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in today’s video we are going to try and make a mold of a hamburger and then see what we can do with it [Applause] guys we have a cheeseburger and we want to try and make a mold of it now if you guys have ever seen Nate making molds in the past with silicone you’ve probably noticed it’s a very very liquid when it starts out and a cheeseburgers not gonna survive that so we need to make it with something different silicone also doesn’t cure very quickly it can take hours before it really solidifies and I think it would get too much into all the really tiny nooks and crannies of this including like inside the bun we have also in the past to used an alginate mold material I made a video where I passed my hand a thumbs up position and that was pretty cool we want to try doing that with our burger first here’s the basic idea we don’t think a cheeseburger would survive its way through a silicone mold so we’re gonna try and make an alginate mold first I’ll cast it in plaster and then make a second mold off of the plaster casting we can then explore what fun things we can cast into the silicone mold to begin with we need to make sure that none of the pieces are gonna go anywhere in an attempt to sort of waterproof it or alginate proof it we’re gonna hit it with some clear coat and then we’re gonna be using a lot of skewers or toothpicks trying to hold it all together so once we have everything solidified more or less in one piece and drying we’re gonna go ahead and make our box for the alginate [Music] it’s pretty good so yeah couple more skewers put in there and these ones we’re gonna drive into the foam core to just hold that burger in place so it’s 1/2 and 1/3 algin into every one cup of water so now we’ll add 2 cups of water to that [Music] hoping this isn’t gonna soak into the bun too much you’ll notice that when Nate was pouring he was being very careful to not pour over the top and let it drip off the sides he was pouring from the sides and letting it fill up from the bottom that keeps any air bubbles from forming so that we don’t end up with any weird pockets in our can our burger okay our alginate has now been sitting here it’s been about 20 minutes that’s actually longer than it needed it was fairly firm after about 10 which is awesome with alginate so now we have to try and de-mold it and the whole thing is glued together rather intensely which is what we wanted because that way doesn’t leak but now we have to get it open and this alginate is so soft and easy to cut through it’s like a very soft jello basically all right let’s just flip that hamburger bun [Music] hey I think it actually works there’s an embedded burger for you right there that’s most of it right there I’m liking this yeah look at that every little sesame seed made its own little impression that’s gonna look so good when it casts you can actually see right here into the in between the milettis yeah we’re gonna have that problem but that’s it there’s the problem we’re hit there but if you’re doing this you cast something in alginate and you need to scrape out your mold try and find something soft like a rubber spatula or something so you don’t accidentally tear through your mold as you’re working [Music] so for this plaster it is three parts of your plaster and one part water we’re gonna add a little bit of extra water to make sure that this really does fill in nice and even and we’re gonna use cold water you don’t ever want to start your plaster with hot water because as it sets it actually warms up so you’re gonna activate it a lot faster if you use hot water and have less time to work use cold water mix and then for it’s crazy to see just how many bubbles will just start rising to the surface [Music] believe that there’s like none left and if we had any more it be just overflowing and running right out now we let it sit and I think we’re gonna let it sit overnight and then you just leave it alone for 24 hours okay we’ve let this sit overnight it should be cured the plaster feels getting rigid we do have a little bit of schmutz in it where the paper towel just rest on top of it but it is no good pulling moisture off of it but that’s to be expected yes it is not all the way dry because it’s surrounded by alginate it’s wet ready pull outside moment Ruth okay catch up well that’s what Elgin it does it’s drying I just don’t want it to fall Oh Berger oh no it looks like a hamburger looks perfect don’t eat it you can’t bite through that don’t you’re right I can’t I want to put it in the oven instead [Music] our hamburgers now out of the oven we headed in there at about 150 Fahrenheit for we ended up doing in about two hours which may have been more than was necessary but it’s nice and dry now so we like what size it was until she decided to taste it so here’s what we’re gonna do we want to hit it with a layer of clear coat to try and stop the silicone from soaking in so clear coat box that goes around it mixing up silicone coating our burger so in the past you’ve probably seen Nate put silicone after he’s put the catalyst in into the vacuum chamber to get rid of the bubbles unfortunately this is too much silicone to go in there so if we did it will just bubble over right over the top so yes there will be some bubbles however because this is such a thin silicone mixture they’re gonna mostly rise to the top so it should be okay I’m just making sure there’s no big massive air pockets in there and again when you’re pouring silicone and there may still be a few bubbles you want to pour from as high up as possible and it’s thin a stream as possible I’m gonna pour about halfway full and then I’m gonna tilt this little container now the reason I’m gonna do that is because we did get some air pockets [Music] alginate and plaster tend to be very cheap and very easy to get your hands on silicon and silicon catalysts a bit less so so we don’t want this filling out so a normal cure time for this this is normally what’s called the the first coat on a statue or any sort of sculpture that you’re trying to mold that can take up to two hours with a very thin coat this one I think we should leave overnight again let’s do it [Music] Oh getting a little bit stuck in some of the crevices it’s not winning oh wait actually okay little bits of the mold stay stuck they’re tiny though that’s that’s pretty normal I think we’ve got some plaster bits and you did yeah no there’s there’s actually a bit of an alginate as well that’s fine that’s why it’s great overall not too bad we used an exacto knife to cut through the silicone mold all the way around being sure to leave some wavy lines those will act as registration keys that help the mold fit back together so you can see the cut this waviness that’s what’s really going to help it hold its shape and not slide around as we cast other things in it and you can see that when it goes together nicer like that seam line almost disappears you can barely see it’s perfect it will still slide so we’re gonna tape it together just to make sure that everything stays in one place we don’t want to leak gummy candy all over the table okay we’ve got our jello recipe it’s it’s not just straight jello added gelatin you’ve probably seen this uses several times before we’ve made gummy chickens there’s gummy Lego lots of fun stuff has been cast in this gummy so we’re gonna pour this down in and hopefully get a nice gummy cheeseburger so our mold is done we’ve got our jelly candy in the burger mold so day four we’re gonna go ahead and unload this see what turned up [Music] you can do this okay you can see you actually pretty good you can see the sesame seeds got sesame seeds I don’t want to hit it with my big torch because I’m worried about losing all that detail but you can you can slightly see the same and that’s okay hoping to get a much nice in it [Music] I am little curious to see what happens if we hit the whole thing with the torch and like can we get a shiny I don’t know it might lose some detail but I want to try it in the future everything’s from losing some detail I think I’m burning away all of our sesame seeds it’s almost translucent now though that I can see right through uh-huh Wow we lost a lot of detail but you know what Nate’s you’re right that that makes the cheese look really good so yeah we jelly cheese burger love it it’s amazing all right who’s gonna take a bite out of our giant double quarter-pounder cheeseburger here stick into your gloves or cheeseburger should react deliver guys we have a cheeseburger mold we’ve somewhat successfully cast a dummy cheeseburger we want your ideas what else do you want to see us cast in this cheeseburger what have you always wanted to see a cheeseburger made out of did you ever think that there was something else that you wanted a cheeseburger to be other than a cheeseburger hey guys got the all kinds of cool stuff in the shop including kits you can build yourself there to check them out check it out I was getting distracted can you even do that one more time Phil hey
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