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XHIT: Carrie Underwood Legs Workout

hey guys welcome to X hit I’m Kelsey and today I’ll be taking you through a leg workout so to get started we’re gonna start doing some squats however we’re coming for free weight just make sure your form is good that goes out behind you these aren’t too far forward over your ankles okay to make this a little different today we’re gonna grab one dumbbell and we’re going to squat without leaning towards the weight if that makes sense so make sure nice and tall nice and stable in the core just like this we’re gonna go five on the right side and then switch and then five on the left side okay you guys ready let’s do it nice and stable just a couple more perfect to go ahead and switch and you can also use heavier weight and what I have here but don’t go heavier and then you absolutely need to make sure you’re not leaning more to one side last three exhale all the way up one more perfect nice work go ahead and sit back down our next exercise we’re doing split squats so that’s gonna be kind of like a lunge kick that back leg out behind you that knee is going to pretty much touch the ground let’s just tap it to the floor to make sure we’re getting full range of motion okay let’s go ahead and do ten on our left leg and then switch and ten on the right okay all right one barely tap that knee down you got it xq all the way up halfway their last five three more you got it got it all the way up good go ahead and switch kick that back leg out behind you drop that knee to the floor all the way you got it halfway there five more exhale on the way up keep going nice range of motion one more awesome take a little break perfect okay so this next exercise we’re doing calf raises and if you have a step or stairs or something where you’re elevated it’s great because you can get more into motion but for today kick this leg behind you we’re gonna go up on our tippy toes and pause bring it back down pause bring it back down okay so let’s go for ten right leg switch to left leg got it alright here we go for ten keep going halfway there almost there keep going it should be burn in a little bit couple more all the way up should be burning almost there one more good job okay go ahead and switch make sure you’re not locking your knee out because then you’re gonna rock back and forth everywhere not bet me just nice and soft okay you guys ready all the way up one two three four these are easy now right five six seven eight nine last one ten perfect take a little rest good work guys okay so next exercise we’re going to work on inner and outer abductor it’s a little bit so basic position right here we’re gonna kick one leg in front and do some lateral raises just like this men you can do this too this isn’t just a burly exercise no just like that you guys ready let’s do 10 right leg ten left leg okay here we go slow and controlled three more easy last to make them count keep going nice take a little rest step it out okay next leg start here ten good where it keep going halfway there one more make a count good work take a little rest awesome okay so this X exercise we’re doing it’s called plie squats but we’re not really doing ballet so grab a dumbbell wide stance with your toes out just like this and we’re going to come down into slot position but make sure that your chest is up so that you’re not dropping forward does that make sense okay so a nice good posture ten of these ready one perfect all the way up don’t walk your knees out though nice and soft you got it chest up if it helps go ahead and look up towards the ceiling just a couple more you got it two more chest up last one perfect nice work okay next exercise he’s called a bridge raise so go ahead make sure you have your mat come to the side we’re gonna be on our backs and it’s gonna start like this so hips up and then back down that makes sense back up and down and we’re gonna go for ten of these but we’re kind of gonna squeeze at the top you’re using your glutes so make sure you’re activating your rear end a little bit pull it all the way up let’s go for ten all the way up that’s one two three four exhale on the way up five halfway there six seven eight really push those hips forward nine last one ten perfect nice work okay so next exercise we’re doing we are going to use our stability ball so make sure you have that with you like so we’re gonna get on the ground again on our backs so if you have your mat go ahead and use that so you’re gonna start with your toes pretty much flush against the ball we’re gonna roll it out roll it in and bring our hips up if that makes sense so make sure it’s nice slow and controlled because if you do this too fast your feet are gonna fly everywhere and it’s not gonna work so let’s try this together just like that okay let’s go ahead and do ten of these slow and controlled breathing nice and slow let’s do it one two three four should feel some tightness in your calves halfway there you guys got it keep going make sure you’re really pulling those legs in almost there let’s do two more make them count squeeze perfect nice work guys okay last but not least they’re called frog jumps they feel a little funny but they’re definitely effective so make sure you actually do these with me okay so down in almost plank position but not on your elbows and we’re going to jump like a frog and get it back out does that make sense let’s do a couple of these together okay so let’s go for a ten of these make sure your arms start too far apart you want to keep them right here so your feet come on the outside ready okay about halfway there three more last one alright that completes today’s workout today here on x-head I’m Kelsey Lee and if you have any questions make sure you’re subscribed and also you can leave video comments here or follow me on Twitter at Kelsey Li calm see you next time
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