Why Tyrion’s Solution For Westeros Doomed Everyone

the time has come execute order 66 [Music] season eight was a thing that existed with the gang going over the wall I kind of expected we wouldn’t get the satisfying grand conclusion to this epic tale but Wow yeah so here we are Game of Thrones will be looked back on just like the Hindenburg nobody remembers the big floating marvel of human engineering all anyone remembers is how’s it feel I live long enough to see all of your favorite franchises go down in flames feels great season eights rioting failed in literally every way pacing dialogue consistency preventing me from pouring Roman to my drink just to get through the last few episodes other channels will focus on that part of the writing as the internet Die sex the season over the next few months I just want to talk about the ending of the show the new state of the world that was decided as a good conclusion to the series now I don’t do videos like this but my god one Scene a council meeting in the dragon pit that broke me bran becomes king future Kings will be elected in a vote by the richest most powerful Lords of Westeros the North becomes its own separate Kingdom all of us is meant to be a good thing and in no way will it ever backfire huh bran is king the wheel is broken and everything is fixed [Music] this is what I think the ending was meant to symbolize from the writers standpoint Tyrion is supposed to be the smartest character of them all so as a person of intelligence he comes up with a solution that resolves all conflict in Westeros the main cons of the last eight years of war was lineage so just remove the birthright and problem solved yay why didn’t we think of this before just have the most powerful Lords of all the now at six kingdoms all with different motivations to decide who should be king they can even nominate themselves what could go wrong Tyrion the man who spent his entire life seeing the dealings and political backstabbings of Westerosi Lords so it’d be a great idea to let them decide amongst themselves who becomes king Tyrion he’s smart but it’s not that smart I was originally going to bring up historical precedent for why this is a bad idea but you know what I don’t really think I have to buy their own rules that Westeros has operated off of and simply common sense this should be seen as a horrendous idea first bran himself who would follow brand the broken who would even know who he is is it even common knowledge that he has psychic powers would people in the South even know this because to them all they saw was Cersei on the throne get obliterated by Danny and then some unrelated kid be nominated by dragon Hitler’s former hand that certainly wouldn’t stand but we’re stuck with this voting system now so great democracy kind of I guess [Music] [Applause] d & D really did just forget the rest of Westeros other than King’s Landing in Winterfell bran becoming Lord of the reach is the most hilarious and depressing outcome of all of this bran the cell sword who doesn’t even have a last name now controls the most populous region in Westeros surpassing the minor houses who have ruled in the reach for thousands of years now okay so just because it’s funny and I hate myself let’s say bran remains in power in the reach his house is now the equivalent of house Tyrell you see I’ve never seen the poison world before Oh Sassie I wanted to know it with me brake on dick on [Music] what’s the stop the larger kingdoms like the reach now ruled by let’s call it house Blackwater from pushing their political might on the smaller kingdoms like the Stormlands or westerland’s in their favor they control a lot of resources to reach supplies most of the other kingdoms with wheat wine and livestock might be a bit inconvenient for a hungry population if that supply was just to stop because a certain Lord didn’t vote for house Blackwater it isn’t even just the reach any large Kingdom only has one simple step in their way to gain absolute power for votes and your king if a lord wasn’t powerful enough to get votes he’d certainly support a lord from a house he’s allied with political marriage is already very important are now the best ticket to potentially getting on the throne every time a king is now on the brink of death the Lords of Westeros will compete against one another to make sure they or at least an ally with their interests get onto the throne what a stable system that certainly won’t descend into war every human lifetime not like we’d really need to worry about that because you know what really sets a good precedent allowing the north to become a separate kingdom in front of two other kingdoms who have a history of rebelling yar was promised that the Iron Islands would become independent by Danny yet doesn’t even bring it up okay [Music] honestly there probably isn’t a lot that could be changed about the final episode it was the victim and culmination of two rushed seasons the main thing I would change if I was plopped in the writing room for the final episode is don’t have the election idea be suggested by Tyrion his entire character is being in the mud of King’s Landing politics he knows what Lords are like and what they’ll do to obtain power never would he have given this as a solution everything else fine I guess any plot point works they’ve given enough time to be flushed out bran becoming King in concept could work if developed more perhaps a council choosing the next king might work if fleshed out more that need a lot more time to be convincing but that’s all what could have been if we only had six episodes to wrap this up in might as well I’ve just ended like this [Applause] [Music] all right study that’s it on this paper [Music] [Music] you
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