hello everybody I hope you’ve all been doing well I just want to start off by saying that I know it’s been a long time since I last posted the video so I’d like to reassure you by saying that I’ve been working furiously on my next review just like with Apollo 13 this one is going to be a big video I wasn’t originally planning for it to be that way but as I started writing it just more and more stuff came out so as it started to take shape I knew that I had to what I had to say couldn’t be condensed into a 20 minute video I understand that this is starting to become a habit of mine by writing too much and making big videos but hopefully with this review you’ll be able to understand why I wanted to take a more thorough approach but the good news is that I finished the script and will soon be in the editing process so for those of you who aren’t keeping updated on my facebook group the next film I’ll be reviewing will be Dances with Wolves this one is a childhood classic of mine that I hold really close to my heart I wanted to pay the film respect by taking a serious approach to its historical setting whilst at the same time going over its inaccuracies now I wish that was all I needed to mention in this video but unfortunately there have been changes going on with YouTube as of late that have been affecting my channel from what I’ve been able to understand YouTube has changed its algorithm to promote channels that produce long videos and post them frequently now I make long videos it’s just the frequently part that I cannot do not in the style of the videos I make because they take a lot of time and a lot of effort I’m not a gamer and I’m not a vlogger so I can’t fart out a 20 minute review every single day now I’ve always had this against me but it didn’t start being such a problem until the fall of last year before then my videos were being promoted and my channel was growing but recently it has stagnated and it seems that YouTube has changed something in its algorithm and it appears that some of these glitches are affecting a lot of youtubers not just to me for example whenever I upload a video I lose subscribers but then there are also people who are subscribed to me find themselves being unsubscribed to me this has happened multiple times to my friends carmine from Red Team review he watches my channel frequently and has been a supporter of it from the start now YouTube has been denying this for months and then carmine told me yesterday but there is finally proof that there was a YouTube glitch at 695 subs okay Craig is also here in the discord okay what’s up what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you the link to his YouTube channel and what I want you guys to do is I want you to sub to his channel and then Earth’s unsub to his channel sub to his channel and then unsub to his chick alright look at him he’s losing subs my absolute no way he’s losing subs look at the live stream how is it even possible how is it possible that he is losing sucks Wow how how how it’s you thousand people in this live stream couldn’t have been sub to him in the first place there’s no way yeah you can one says here he says sub in an unsub sub and unser yeah do you see this glitch people if you want to watch the full video please click on the link in the description box below however I believe that this is just but one part of that glitch on the 19th of January I was somehow – 2600 views and then on the 24th of January I was – half a million views now on the day that this YouTube glitch was exposed YouTube officially wrote on Twitter yikes starting Monday in some cases we accidentally started counting to unsub’s for the price of one we’re working on a fix I find this a little bit hard to believe seeing how youtubers have been complaining about experiencing bugs for months now but there is finally one more specific bug that is affecting my channel another one that carmine told me about whether it’s intentional or unintentional by YouTube’s part I’m not entirely sure and this affects how you guys are notified whenever I post up a new video if you are subscribed to my channel then there is a very good chance that some of you aren’t being notified when I post up a new video so the way to fix it is if you click on this little bell icon next to the subscribe button an unchecked box appear saying send me all notifications for this channel so please please please please please please tick that box if you want to stay updated with my videos I have no idea why these boxes are unchecked because it kind of makes the whole point of subscribing to our channel redundant if you ask me so in any case that’s all I wanted to say I’m now going to crack on with Dances with Wolves thank you all so much for your patience so far hopefully this next review will be one that you truly enjoy and afterwards I’m gonna be reviewing a TV series that you’ve all been wanting me to cover for a long time I’ll announce it after Dances with Wolves is out so until then take care guys
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWyAW_KztRw

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