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Would You Spend $100 On Meatballs Or $1 Million On A Pigeon?

would you pay $100 for a single meatball oh boy how about $50,000 for a whole Thanksgiving dinner it’s turkey time from food to real estate to fashion some items are commanding big bucks here’s a look back at some of Inside Edition dot-coms most overpriced finds some people say that Bijan is so over the top but that’s exactly what their customers are looking for one store in Los Angeles offers customers a unique fashion experience if their credit limit is high enough the Hausa Bijan is here on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills the store has been in business for 40 years but don’t bother coming in unless you have lots of cash and don’t think of just strolling in because shopping here is by appointment only for example this jacket is $12,000 these are alligator I have to see if they have my size $14,500 elsewhere in la-la land if you would rather put your money in real estate than your closet check out this listing this is what a billion dollar empty lot looks like the mountain known as the mountain has an impressive view from downtown Los Angeles all the way to Catalina Island tired of spending so much money per cup with a cup of joe a very expensive drink with an unusual preparation method I’m about to taste the most expensive cup of coffee in the world this cup of joe will set you back wait for it a whopping 90 bucks what makes it so special it’s brewed from a coffee bean called the Kopi Luwak all harvested believe it or not from what your cat leaves in the litter box we’re not kidding the Indonesian civet cat eats coffee cherries that’s what comes off the tree then the cat does his business and the seeds from the cherries are dried and roasted into coffee beans I’m giving it a taste it’s very smooth if you fancy a fancy snack here’s a meatball that will blow your budget this seven ounce hunk of wheat costs a whopping 100 dollars people are really going crazy for it Davio’s steakhouse in New York makes meatballs unlike anything grandma has ever cooked up black truffle now is that how big it is that is next they’re ready to be stuffed with foie gras and truffle cheese it’s a good-looking meatball but what really pushes this meatball over the top the rich shallot in Champagne cream sauce chef that’s what’s amazing forget spicy that’s a pricey meatball oh my god but if you have a big enough wallet you can impress your Thanksgiving crowd with this feast $50,000 service for eight it’s a lifetime experience however it might take you a lifetime to pay back the money but each dish is decked out with the luxe decadence the sweet potatoes are top you can’t make this kind of expensive stuffing with Wonder Bread the stuffing is made with a $47 loaf of bread and the gravy is garnished with a splash of this thousand dollar bottle of bourbon it’s dirty time here’s another expensive bird but he’s not for eating he’s for racing can you believe this pigeon just sold for 1.4 million dollars the pigeon named Armando just commanded the highest price ever at auction we spoke to pigeon racing expert Vito Larusso surprise the first time my ready but pigeon racing is like horse racing yet a pigeon wins a lot of races goes for a lot of money but are any of these things worth the hefty price tags it all depends on your ability to spend which means many of us will never really know for Inside Edition dot-com I’m Mara montalbano
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