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WOW!Amazing 3D Printer | MINGDA Rock 3 Pro

[Music] yo what’s up guys i’m back with another video and today i’m going to be unboxing and reviewing the minda rock 3 pro ftm 3d printer before getting into it a massive shout out to jlc pcb for sponsoring this video dlc is the most trusted and popular pcb manufacturer company out there they manufacture high quality pcbs at an excellent price you can get up to five pieces of two layer pcb in just two dollars their other services are four and six

layer pcb smt assembly and smt stencils so upload your gerber file select pcb settings and order your pcb of any color in just few bucks so let’s get right into the unboxing [Music] um [Music] so [Music] all right guys we have done with the unboxing and here are all parts that we got in the box so let’s assemble it and see how good printer this works

i was born in the city i was raised on its edges my pop worth this life when it’s complex if i’m loving it center live here forever think it’d be for the better i love the weather even though it’s fog 24 7. i love the people this is a city i met all my best friends and i wanna thank every break i wanna thank every entrance to every building that i step in in this city of mine oh you most my best moments in life see i fell in love for the first time in golden gate park i saw my first rap show at great

american hall i used to beg my homies for a ride across the bridge the assembly process is super easy and it takes less than 30 minutes now our printer is fully assembled and it looks very good the frame of this printer is made out of aluminium and it’s very sturdy and strong it has very large size build volume of 320 by 320 by 400 millimeter which is bigger than creality cr-10 it comes with dual z-axis stepper motors which are synchronized by a timing belt the studio has pretty much open design it’s a drag drive extruder which is very

useful for flexible filaments the printer has easy to use belt tensioner for both x and y axis the color touchscreen display is very bright and the touch is also very responsive it also offers filament run out silent stepper drivers and resume printing during the accident power cut specs wise this printer have pretty much everything that i want in a printer now let’s check its print quality [Music] so okay here is the first print so the

model turned out very well we can see some minor vibration on the y-axis and it can be removed easily by tweaking this printer all over the print quality is pretty good [Music] so we have this beautiful spiral vase and the printer does a really nice job on it the layers are very clean there is no ringing or vibrations in this model it’s really impressive [Music] so here we have this baby groot i printed this with wood bla

so i again print this baby groot with gold pla filament and again printer does an excellent job on it i printed this model with 0.1 mm layer height and the layers are very clean and hard to see with naked eyes the print quality of this printer is really really impressive if you are looking for a large size build volume printer with good features then you can consider this printer i’ll provide the link in the description box make sure to check it out so that’s it for this video guys i hope you enjoy this video if you do then give

a thumbs up that will be very appreciated and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to this channel for more such videos thanks for watching i was bye in the city i was raised on its edges my pop work is life when it’s complex if i’m loving it live here forever think it’d be for the better i love the weather you

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