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Yoga For Bedtime | Sleep Better

– You are getting ready to wind down for a good night sleep
with your yoga practice. I wanna welcome you to this space and invite you into a comfortable seat. Close your eyes and turn
your attention inward. Begin deepening your breath and let go of everything
that happened today. Set aside all of the things
that you’ll be doing tomorrow so that you can just be right here. And we’ll begin with a
little work on the neck. So taking your right ear
toward your right shoulder and then reach your left arm up. Take your right hand to
the earth and stretch, ear toward the shoulder, then inhale. Turn your head up to the sky. Exhale, bring your chin
toward your shoulder. And then again, inhale,
look up, exhale down. One more time, inhale, look to the sky. Exhale, turn your chin
down toward your shoulder. Inhale, reach up with both arms, exhale. Take your right hand down your
right ear toward the shoulder and reach your left arm across. Soften your left shoulder
away from the ear. I may have said that wrong,
so left hand is down. Inhale, look up toward the sky. Exhale, bring your chin toward
your shoulder, look down. And again, inhale, turning
your head, look up. Exhale, turn it back to
look down to the earth. Once again, inhale, turning up. Let your shoulders relax and exhale. Bring your chin back down
toward your shoulder. Inhale, sweep both arms
up, look up and exhale. Bring them down and now
switch the cross of your legs. Do a gentle twist. So as you inhale, take both arms up again and exhale, your left
hand to the right knee, right hand behind, sit tall as you inhale. As you exhale, roll
your right shoulder back and turn bringing your
chin toward your shoulder. So inhale, sit tall. Exhale, maybe twisting
in a little bit deeper and never forcing. Inhale your head to
center, sweep the arms up. He said, “I’m a kitty.” As you exhale, bring your right hand to your left knee, left hand behind. Sit tall as you inhale. Exhale and roll your left
shoulder open and twist. Inhale, create length through the spine. Exhale, and breathe out all
of your tension from the day. Inhale, bring your head to center. Sweep the arms up one more time. Exhale, bring the hands behind your back. Roll your shoulders back. Inhale, lift your chest and
widen through your collarbones. And exhale, release. Make your way onto your hands and knees. Wrists under shoulders
and knees under hips. Little bit of movement
here in cat and cow. So inhale chest comes forward. Shoulder blades toward the waist. Look up, lift your tailbone. Exhale, round your back. Chin toward chest, pull
the ribs and belly in and then stretch your hips all
the way back to your heels, stretching your arms a
little bit further forward, take a breath and then inhale
back up onto the knees. Bring your heart forward
through the gates of the arms, stretching the front
of the body and exhale. Rounding the back, press
away from the earth. Pull your ribs and belly
in and stretch your hips all the way back toward
the heels if you can. Never forcing. Then we’ll inhale back up
onto the hands and knees for a little down dog, turning the inner elbows forward, press into the thumb first
finger side, tuck the toes, stretch back, and keep your
knees a little bit bent. Oh, nice soft knees. And now just start to pedal the legs. Straightening the right,
keeping the left bent, and switch back and forth and now just stretch back
and let your head hang, moving it side to side, back and forth if you’re feeling any tension there. Moving hips from side to side as well. And then looking forward, we’ll just gonna walk the feet, cross the shins, sit
down and onto your buns, extending the legs forward, and then reach both arms up, inhale. As you exhale, bend your
elbows, open your chest and bring your fingertips
behind you facing front. If it bothers your wrists,
face your fingertips out. As you inhale, gently lift, let your head go back or bend
the knees and lift this way and then come back down. Extending the legs again,
we’ll bend the right knee in. Pull the left toes back,
press the heel down. Inhale, reach, exhale, turn
toward the straight leg, hinge from the hip creases. Lengthen your spine as you
inhale, extend as you exhale, any amount, you can
also hold onto your leg or hold on to the mat. Take a couple deep, long
breaths as you release again any tension you might be
holding anywhere in your body. Inhale, lift your head and release. So let’s straighten out the
right leg, bending the left, pull the right toes back. Keep the heel pressing down, reach out, inhale, turning toward
the straight leg a little. Hinge from the hip creases forward. Once again, lengthen through the spine as you inhale and as you
exhale, come forward any amount, just until you have a comfortable stretch. Once again, turn your attention
inward towards your breath. Staying right here right now. And then inhale, lifting the
head, come all the way back up, bending both knees and lower
yourself onto your back and we’ll lift the legs up. If you have a wall near you,
rest your legs on the wall. This pose signals your body that it’s time to relax and
it’s even a bit more relaxing if you have your feet against the wall, just take a few long breaths here and then just let everything else go. Any tension in your belly, your neck, your jaw, breathe it out. You might hear your
stomach starting to gurgle. That’s a good sign. That means your body is going
into the rest and digest mode. Take one more breath in and as you exhale, start to bend your knees
and reach for your ankles or the little toe sides
of your feet, happy baby. Little hip stretch, stay static or gently rock yourself from side to side. And then take your feet down to the mat. Keep them as wide as
the mat, take an inhale. As you exhale, take your knees over to the left and turn
your head to the right. Big breath here as you
turn your belly to the sky and inhale through center and exhale, knees to the right looking left. Big breath here, turning your
belly again up to the sky, inhale the knees to center,
interlace your fingers. Reach your palms up toward the sky to stretch your wrists, take a breath in. Exhale, start to reach them
up and over any amount, a little shoulder, and then release it. If you’re comfortable where you are, you could stay right on your back. Wherever you are, make
your way into your bed and have a wonderful night sleep. Now, for morning yoga,
here is a 10-minute class for you to practice to
get your energy going first thing in the morning, I’ll see you there.
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