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XHIT: Yoga Thursday

hi guys you’re watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise and today we’re going to be doing some stretches and some yoga so let’s just warm up first we just want to take our legs wide apart just this warm-ups that we know we do and we’re just going to bend it to each side just really lunging and deep within those legs if you want to add the arms to just bring them across following your eyes with your hands okay we just want to loosen up all of our muscles so that when we go into the poses we don’t do any damage okay so if you think you’re loose let’s go down to the floor and we’re going to do a gate the gate pose so you want to start with your legs just a little bit apart we’re going to stretch out to the side just bring that leg straight forward and we’re just going to stretch over we’re going to hold this here for 40 seconds okay so if you’re ready let’s stretch you can rest your hand here onto your leg just really feel that stretch underneath here and your hamstring opening up that chest and give that boot flat on the floor let’s just hold it here you can feel it all through the side of your body just take it over a little bit further if you can breathing the whole time we’re going to take it over to the other side in a moment so inhale and exhale and take it out okay let’s take that left leg out stretch it out and for another 40 seconds we’re going to take it over and stretch make sure that you’re not resting your hand at any time on the knee we want to protect those knees and just hold on to the calf or the front of your leg and just really feel as if someone’s pulling you over this is great when you’ve done a really intense workout you just need to stretch those muscles so you don’t feel stiff the next day okay keep pulling keep breathing keep that chest nice and open and let’s inhale and exhale and take it back walking those legs in and coming to standing okay now we’re going to take into warrior three so just put your legs together and we’re just going to extend one leg up and we’re going to hold it here for thirty seconds on each leg so let’s just put it up make sure we’ve got the balance fixate on a point and then let’s lengthen those arms keeping that back nice and straight and trying to lift that back leg up as high as you can without falling over and just fixating on a point and breathe okay let’s just hold it here for a little bit longer okay and release okay let’s take it on to the other leg one leg is always going to be better than the other remember sir let’s balance thirty seconds and extend those arms pulling in that tummy and then keeping those abdominals strong is going to help with your balance and this is great for concentration and an overall strength of your whole body okay a little bit longer strengthen that leg and release next pose is the Eagle pose so we’re just going to have our legs hip width apart we’re going to take one leg and put it to the other a slight Bend I’m going to hold it here for forty seconds okay so slight Bend you can cross those arms together and hold this is really good for our concentration and coordination we really are strengthening those ankles and our legs let’s just hold it here try and grip the toe with the calf you can really start to feel it in those shins and in those gluts just try and relax those shoulders and we’re going to swap over to the other side in five four three two one okay let’s wipe it right over to the other side again gripping the car for that toe a slight Bend bring those arms up keep breathing the whole time make sure that foot is flat on the floor and you can fill the earth with all your toes we just want have a slight bend in that knee keeping our back straight and our arms clasp together keep fixating on that point to help with your balance you can feel that strength in the ankles working and the pressure on the shins just improving the old-world strength strength of our legs okay just a little bit longer and relax okay so now we’re going to stretch out that spine with the downward dog so we’ll move to the end of your mat I’m going to take roll down your spine take one leg back which other one’s the most comfortable and then the other one and you just want to see if you can get those hills flat I’m just going to hold this here 40 seconds just to strengthen out our spine and the backs of our legs let’s just hold it here just gently pushing into those heels it doesn’t matter if your heels are off the ground eventually they will go down just depending on how flexible you are keeping that back nice and straight and shoulders in line this is really good flow stretching out that back and of course the lower legs too and just hold this here for a little bit longer okay and relax let’s walk it back in nice and gently and then just rolling back up that spine okay we’re going to take it onto the floor now I’m going to do the bridge pose so you want to lie back okay so this is the bridge pose we just want to have our legs about hip width apart and we’re going to pull up and we’re going to use our shoulders to support our back here and we’re just going to hold it up here again for another 40 seconds and if you want to you can bring your hands in together and just really feel that stretch out the chest and your spine strengthen those quad muscles and opening up the back and the chest and just breathe make sure those feet are firmly to the ground can wiggle those toes let’s just hold it here for a little bit longer okay and gently come down vertebra by vertebra and sit up and your last pose for today is going to be the side twist so you just want one of your legs straight put the other one across using the opposite arm to leg that’s up you just want to push it back and use this arm back here and you’re going to feel stretch all down your glutes let’s just hold it there for another 40 seconds stretching out that toe if you want to Oh not that chest and just feel your body at one opening that chest up and feeling the stretch here if that’s too much for you you can just sit like this and hold onto your knee if you want more of a stretch twist that body okay we’re going to swap over the other side in three two one and let’s swap to the other side so that legs straight out the other leg across opposite arm to leg put it out and open up that chest you should really feel it in your glutes here or going up the back of your hamstring keeping that back nice and tall you should feel it up the spine – it’s your breathing the whole time because even though it’s not hardcore energetic exercises you’re still using the body and strengthening okay almost there guys he done an excellent job today it’s really good to always stretch out the body after you’ve done some intense workout it also prevents injury okay and relax and just come up standing nice and slowly just coming up vertebra at a time and just roll those shoulders and relax and I hope you feel relaxed – well remember here at ex hit we’ve got plenty more yoga Pilates and body balance coming your way so make sure you subscribe to our channel I’m Rebecca Louise and I hope to see you again soon you
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