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XHIT: The Kardashian Workout

now we all know what Kim Kardashian is famous for and yep it’s her butt and today on exit we’re going to try and get that perky little butt so if you’re ready to work out let’s drop it to the floor we’re going to start off with a bridge we rely on our back we’re going to put up we’re going to do 30 pulses and then we’re going to hold it at the top for 20 so if you’re ready let’s take it up want to pulse it up squeezing those glutes every single time you get to the top now there’s a big conspiracy or out where the Kim Kardashian has got butt implants but I can tell you she doesn’t and if you want to get those perky little butt then all you have to do is this workout and in five seconds we’re going to hold it at the top are you ready and let’s hold it up you wanting to squeeze as hard as you can keep squeezing you should be really feeling in those glutes and you’re also going to feel it in your second view muscles which is the quads okay in five seconds we’re gonna bring the knees together okay three two one bring those knees in we’re gonna still stay in this bridge position you got 30 seconds and then we’re going to hold it together at the knees run further 20 seconds okay keep trying to raise up a little bit higher excellent job guys keep going okay five four three two one hold those knees together they can really start to feel it now I know my booty starting to ache you’ve just got 20 seconds of this keep going guys excellent job keep trying to squeeze those knees together I know it’s hard this is gonna be worth it in the end okay Oh three two one and now you can relax now I want you to come up to standing and if you have grab your dumbbells or if not tin cans of food are just as good and I want you to squat down holding them for 40 seconds okay so bending down make sure that the weight is in the back of your heels and when you go down you should be able to wiggle those toes excellent job guys make sure every time you go down you can feel those toes wiggling or think about if you’re gonna sit in the back of a chair and go as low as you can and all this work you’re putting in guys is so gonna be worth it okay next exercise we’re gonna bring it down and bring it out thirty Seconds so squat down and pull it up we’re just using these weights as extra intensity if you don’t feel it you can use them then don’t worry you can just put them down Oh if you need further intensity you can increase those weights excellent job guys okay in five four three two one I’m going to hold down into this squak I want to pull your arms out to the side 20 seconds remember keep those toes wiggling I promise you if you just do this once a day once a week going to see the improvements keep going guys and give me one more okay put those weights down and we’re gonna go into some squats again when we’re gonna hold it down for 40 seconds and then we could be 30 and then 20 so we’ve got 40 seconds in this position here they’re called pyramid squats now this is a tough one so if you do need to take a break in the middle that’s fine get some water press pause and then come back and see it again well you don’t have to go this slow you can go up here I’ve only got 40 seconds of this one okay three two one it’s gonna give those legs to a little bit of a shakeout now we’re gonna go back in for 30 seconds and I squat hold so ready let’s take it down for 30 seconds and you can tell if you’re doing this right because you want the weight in the heels of your foot she’ll be really feeling in those quads I know that I can keep going guys just a little bit of pain that’s all you’ve got to get through okay and three two one so release those legs again give a little bit of a shake and if you can we’re going to hold it again for another 20 seconds okay you can do it guys 20 seconds breathing the whole time you want to make sure that we’re not getting dizzy I can start to feel my legs shaking now that means it is working and three two one and release goes give those legs another shake okay well then I could pick up those dumbbells once again we’ll put them in front of us when we do 30 seconds of raising the legs we’re going to use the balance to put it up and squeezing that but we get to the top at 30 seconds and start with the left this is also really good for your balance too squeezing those glutes you get to the top excellent job everyone keep going it’s really gonna tighten up those glutes and make our booties look excellent sand tight little shorts okay one more and let’s change keep those arms nice and strong leaning into the weights to support your balance I know it’s hard guys we’re gonna be so proud of yourselves once you’ve completed it okay next exercise after this we’re gonna go onto some mountain climbers okay hey you ready let’s give me two more of these one two okay drop those weights out to the side go back down to this position when we do some mountain climbers two sets of thirty Seconds so you just want to bring one knee to the front it’s also really good for your abs too so keep them nice and tight pull that belly to the spine if you wanna increase the intensity on your mountain climbers you can run it but you’re still gonna improve those back muscles just by bring you one knee to the front okay let’s just catch stretch it out until we go into the next thirty Seconds okay you ready let’s do it guys you’ve only got one more exercise after this 30 seconds again a mountain climbers now you can jog it out it’s going to help your cardio too but we’re going to really be concentrating on working up those glute muscles so you want to really think about squeezing every single time and it helps when we’re going slower and three two one excellent job let’s bring it back up to the standing last exercise lunges are great for your gluts – moody 30 seconds of each side forwards and back so let’s start with the right leg lunge forward and take it back you can use your arms for balance always making sure that knee doesn’t go over the toe you got less than a minute of exercise left on the Kim Kardashian workout so don’t stop until you get right to the end and three two one let’s talk it over to that left leg less than 30 seconds to go now guys don’t give up just think how good you’re gonna feel tomorrow okay five seconds to go guys keep that form looking good right to the end give me one more lunch to finish and now you can relax well you’re halfway there to getting your Kim Kardashian booty and remember if you’ve got other parts of the body that you want to work out X here has got them designed for you so remember subscribe to our Channel leave me a comment if you’ve got any questions and come back again soon [Music] [Music]
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