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Workout For A Slim Waist

everybody welcome to exit with your training for today Rebecca Louise today we’re gonna be working on our muffin tire which is a cross between a muffin top and a spare tire ready to pop those muffins boo let’s go okay our first exercise to trim down our waist we’re going to come down to the ground I want you to get into a side plank and we’re just going to drop down for ten so just bringing a bottom down onto the ground you can put one of your foot feet in front of the other and we’re just gonna drip drip down dip down so really using those oblique muscles halfway there come on you’ve got this three two one let’s switch over straightaway you having no rest in the whole of this workout so just Ted you can put you on up in the air bit helps to keep it in those obliques really squeeze take it even slower if you can’t feel the burn that’s it guys good start everyone three two and one whoa okay coming onto your front now this is a new exercise never done this one before oh we need to get into a plank and we’re gonna do one side at a time we’re just gonna bring elbow to our knee we’ve got ten of these really squeeze those ABS come on we’ve got this it’s a difficult one oh if you’re finding this too difficult you can just hold the normal plank and you just try this try one or two if you can one more okay let’s pop onto the other side to see if you can get that elbow to touch the knee the more you concentrate on squeezing those ads the easier you’re gonna find it five four three come on guys you got this – and give me one more whoo and release those knees okay flipping over will bring all up into the ceiling arms out to the side and we’re gonna just drop down don’t we need to touch the ground but I want you to see how close you can get nice and slowly we’ve got 20 of these we’re gonna end up touching 10 times on each side ah if you’re finding it too difficult and you’re struggling to come to use your abs to bring you up cuz I never want you to use your arms to bring your legs up you can just go to here you have to go all the way down so just 45 degrees and then back up again and then over time you’re just gonna get stronger its abs are gonna feel more tight you’re gonna have more strength to bring the legs all the way down and then use those ABS to bring you up I’m just resting my arms out to the side we don’t want to grip with the floor we just want to use it for some stability so the best way to test it out it’s as you come up your arm should you see how to come off the ground so you really are just using those ab muscles and not your arms well how’s everyone feeling we’re feeling good we’re ready to trim down that waist get a nice slim waist get rid of those muffins just imagine each time you go down we’re gonna pop a muffin okay so down pop that muffin and the other side you always just touch the ground just be like boom muffin gone oh come on you got this two more bring it down and give me one more the other side come on make it count bring it all the way up to the top no one stopped in up to the top whoo and release we’re gonna stay in this position now bring our legs out in front of us so we’re gonna do circles to the right I’m gonna do ten this way and then I’m gonna do ten the other way the lower down you bring the circle the harder it is gonna be on those lower abs but the better it’s gonna be the more you’re gonna feel the burn and remember the more you feel the burn the better your results you’re gonna be hashtag me I can feel the burn Rebecca yes we can’t keep it going we got five more this way just see each time if you can just bring those legs a little bit lower down you’re gonna feel it in those quads – so we’re gonna get a good leg workout and again just put my arms out to the side I’m not using my arms to bring my legs up give me one more circle this way are you ready I’m gonna do all the same on the left side so left side relative we can get nice and low that’s it and I guess just eight more to go after this try and keep that back nice and flat on the ground and bring it back up Wow oh it’s really good guys you’ve been hot your heart rate up you’re sweating but you know what we’re feeling the burn with feeling good we’re gonna get energy after we’ve done this workout you’re gonna feel good by ourselves we’ll be motivated driven come on we can do this so all doing it together know when it’s finishing right now what we need to keep doing it all the way to the end of the workout okay look two more to go so let’s just see if we can bring those legs a little bit lower oh yes we can one more nice and lower those legs bring it all the way back up to the top whoo release those necks okay you just told me to pull yourselves up you’ve got those ab muscles now swimmers we’ll use them we have got one of my favorite exercises we are going to do the Russian twist so using your eyes to follow your hands we’ve got 20 of these now the easiest way you can do the Russian swish it’s just to keep your feet on the ground if you want to make it harder bring those legs up there the more you quit with your body the better it’s gonna be for those oblique muscles well for those of you I want to make it even harder you can cross those feet at the top – 100 K your next exercise clicking left over we’re gonna do 10 on each leg so I want you to get into the plank position and we’re just gonna bring a leg out for ten nine squeeze those ABS make sure that those elbows are underneath the shoulders squeeze five four three two one it’s go straight on to the other side just ten you just got one more exercise left after that we are poppin nothing left right and center you’ve got this guy all the way through to the end of the workout Oh three two last one and down come on you’ve got this okay so we’re gonna really put it all the way around as we bring our arm in I’m gonna pull the knee up you have ten nine Wow twist that body now we’ve just got this is the last exercise so let’s really make sure we’re making it count we want to get everything out of the movements we’re doing twist laund just a hairy time you twist you’re twisting your tire off just ring by ring looks like you’re a tree and all tree getting younger by the years come on twist it round give me one more all the way up and twist other side up we go this is very hard to hold your balance too cuz your eye line is going all over the place and you’re gonna be lifting one leg up so really squeeze those out use the ABS of stability for you just fall to go all the way to the end come on three two squeeze last one give yourself to rotate fill those abs feel this feel the muscles slimming down I am taking my muffin throwing in that you’d throw your muffins away oh that’s so much better oh well exhales got plenty more ab workouts for you all know you want to work at your car or your arms or cardio then subscribe to the channel because we have got playlists for everything my name is Rebecca recently but any questions you can face up me a ligament witness or tweet me have a model pilot
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