WWI Tanks: Tank Mk I Heavy Tank

the tank marked one heavy tank the tank marked one was the service model of the prototype vehicle known as mother which came about from development models based on the whole tractor chassis WG Wilson was the main person responsible for the final design of mother after a great deal of committee and experimental work he conceived the idea of using the large and high tract outline with a characteristic shape that came to be a classic tank outline of World War one mother was demonstrated in January and February 1916 and soon the first production order was placed a separate arm was established in March 1916 to use the new vehicle which was named the tank as a cover though the name would stick the first production vehicles were issued to the heavy section machine gun Corps in mid 1916 and the first crews of which there were 8 per tank were assembled the tank mark 1 was a large and heavy vehicle powered by at Daimler 78.3 kilowatts or 105 horsepower petrol engine within an armoured box with two lozenge-shaped continuous tracks originally the tank was intended to have a turret on top but this would have made the design unstable so instead it would have two 6-pounder guns placed in one sponson one each side the sponsons would also have a Louis or Hotchkiss machine gun and there was a third machine gun at the front or extra defense the vehicle was protected by armor plate ranging from 6 to 12 millimeters thick or 0.242 0.47 inches riveted to steel joists however bullet splash could still find its way through the armored seams and caused casualties the tank mark one could cross trenches up to 2.4 meters or 8 feet wide with steering achieved by using twin wheel steering tails as soon as the first tank appeared in France in mid 1916 it will ordered into action the first mark ones went into battle on Kember 15 1916 at fleur corsola in an attempt to support the soul offensive the tanks kid makes a mental break first and create a chemically appear but very few actually got into action and many broke down or became bogged down in the mud the mark 1 was produced in two versions the tank marked one male with the 6-pounder guns intended for primary offensive missions in the tank mark one female which has larger sponsors and equipped with filled Vickers and two Lewis machine gun for anti infantry support of the tank mark one male other variants include the mark 1 tank tender and the mark 1 wireless tank the tank mark 1 made history by being the first tank used in combat who was a failure as far as the action was concerned the mark 1 did however impress the British military hierarchy of the potential of the tag and helped establish the tank corps in July 1917 thank you to audible for sponsoring this video who have a vast library of audiobooks in all genres this episode on the tank mark one was produced with research from the audiobook the weapons of World War one a history of the guns tanks artillery gas and planes used during the Great War which was an entertaining listen it was narrated by Colin flux Minh and he looked at different countries weapons of the first world war with chapter 4 detailing the difficult development of the tank mark 1 visit the audible.com slash simple history link in the description below for a 30-day trial membership and download your first audio book title for free which you get to keep forever even if you don’t want to continue past the trial period let us know in the comments below what your favorite tank is and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more World War 1 and tank videos
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