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Would You Wear These Size 75 Shoes? | Coronavirus News For June 1, 2020

social distancing shoes this is the inside coronavirus news for June 1st 2020 a cobbler in Romania is making shoes that he says encourage social distancing as you can see they’re rather roomy in the toe the shoes come in European size 75 that’s off the charts a European size 49 equals a size 15 men’s shoe in the US if two people wearing the shoes face each other they’ll be about four and a half feet apart that’s normal sized feet the shoemaker crafts his coronavirus quelling creations by hand as he’s done for nearly four decades each pair takes two days to make and they cost a hundred and fifteen dollars so far he’s received five orders a different kind of foot work was on display in Nashville we come out for about 20 to 30 minutes and dance and dance the Knightly neighborhood dance party is a fun safe way for people to get together and get some exercise without getting too close and this multi-generational crew shakes it to tunes old new and just plain silly there’s something magical about it thanks for DJing and in Rome the Colosseum got the red white and green treatment the year old Roman ruin has seen plenty of history in its 2000 years the Colosseum reopens to the public this week after being shut down for several months to help stem the spread of the coronavirus now Inside Edition coms mera montalbano tells us about a nurse on the front lines of the fight against koban 19:00 and her special roommate health care workers are not only putting their own health and safety on the line to fight the coronavirus they could also be putting their family members at risk and that’s a concern for a nurse in Chicago her name is Amanda Farrell and she goes to work every day at a local hospital she does deal with coronavirus patients and then at the end of the day she goes home and she lives with her grandma she is automatically arrested her age so to limit potential exposure I changed my clothes before I come home from work and I immediately threw my scrubs in the laundry now many states are easing their lockdown restrictions and allowing more businesses to open allowing people to get out and enjoy those businesses but that doesn’t mean that the threat of the corona virus is gone we should still take precautions like washing our hands and wearing masks maintaining distances and it’s really all to protect people who are still very vulnerable to this virus and invite additions and Mercado Yano has the story of another nurse fighting her own personal battle against koban 19 she just can’t shake the virus day 58 today nurse Tracy Schofield contracted Koba 19 two months ago after two weeks she recovered but she still got it how many eight times have you gotten tested I’ve had 10 tests ten tests yeah ten tests you know I don’t smoke I don’t take medication for anything for me to get it this bad and not get the negative tests I’m shocked she’s not the only patient still feeling the impact of Koba 19 so many weeks after recovering I still have weird stuff going on with my lungs CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says he’s still feeling the effects of the virus six weeks after he emerged from isolation in his basement I’m not a hundred percent and there’s funky stuff in my bloodwork that doctors say is what they see in people who’ve had kovat so freaks me out a little bit there are more than six point two million confirmed cases of Copan 19 and more than 370 thousand deaths worldwide there are nearly a hundred five thousand deaths in the United States four more in the corona virus pandemic visit Inside Edition calm [Music] [Music]
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