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Would You Try Any Of These Insane Foods?

calling all adventurous eaters would you try any of these crazy foods this concoction sounds like it came from a near empty refrigerator a peanut butter and pickle sandwich but when the three ingredient recipe was shared by the new york times in 2018 it became a short-lived trend inside edition’s megan alexander bravely tried it out with the help of a food blogger tell you i’m really skeptical about this i can’t imagine this tasting good i’m scared let’s do it oh no no i don’t like it that bad not for me another big food trend in 2018 was this unusual ingredient charcoal adding it to pancake batter ice cream and bread turned the food pitch black its appeal is that it has alleged detoxifying powers but medical professionals weren’t against consuming too much of it if you’re repeatedly doing this it could build up and it can also interact with medications you’re taking so if you’re taking it around the same time that you take a prescription medicine that medicine may not be absorbed by your body the city of new york actually told this ice cream shop to stop selling its very popular charcoal flavor people really love it it was it’s a shame to not be allowed to serve it while dr raj says eating a little charcoal every once in a while isn’t harmful she says it’s best to let your body detoxify naturally these aren’t your grandma’s meatballs they’re made with lion meat yes the king of the jungle can be served on a plate this is 100 lion inside edition spoke to the people behind in 2013 where lion meat was selling for two thousand dollars a pound some question the safety of selling lion meat in the states since it’s not regulated but this man stands behind his product enjoying some in front of our lisa guerrero this is lion meat yes and it’s raw lion meat yes and you’re eating it right now yes you know i think we are starting to get more adventurous and i say why not a wild game chef prepared some lion ricotta meatballs and says she doesn’t see anything wrong with eating lion as long as the animal was raised humanely it’s a little more chewy but it’s wonderful this pound cake may look all buttery and delicious but it’s got a secret ingredient bugs instead of traditional dairy butter food scientists in belgium came up with a butter made of insect fat which is separated from ground up bugs then you cook with it just like you would regular butter so how did the pound cake come out it’s actually better yeah do you think you would eat insect fat cakes again yeah why not why not you may not be ready for it now but scientists say this butter is much more sustainable than dairy butter and could be the future of fat but here’s something extreme it’s being called the worst recipe ever something called the pizza dia burned up the internet in 2019 featuring 33 ingredients and costing more than 150 dollars is it even worth the time effort and cost to make our stephen fabian put it to the test whoa this is starting to look good now but it turned out to be a daunting task now we’re going to go on with our chickens we’re going to do one layer just when you think it’s got to be finished there’s more and then we cap off this mixture of deliciousness with another tortilla that goes right on top smash it down a little bit right yep and then we’re gonna wait it and right more so this chills for an hour okay gotta be ready now right but no there was more after chilling the multi-layer quesadilla it was then cut into wedges breaded and deep fried then all the pieces were put together in a pan dressed like a pizza and popped in the oven two and a half hours after he started steven finally gets to taste his creation i didn’t think i was gonna like it it’s actually kind of good it’s actually really good so with a little patience and a lot of money and effort the pizza deal will make for a tasty and unique meal for i’m mara montelbano
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