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World’s LARGEST Erosion Crater (Ramon Crater) & Eating With Bedouins

good morning and welcome back we have just left the Dead Sea and in this video we’re going to be exploring the Ramon crater and taking a jeep tour all that coming check out the view behind me we’ve just stopped on the road you can see the Dead Sea in the distance this all most mars-like landscape it’s only around 8:30 a.m. 9 a.m. and it’s already blistering hot you can imagine during the middle of the day exactly what it’s going to be like and see here rocks [Music] so just arrived in mr. Ramon which is the town beside Rahman crater and about to get in the Jeep now and do the talk it’s the largest erosion crater in the world there are three types of craters impact craters for meteorites erosion craters and also volcanic craters so the RAM on crater is the largest erosion grating the rock it’s getting the jeep now and start the tool quick stop outside the Jeep and our first phase of the Ramon crater this isn’t all of it it’s only the south and east or west side of it percent sure there are only seven erosion craters in the world five of them actually here in Israel and the other two very close by just in Egypt so all located and that isn’t particular part of the Middle East [Music] and finally kilometer you can see here just how soft all the rock around here is even though it’s clay look at that can even use it on your face there we go it’s so quiet around here though I can’t hear anything apart from people in my group this isn’t actually the wall of the crater this is the wall of the riverbed the wall of the crater is much higher it’s very interesting to see all the colors all the rock around here so soft that’s the whole reason it formed in the first place so we’re now going to move on to a different part of the crater it’s really fascinating to explore this kind of landscape not really somewhere [Music] [Music] [Music] some more amazing these was mushroom attempt table mountains you can see that’s how the erosion stopped at the top that if the crater days harder rock through the clay underneath in which has been eroded away by water see there’s more than crater really bizarre looking kind of landscape [Music] so from the tip of the crater I just showed you we’ve proven all the way into one end of it which is kind of a round shape like this it’s not like a canyon where the water flows through the crater was formed by erosion coming from the center there was no entrance inwards so geologists paradise here so many different rock layers and sediments different fossils in here too as our guide was showing us just a moment ago and even here a little bit of civilization so this bit of civilization here in the middle of the crater in the middle of the desert was built by the Nabataeans it’s around 2,000 years ago and they were a nomadic people who traveled from Yemen all the way through Saudi Arabia and more they Israel to reach Gaza and they had a station every 35 kilometers on that route and it would take them a year to go there and back and this is one of those stations it fell in the middle of this crater and they eventually were wiped from history after most of them converts into Christianity we don’t really know much about these people trading along this spice route from Yemen to Gaza there’s actually natural spring here which is why they built this particular place to store here we are vegetation and life in the middle of the crater you can hear the insects not just the sheer amount of plants also different types of plants here in this unique part inside Rahman crater it’s so spectacular to see all of this greenery just suddenly pop up in the middle of this area here is the source of the water inside Rahman crater look at the sheer green color and light all of a sudden that just erupts if you were to just dig it wouldn’t be long before you would see the water source you have the foreground greenery and the background crater perimeter all the animals and wildlife within the crater will come to this water source it’s a guarantee almost and they will just dig under the ground to get the water if it’s not there because at different times of year it will evaporate or look the water storage will lower and other times of year will be high up to three four five meters our guide was saying so we’ve now gone even further into the crater and this is the most spectacular point you can see the different layers so pure and brightness it’s the textbook picture right behind me of the Rama crater having left the Rommel crater we are now here in a Bedouin tent of these local people they seem so friendly see down here already oh we’re moving greeting – hello reach it with some tea here we she’s super sweet it’s like drinking honey [Music] amazing we fight a little bit but not fire the fire to speed the guests I cook for the guests I never there forever God you know I never an end one take the school good neck problems [Music] food is now this which looks amazing got the pizza here this one is teeny here we have commerce eggplant and then the rice with and some fresh lemonade not busy though cement another food is beautiful and smoky and cooked in such an original way here with really beautiful to try that food so after visiting Salman and his Bedouin family we have now come back here to the rahman crater after a half an hour drive and tonight we are glamping under the stars here deep inside the rahman crater it’s now a lot later than it was earlier check out the views right now sorry about it these are our tents see the Sun is setting behind parts of the crater they’re very lucky we have pretty nice toilets it’s all very good facilities we have our camp here I’m showing you all this now because it’s gonna get dark real soon that’s very key people are you allowed to be in the crater at nighttime unless they’re in a campsite good morning from inside the ramen crater amazing to witness the sunrise as well as the sunset yesterday which was disappearing behind us so quiet during the night we were the only ones here even saw some wildlife hopping around not quite sure what they were right now I’m about to have some breakfast the toilets are super nice the tents are you can say luxury and it doesn’t have to be kind of rough camping or glamping actually it can be very comfortable and you can pay these guys to come here and set out for you and they’ll leave during the night and give you the campsite you can type in happy glamping or look up glamping Israel I’ll leave the links in the description if you want to try this incredible experience last night we also did some stargazing and absolutely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had this guy came along with a huge I’m not even sure what it’s called it’s not just a telescope it has like a mirror it kind of looks like a rocket launcher and we were able to see Jupiter Saturn and extremely close shots of the moon you can see I took some pictures on my phone here through the actual eye of the telescope and you can see just how clearly we could see the moon Jupiter you could see its redness and Saturn you could see the color yellow so obviously being in the desert you have amazing opportunities to look at the stars and learn a bit more about space so I’m now going to grab some breakfast and today we’re leaving for Tel Aviv and that’s going to be the next video you
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