breath. And then the next time
your left hand comes down, take a variation of Side Plank. Kick stand with the right foot, lift the hips up high,
maybe stacking the feet. Maybe you take a wild thing. Breathing deep. Wherever you are
lift the hips up high. Spiral your heart
up towards the sky, take a deep breath in,
one more, one more, you got it, and then exhale,
bring it all the way down. Optional vinyasa here. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Up Dog. Just use an
inhale to open the chest, and then use an exhale to
make your way to Downward Dog. Inhale in. Exhale, look forward. Rag doll to the top. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. This time you’re gonna
bend the knees generously so your belly’s on
the tops of the thighs. And you lead with
the wrists one more time, so we’ll do it slow so we can learn it together. Inhale, ground through the feet, you’re gonna
rise up like a zombie, and then exhale,
you’re just gonna toss it all behind you. Again, stay grounded through
all four corners of the feet. Toss it and fold. Sound effects welcome,
I’ve already prepped you. So inhale, open
the chest, lift up, and exhale, throw
that dead energy away. Inhale, rise. Exhale, toss it away. Some of us have done this below. A little old
school Kundalini jive. Exhale, and keep it going. And if you
really have some excess stuff to shed, give it a huh. Huh! Huh! Keep the feet planted and imagine you’re squeezing an imaginary
block between your legs so your knees don’t splay out. Keep it going. Huh! Huh! And one more. Huh! Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands to heart. Try not to fidget
here, fix your hair, fix your pants, fix anything because you don’t need fixing. You’re perfect. Sometimes our
energy just gets low and then it goes high. We absorb other people’s energy. We get zapped by
the screens, the phones. So I hope you feel better. I hope you have an amazing
rest of your day or evening. And if you can, I challenge you to stay away from your phone unless you really need it, stay away from the computer unless you really need it, and just make sure that
you’re actively taking time to balance all
that time and energy spent doing those
things, and I will too, and we’ll keep up
the good work together. Alright, bring the
thumbs to the third eye. Deep breath in,
and we acknowledge the highest in ourselves and that in one
another as we bow. Namaste. (upbeat music)
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