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Yoga For Complete Beginners | Easy Gentle Boho Beautiful Yoga

[Music] welcome to Siberia Russia we are here today in the middle of a beautiful Siberian forest accompanied by a herd of wild horses as we let go and release tension and stress through this easy gentle yoga practice this yoga class is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to begin their yoga journey or for anyone out there that is looking for a quick easy gentle stress relieving practice to calm their body and mind so if you’re ready for a gentle and easy practice grab your mat and let’s begin [Music] [Music] alright friends let’s get started today’s seated at the center of your mat with your feet crossed in front of you go ahead and rest your hands on the knees take a deep breath in and exhale let it go just allow yourself to find a grounding as you reach both arms up to the sky then as you exhale let’s take a side stretch taking your left hand over to the floor reaching your right arm up and over breathing into the side body here looking up towards that right shoulder right just breathing here [Music] finding that stillness with your breath slowly bring your gaze down come to Center and then extend your right leg all the way out and then from here take your right elbow to the inside of your thighs your left arm reaches up and over so as you can tell I’m mirroring you here so just follow my voice and my guidance with which side to go to first breathing here deeply looking up towards the sky really opening through the side body again and truly finding a moment of peace and stillness with each inhalation and exhalation allowing yourself to slowly let go deeper and deeper beautiful come back to Center oh I didn’t come back to that cross-legged position we’re just gonna switch to the other side so both arms reaching up exhale now repeat and going back to that same side again right hand down left arm reaches up and over looking up towards the sky as you begin to lengthen through the side body even deeper inhale exhale let it go finding that beautiful grounding as you stay here and stillness on your mat with each exhalation going a little bit deeper each time as you release now let’s come back to Center extending your left leg now left elbow to the inner thigh as your right arm reaches up and over and C we can look up towards the skies it will allow you to open up even further with your side body you want to make sure we’re breathing into the side body here letting go of any tension any congested energy you may be feeling along that area of your body and through conscious awareness begin to let go of anything that no longer serves you anything that may have happened today yesterday let it go and now let’s slowly come back to Center go ahead and cross your ankles one more time in front of you knees open hands behind your back and now see if you can lift yourself up bringing the hips forward dropping the head all the way back really opening up through the frontal area of your body letting go of any tension through the hips through the hip flexors and then slowly release yourself back to Center beautiful job alright let’s come back up over to our knees at this time you’re going to keep your knees underneath your hips hands are flat on the mat take a deep breath in and arch the back as you drop the belly down exhale flex the toes and press yourself up into downward facing dog so we’re gonna do this a couple of times and each time you come into your downward facing dog see how far you can begin to extend through the upper body you’re feeling a lot of resistance in your hamstrings you’re gonna keep your knees bent slowly bend the knees back down to the ground inhale arch the belly look up exhale press your way up into downward facing dog each time you come into your downward facing dog you’re going a little bit further pressing the heels down inhale drop the knees arch the back look up exhale press away keep those elbows pointed downward towards the mat press the heels down towards the floor [Music] slowly return back to your nice inhale drop the belly look up exhale press your way up downward-facing dog see they can extend your legs a little bit more each time staying here in your downward-facing dog and with your exhalation pressing the heels down towards the floor great now let’s come into plank and then slowly drop your belly all the way down all right let’s just stay here for a moment and then bend your left knee and grab your left ankle with your left hand staying here and just pulling the heel closer towards your glute and our friends have decided to leave us unfortunately but we’re going to keep going through our practice [Music] good just stay here and now lift the heel off your glute muscle reaching your right arm forward great now let’s hold it here just breathe really start to engage through the back muscles see if you can get that knee off the ground and then release it back switch legs grab your right ankle keep your forehead down and just simply pull the right heel closer towards your glute staying here and breathing really feeling that release through the quadricep here you do a lot of running this is a great posture for you now lift your knee off the mat reach your left arm forward let’s hold it there or single legged bow posture lift us highs you can’t engaging through your glutes and your back and then release your body down pulling the heel one more time towards your glute stretching out that quadricep and then let it go legs and feet together hands next to the side of your body let’s go ahead and lift yourself up into a baby Cobra pressing into the hands and then as you exhale release your forehead back down I like to call this gentle Cobra waves you’re lifting up with the body your neck follows and then all the way down your head coming down last lift up each time go a little bit higher exhale release this is a great exercise not to only open up through the back but also strengthen the spine and really sit down great job from here pressing into the hands come up to your knees and let’s sink back down into Child’s Pose sit back over to your heels reaching the arms forward resting your forehead all the way down give yourself the permission to let go with each exhalation visualizing this negative energy leaving your body whatever it may be that has bothered you today make a conscious decision to let it go to no longer allow it to affect you mentally and physically breathe it out as you allow yourself to sink deeper into this Child’s Pose now slowly once you’re ready come back up tuck your toes are going to come right up into our downward facing dog one more time feeling that nice release through the back of your legs feel free to walk it out on the spot so simply bending one knee at a time adding as much movement as you like to your body here we a just keep walking it out and then from here reaching your right leg up to the sky bending your right knee at this time bringing your right knee over towards your right thumb releasing your shin on the mat squaring off your hips and then slowly making your way down into your pigeon pose now if this is too difficult for you today you can always place a prop like a pillow underneath your right hip or you couldn’t come all the way off your hip and slightly be angled reaching with your arms over towards the left corner of your mat with your right knee and your right shin still on the floor what we’re trying to do here is achieve a nice release through the glute muscle an area of our body where we tend to hold a lot of energy and a lot of stress especially in the para formas so as you stay here as you breathe be conscious of whatever emotions may arise with this awareness read it all out let it all go beautiful now let’s slowly come on up you’re gonna tuck your toes and then step your way back into downward facing dog you can go ahead and just walk it out on the spot again and then once you’re ready take your other leg now left leg up bring your left knee to your left thumb shin bone is grounded find that Center then as you exhale release your body all the way down into your pigeon pose so ideally we want to try and have your shin parallel with the front of your mat but that is quite advanced and this is not an advanced class today is a beginners class so what you want to do is just find a comfortable position where you’re still feeling a stretch in the glute muscle but your shin might be really close to your body and that’s okay most importantly is that you find a posture that suits you while today and you find peace and patience for yourself within this posture understanding that you are exactly where you need to be and this is just the step within this beautiful journey that you’re on let’s breathe it in and let it go feeling that tension melting out of your body out of your glute out of your pair of formas welcoming positive energy with each inhalation slowly let’s lift our body up now and then swing that back leg around and then come forward as you reach with your hands and slowly rounding out through each vertebra of your spine as you come into our final shavasana or final posture of a practice today where we allow our body to completely relax the most important posture of a practice today as we truly take this opportunity to find stillness stillness in our body but also stillness in the mind giving yourself permission to be the watcher of your thoughts keeping your eyes closed and as your body begins to relax and surrender into the mat allow yourself to simply be aware of everything that comes in and out of your mind and with this awareness do not attach yourself to anything simply feel the movement of your chest and your belly as you breathe in and out feeling your heart beating in your chest keeping you alive keeping you healthy and strong then with this awareness give yourself permission to let go of your physical body let it go relax it’s nothing to worry about nothing to do but simply be one with the inhalation and exhalation let it go [Music] breathing and feeling your body slowly surrendering your mat to the ground underneath your mat to mother earth let it go now as we begin to slowly bring awareness back to our body start by only moving your fingers and toes and then once you’re ready you can reach the arms up over your head and give yourself a big stretch then you can take your time here or if you’d like to join me you can come on up to a seated position on your mat however if you’d like to remain in your fetal position you’re more than welcome to stay there you come up to a seated position just find a comfortable cross-legged posture hands rested on your knees palms open as we allow that energy to enter into our body the positive energy that we’ve created through this practice welcomed it into your heart through your breath keeping your eyes closed and inhale and exhale let it go inhale and Excel Erica finding that center within your body feeling the energy running from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head become aware of that energy then once you’re ready go ahead and bring the palms of your hands together and take this opportunity right now to bow down to your heart thinking yourself for taking this moment out of your day doing something good for yourself or your health and for your well-being thank you so much for joining us here in Siberia today I send you so much love namaste [Music] thanks so much for watching if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more yoga classes like this thank you again and we’ll see you soon [Music] [Music]
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