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Wrist Pain During Yoga & Workouts | HOW TO DEAL WITH IT

[Applause] [Music] hello friends and welcome to Morgan’s Rock eco-lodge we are here today in beautiful Nicaragua we just finished wrapping up a shoot of boho beautiful retreat which is a new program we are so excited to release boho beautiful retreat is literally going to be your virtual retreat experience something that you can do in the comforts of your own home and they’ll really give you the opportunity to go inward physically and mentally if you want to learn more about the program click the link below in the description but I wanted to take a moment today and talk about an issue that happens to so many of us especially when we start practicing yoga and that is wrist pain I know wrist pain is not fun and it can be quite frustrating especially when you’re really into your practice and have to stop now a couple of things good news one good news for you guys is that it’s not permanent wrist pain happens because your forearms and your arms are just not strong enough yet to hold your body weight so with time with practice and with certain strengthening exercises you will be able to proceed and then at some point hopefully soon you will not experience any pain at all so we’re gonna do today’s first I’m going to show you some modifications that you can do when you experience wrist pain during your practice so that you don’t have to stop practicing and secondly I want to show you a couple of stretches and strengthening exercises that you can do on a daily basis that will help you proceed in making those risks much stronger all right so let’s go onto our mat and go through a couple of modifications that we can do when you experience wrist pain firstly let’s just understand where wrist pain might arise sometimes it can actually be if you’re using too thick of a yoga mat and what happens if the yoga mat is too thick the angle of your wrist is slightly changed and then it becomes a lot more challenging and your wrists get a little bit more fatigued through your practice so maybe it’s also food for thought for you to try and get a little bit of a thinner mat and not practicing on carpet but rather finding a hard surface secondly sometimes it could be the way you transfer your weight so let’s just get into a plank position so I’ll demonstrate for you so in a plank let’s just say you’re holding here and this is where a lot of people experience pain right it’s chaturanga planks downward facing dog like those postures cause a lot of wrist pain for a lot of people so let’s just say you’re in a plank pray if you go too far forward as you see my shoulders kind of start to go closer towards my top of my fingers all of my body weight is right in my wrists and it’s really it’s hard I mean you’re holding your whole body weight and as you can see my toes and literally balancing on my tippy toes so what we can do is actually transfer your weight slightly back so you have a more equal transition between your feet and your hands and one way you can test is get into a plank and just start to kind of sway side to side make sure that when you lift your hand off the ground you can actually still balance otherwise if you’re too far forward it would be so difficult to do it so bring your weight slightly back so you’re on your feet and then your weight is equally transferred between the two so that another variation is to come down to your knees and this is something you can do anytime you start to feel your wrist go so if you’re doing a chaturanga come down to the knees and then lower your body down or if you’re just holding a plank position a modification just like this it’s totally doable because you’re still engaging your core but you’re taking a lot of that pressure off of your wrists and then as time goes and you continue to practice you’ll get stronger then you’ll notice this will be much easier for you to do another variation if you are holding a plank position is come down to your elbows so simply coming down here your wrists are completely free they’re loose you can even take a little break and just kind of shake them out if you have to and you’re holding yourself on your elbows and lastly this might work for some people actually find that more men sometimes enjoy doing this if their wrists are sore but it’s actually to do it on your fists so let’s say you’re doing a plank you actually just make a fist with your hand so your wrists are very engaged and very strong here you’re not bending your and then you’re just holding yourself up again some people enjoy it some actually don’t like the sensation on their knuckles so it’s just something that you can play with and see what works for you and what doesn’t okay so keep these in mind next time you’re practicing yoga just come back to it and and take a variation take a modification and know that it’s part of a journey and your body will adjust to anything that you do so strengthening and giving yourself an opportunity to just become aware of your body and your body used to this type of movement it will get easier with time now let’s just go through a couple of exercises that we can do to strengthen and stretch your wrist whenever you get super sore and stiff or you just feel like you want to really start conditioning this part of your body so let’s start with stretches first what you can do is simply bring the palms of your hands together so you’re doing it Anjali mudra your prayer pants here your hands are together your elbows out to the side so to begin just start to press into the hands a little bit so you’ll see you start to engage the pecs the shoulders and you’re feeling lots of tension then you can just start to extend one wrist and you’re bending the opposite all the way to its full limitation and then you switch to the other side so it’s a little bit of a dance move almost not that I recommend you do this on the dance floor but it’s a great exercise to start to add a lot of mobility here into your wrist and you’re stretching it opposite sides each time you do this the second thing is just to do a nice big stretch so you’re gonna do is take four fingers and place them on top of your other four fingers and then begin to extend your elbow and you’re just holding here and gently pulling back and then same thing to come forward you’re pointing the fingers down four fingers grab the front of your hand and you’re just gently pushing down with your fingers to the floor and this is a really nice stretch for the forearm as well and this stretch particularly particularly actually is great when you do suffer from fatigue and the wrist because it gives it a nice stretch from having to but at this extended position for too long great another exercise is to just roll out your wrist so you’re just gonna make little figure eights with your wrist you can come to the side so you can see it you’re just starting to move that’s all it is and it seems like simple movements but you’re actually engaging so many different muscles in your forearms which you’ll feel over time will start to fatigue a little bit which means you’re doing a good job you’re strengthening that area of your body okay and this is a stretch while at the same time a strengthening exercise so it’s a two and one and two more stretches for you that you can do so what here you’re gonna do is simply take your hands and then place the palms of your hands so your fingers are pointed towards your knees and just hold here and then what you can do is just start to rock a little bit forward and back and you’re starting to really stretch those forearms out and if you are pretty flexible here what you can do is extend and then see if you can start to bend the elbows now I can’t do it some people have a lot of mobility in this area but even adding a tiny little bit of a bend not too much obviously it’s a really nice stretch for your forearms and then you can just kind of walk it out again just going side to side and this is also something you can do before you start a yoga practice to just warm up your wrists in a really nice way and then you can do the opposite and just place the top of your hand down the other top of your hand down and just hang out here for a moment stretching the opposite side your forearms just breathing becoming aware of what you’re experiencing right now in this position [Music] all right so what can we do to strengthen the wrists well there’s different types of exercises but one of my favorites is again staying on your elbows place the hands flat on the floor and what you’re gonna do is I’ll just come down a little bit back further back with my knees is you’re going to lift so you’re lifting the palms of your hands so you’re stretching out the fingers then exhale you’re just pressing palms down so you lift and then you press lift and down lift and I’ll turn this way so you can see a little bit more of a profile you’re lifting and lower and even if you do like ten of these you’re gonna start to feel your wrist starting to get pretty tired which is good because that means the muscles are engaged and if you do these on a daily basis lift and lower you will start to strengthen your wrists another thing that you can do is a very simple exercise using a dumbbell or even just filling up a water bottle and holding a water bottle in your hand I’ll just deal with my fist so you can see the exercise very very simple your arms are out to the side you’re just letting the wrist Bend and then exhale you’re just bringing it up so it’s almost like a bicep curl that’s just happening from the wrists only and you’re just gonna do this maybe about 20 times and if it’s too difficult for you to have and you wait right now you can start with just fists and slowly graduate to the next level once you start to gain a little bit more strength in your upper body and in your wrists so doing this 20 times maybe 40 times if you have the time it’s beautiful way to really start to strengthen that upper body all right so that’s about it those are just a couple of stretches you can do strengthening exercises you can do remember you guys everything is a journey and everything takes time so don’t be discouraged if you have to stop midway through your practice because your wrists are getting tired like I said if you start including these strengthening exercises into your daily practice and stretch your wrists out before you start your yoga or even afterwards you will slowly begin to see progression in your strength so it to your body and listen to your body and you’ll get where you need to go thank you so much for joining me here I hope this was helpful for you let me know comment below if you have any questions like this video if you want to see more videos like this and of course don’t forget to check out boho beautiful retreat which is our brand-new program available on bogel beautiful life sending you so much love I’ll see you soon [Music]
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