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hey guys welcome to exit I’m Kelsey and today we’re doing another full body workout and we’re gonna go ahead and get warmed up and get started with butt kicks and that looks like this bring those feet all the way up hit your glutes you guys ready we’re gonna go for 30 seconds let’s do it bring them all the way up stay on those toes use those arms to meet those heart rates up get warmed up good job keep going almost there bring those legs up keep going couple more seconds and three jus take a break okay next exercise again stay on your toes we’re doing cross jacks so thirty Seconds let’s do it nice and relaxed through the shoulders stay on the toes tight core don’t let those shoulders hunch up focus on using good posture even in these exercises caps are activated keep going couple more seconds you got it three two one take a break perfect walk it out our next exercise we’re doing some squat jumps so squat position right here arms out in front to stabilize and jump perfect so let’s do this together thirty seconds you guys ready let’s do it exhale on the way up it’s when you’re exerting the most energy small paws down here at squat position shoulders relaxed keep going use those calves almost there you got it last five seconds two more perfect take a rest okay next exercise that’s up we have frog jump so give yourself some space it’s gonna look like this plank position pretty much and hop it up okay you guys ready for thirty Seconds activate your core exhale as you’re bringing your legs up let’s go thirty Seconds kick those legs out exhale as you bring them up activating our stabilizers and our core heart rate should be going up use those calves keep going a couple more keep going and three two and one perfect go ahead bring it up okay next exercise that stuff is split squat jump so it’s kind of like a lunge but a little more dynamic it’s gonna look like this so a lunge but jump up just like this okay let’s go for 20 seconds start with our left leg then we’ll switch you guys ready make it happen let’s go you do whatever you need to with your arms for more stability if you want to get daring you can use a medicine ball and use that to keep it up keep that back leg out a couple more guys perfect take a rest go ahead and switch walk it out a little bit should feel lactic acid right here in this leg make sure your back leg gets kicked all the way out big range of motion let’s go for 20 seconds you ready let’s go again whatever is easier for you for more stability that seems to work best for people is to reach up into the air keep it going keep it up nice deep breaths keep it up and take a break perfect next exercise we have mountain climbers so position like this pull it all the way up we’re gonna go for speed to get our heart rate up today okay you guys ready 30 seconds go bring those knees up activate that core mind over matter we’re almost done good work pull it up keep going keep moving heart rate should be up couple more seconds and three two one take a break okay next exercise plank hops so like this and we’re gonna kick our legs out just like that okay come back in you guys ready 30 seconds let’s go keep it up stay on this toes you got it a little wider challenge yourself mind over matter you got it keep going almost there couple more good job guys and three two and one bring it up good job okay next exercise we have planks to push up let’s go ahead and grab your mat so we’re gonna start in a plank position just like this bring it up make sense okay let’s go for thirty Seconds utilize your core nice deep breaths keep breathing okay let’s go all the way down pull that core in slow and controlled hitting our shoulders a little here – well there’s our chest keep it up a couple more you got it couple more last three two one more you can do it all the way up perfect okay for these last couple exercises we’re gonna hit our core get these ABS going let’s go ahead and lay on your backs for new bicycles let’s go for 30 seconds and make it happen let’s just get it done let’s go keep going pull those legs up good job keep moving got it cognition that core conditioning happens over time so make sure you’re consistent couple more seconds and call it good perfect okay this next exercise that we’re doing we’re calling them floor wipers so kind of clear the way these are a little different they’re dynamic and they’re great so lie on your backs legs up just like this okay join in about 20 more seconds pull it all the way up side to side again these get easier with time so be consistent keep going using that lower core a couple more guys almost there two more good job last one pull it up awesome good work okay last exercise let’s get those heart rates back up we’re just gonna sprint in place for about a minute you guys ready let’s make it happen and go bring those knees up core is activated a little faster you got it keep going relax to the neck don’t hunch those shoulders keep it up almost done keep going about halfway there keep it up knees bring them higher you got it keep it up we’re almost done guys almost done keep it up couple more seconds and take a break perfect thanks for watching exit today remember I’m Kelsey Lee leave a video comment with questions or follow me on twitter at Kelsey Lee calm see you soon
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