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XHIT: Plank Variation Workout

hey guys welcome to X hit today I’m going to be showing you eight moves they’re all to do with the plank so different variations that are really going to strengthen those ab muscles all of them of us are going to be down on the floor and your first move and we’re going to do each move for 30 seconds or we side to side planks so you want your arms straight and it’s going to be taking it out to the side and then bring it back to the middle and then taking it to the other side so keep those arms nice and straight that tummy pulled in with me strengthening those ab muscles okay let’s keep it up guys ten seconds and five four three two one bring it back into the center hang on to your side then when you do to a side plank with hip drop so pushing yourself up you can either have your arm in the air or just by your side I mean it’s gonna drop down gently touch to the floor and then come back up again 30 seconds we just want to slightly gently touch the floor try not to rest down when we try and keep moving the whole time just doing it nice and slowly 20 seconds who are trying to give you a whole different variation of things to do with planks cuz it gets a bit boring when you’re just doing the standard plank okay we’re going to swap onto the other side in five four three two one hits swap over and let’s do the same again again putting your arm up in the air or by your side so just drop those hips down gently touch the floor and come back up again really using those oblique muscles ok let’s keep it going guys you want to make sure that we’re doing it equally on both sides so push yourself all the way through ten seconds to go five four three two one back into that normal plank position who do around the world so just like we did similarly to the first exercise we’re going to move it out all the way round and then bringing it back round if you want to you’ve got the space you can go all the way around and just keep going round okay keep that tummy pulled in 20 seconds remember we’re doing this to time so go at your own pace let’s keep going guys whoop and five four three two one and come back down okay your bridge plank so it sort of in the reverse you have your hands facing away from you and we’re just going to push up to the ceiling again thirty seconds is on the clock let’s just hold it here what are you try and lift that tummy to the ceiling and just look straight up 20 seconds trying to drop that head back great job guys keep it going really strengthening up these are muscles 10 seconds come on hold it there we’re going to swap over to the other side in three two one okay your straight plank I’m just going to hold it up here again for 30 seconds let’s go okay these are the sort of very easy straightforward planks that you can do and this is why we’re giving you a whole different variation of things just to mix it up a bit and keep the workout exciting ten come on keep it going and five four three two one now coming back down come to an elbow plank who don’t you do mountain climbers I’m just gonna bring the knee in and extend it out 30 seconds on the clock let’s go so just nice and slowly bring it in keep that tummy nice and tight excellent job guys don’t give up now ten seconds from five four three two one okay when you do a straight plank with a hip drop so again this same position how we’re just gonna dip down to the side touch the side come back to the middle and touch the other side let’s go just nice and slowly and controlled keep it going guys I know it’s tough these are all just planks but it’s gonna be worth it when you’ve got to the end of the workout ten seconds and five four three two one okay we’re going to stay in the same position we do spider-man planks so these are extra hard so if you can do it that’s impressive so just we need to bring it in here and hold it for a few seconds take it back out and then change to the other side thirty Seconds again let’s go keep that tell me Paul did you come to the center come on keep it going guys this is meant to be hard ten seconds and five four three two one okay the last exercise I’m going to show you is the side plank with reach so again on your side bring the arm up I’m just gonna reach back and then come up again okay one minute thirty seconds on each side as they keep breathing guys you’re really feeling in those arms too as well as those ABS sit touch back as far as you can ten and five four three two one let’s swap over to the other side last 30 seconds come on guys you can do it and let’s go that’s it reaching as far back as you can keep those abs and tummy pulled in come on guys keep going you’re almost finished and five four three two one and release okay well well you managed to get through this workout but if you want even more then why don’t you check out the rest of the videos on ex hit tell all your friends get them involved my name is Rebecca Rees if you’ve got any questions leave me a comment I hope to see you again tomorrow
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