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World’s SMALLEST Dessert | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That i’m Ann Reardon and 
lots of you have requested another mini kitchen   episode so i thought we’d make a recipe out 
of my cookbook my mini kitchen has actually   been on display at the miniature worlds of 
wonder exhibition so i haven’t been able to   film anything for you but with Melbourne being 
in lockdown for so so long and the exhibition   being temporarily closed i asked if i could 
borrow it back so i could film this one for you   first of all break the chocolate into pieces this 
block is so tiny that i’m going to use a knife to   break it up otherwise i think my fingers would 
just melt it or i might eat it and then put all   the little pieces into the bowl in a separate bowl 
you want 8 egg yolks and add to that your sugar   and then just whisk them together until they 
are well combined and it’s all smooth now you   want to grab yourself some cream and pour 
that into a pan and put it on the stove top you want to turn up the heat and make sure 
you watch it because it goes from just   slightly bubbling to wanting to boil over really 
quickly so you need to remove that from the heat   and while you’re whisking pour a small amount of 
the hot cream into the yolks now this makes it   easier to mix it in without getting chunks of 
cooked egg you’re kind of warming up that egg   mixture and then you tip that warmed mixture back 
into the rest of the hot cream whisking as you do   i’ve never tried to temper egg yolks on such a 
miniature scale before now you want to put that   back onto the stovetop and heat it for a little 
bit you don’t want to overcook this or it will   curdle and go lumpy but you do want to cook it 
enough that you’ve fully cooked the egg yolks   then once it’s ready you immediately remove it 
from the heat and pour it over your chocolate   wait a moment for that chocolate to melt 
and then stir it together really well   i’m using a spoon a whisk would have been much 
better suited to this task but i only have one   whisk in the mini kitchen and it needs washing so 
i’ll just have to keep persevering with a spoon   just keep stirring it until you can see just 
the one chocolatey color and this is your   chocolatey cremo which is like a very rich 
chocolate custard grab yourself a muffin tin   and rest some glasses in the tin so they’re 
leaning on an angle if you don’t have a muffin tin   you could use small bowls for this instead using 
a piping bag put enough cremo into your glasses   so that it fills it up to the top on an angle you 
can of course make this recipe full size if you   want to the recipe is in my cookbook so when your 
mum or dad asks you what do you want for christmas   you know what to ask for if your glasses are not 
as tiny as mine you can probably get away with   using a jug instead of a piping bag for this 
and it should look much neater the line should   actually go on a nice angle mine is so tiny it 
doesn’t even want to level out then you just   want to take those and carefully pop them into the 
fridge to set tip your jelly crystals into a bowl   you can use raspberry or strawberry whichever 
you prefer then add in your boiling water and   stir that until the sugar is dissolved then you 
want to leave your jelly to cool down to room   temperature which really doesn’t take long when 
the bowl is this tiny grab the cremo out of the   fridge and get your raspberries while you’re there 
stand up the glasses they don’t need to be on a   slope anymore but you can see how that promotes 
to staying on an angle and add a raspberry into   each one or in my case a tiny little piece of 
a raspberry into each one spoon in some of that   cooled jelly mixture onto the top so the glass is 
full all the way up to the very top and then you   want to put those back in the fridge to set clean 
up your work area that’s very important if you   want to be allowed to be in the kitchen again and 
then top each dessert with a swirl of chocolate there we go beautiful chocolate crema 
with raspberries with thanks to my   awesome patrons for your ongoing support 
here is the official list of legends   here’s the other mini kitchen videos and if you’re 
a regular here here’s a list of all my videos ever   so you can see if you’ve seen them all make 
it a great week and i’ll see you on friday
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