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XHIT: Full Body Focus

hey there my name’s Kelsey Lee and this is exit today our full body workout is going to start with push-ups so make sure you have a mat in enough space go ahead get on the ground you guys know how to do these all the way down if you need to modify use your knees let’s go for 15 you guys ready let’s do it through the way there keep going last ten nine eight seven six five four last three perfect go ahead and bring it up good work guys next we have dips for our triceps the back of our arms if you have a chair or something where you can be elevated that’s great if not go ahead like so you can put one leg up and alternate or you can stay right here our our elbows are facing back behind us and our elbows aren’t splitting too far apart okay so just like this back up let’s go for 15 you guys ready let’s do it hands should be facing forward should feel a little stretch in your shoulders all the way up go for eight more six you got it five four three last two perfect take a break nice job burpees is our next exercise so if you want to incorporate a push-up absolutely go for it’s good incorporate that chest still working a little bit of triceps or secondary make sure you have enough space we’re gonna do 15 jump up go down ready let’s do it you’re not incorporating a push-up just like that back up ten more go in plus eight last six nice big breaths guys last three one more perfect nice job guys okay this next exercise we have is a back lunge with a high knee so actually think about your running form so if you’re running opposite arm opposite leg same thing here let’s go for ten on each leg you guys ready let’s do it keep going about halfway there last five and five four three two more all the way up activate that core squeeze stop go ahead and switch you guys ready here we go ten nine eight seven six pull that knee up five four three last two and hold it perfect nice work guys all right get ready for this next exercise which are side lunges just like this you guys ready make sure you’re thinking about your core nice and tight we’re activating the glutes and our inner thighs right on the inside of our quads let’s do ten on each leg we’re gonna alternate back and forth you guys ready come on one one two all the way down to three three pick up your speed 4 4 5 5 6 & 6 keep going 7 seven almost there guys eight eight keep it up nine and nine ten and ten take a break nice work all right next exercise squats with a five-second hold it’s gonna look something like this nice shoulder wide stance maybe a little wider but it goes back out behind you squat position nice tight core make sure your knees aren’t coming in and they’re not going out everything should be nice and symmetrical let’s go for ten you guys ready let’s do it couple more seconds two one back up but goes back out behind you remember that four three two one back down five four three two one back up should feel those glutes a couple more seconds all the way up five four three two one back up five four three two one back up you should feel those glutes inner thighs five four three two and one one more five four three last two hold it and want to take a rest good work guys okay guys get ready to knock out the rest of your workout and hit some core so go ahead grab your mat we’re gonna stay right on our tail bone right here if you need to keep your hands here your elbows back fingers forward pull it up like this okay if you can we want to keep hands off the ground okay let’s go for thirty Seconds you guys ready let’s do it keep going about 25 more seconds really pull up exhale should just be on that tailbone keep going pull it up keep going a couple more last five seconds you got it last one perfect good work guys okay next exercise we have leg lifts so again on your mat on your backs they’re gonna look like this bring your legs up just like this let’s go for 30 seconds got it let’s roll keep going activate that core mind a muscle connection think about bringing those toes all the way up straight legs activate those lower abs you got it this is something you guys can do on your own too so keep going bring your chin up if you want a little more activation or isolation in your core keep going switch switch last five four three keep going two one hold it perfect bring it up this next exercise okay next exercise called Russian twist if you have a medicine ball you can add some weight right here but for today it’s just gonna be twisting just like this get those feet off the ground you ready let’s go for 30 seconds let’s do it keep breathing keep that neck nice and relaxed don’t hunch up keep those cores going it should be burning you got it keep going almost there keep going squeeze activate those muscles nice tight core last few seconds three two one perfect good work guys ok again to plank position and we are doing hip drops gonna look just like this from side to side ok let’s go for 30 you guys ready make sure you’re breathing nice tight core don’t let those butts come up let’s go almost touch the ground slow and controlled keep breathing should feel those obliques burning some lactic acid build up in there it’s a good thing keep going almost there bring those hips down last couple seconds three two one hold it perfect awesome work guys you have completed your workout remember I’m Kelsey Lee this is exit make sure you’re subscribed if you have any questions you can ask a video comment or follow me on twitter at Kelsey Lee calm thanks for watching
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