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Who Sent These Long-Lost Love Letters?

here are our favorite stories of old love letters lost and found this yellowed letter was found during a house renovation it had slipped through the cracks of a staircase it was dated lunchtime May 4th 1945 are you s lonesome for me as I am for you the letter was written to someone named Virginie – dearest husband the recipient was one mr. rolf Kristofferson after I read it I just knew that I had to get it back to who it belonged to the rightful family in 2017 Melisa Fahey posted the letter on Facebook in hopes of finding someone connected to it just two hours later jackpot here is Rolf Kristofferson he was in his 90s and living in Southern California sweetheart I’m longing for you to come home that’s Ralph’s daughter Robyn reading the letter dearest husband I still have a few minutes on my lunch hour and I’m dreaming about you as I thought I’d write a little love letter to my favorite pin-up boy virgin he passed away several years before the amazing find but their daughter is grateful to have something of her mom it’s a great insight into my mom’s thinking and how she always was a very loving and committed wife the Kristofferson’s got to meet melissa on FaceTime and I was just taken back by the words that she was saying and just professing her love we’re very thankful thank you so much it means so much to myself and to my father and the rest of the family Rolf who served in the Norwegian Navy during the war was thankful as well thank you very much saving that letter oh you’re welcome it was very happy very happy to get it back to you and the letter brought back happy memories for Rolf he was a good-looking rolling and these two best friends found a stack of love letters from World War two while they were antiquing in Tennessee lots of I love yous I would just say pet names throughout it too the writer was a sailor who shared his feelings mostly that he was scared you’re scaring me just missed his family he missed everything back home that sailor was one Elias Maxwell who was serving in the Pacific his sweetheart back home in New Jersey was Elaine she always would mentioned that she wanted to be his wife yeah like in her clothing she’d be like your wife hopefully soon Lindsey and Megan bought these letters for $88 they loved each other yeah you get so much just feel the emotion through every time we would read it we would just melt just with what they would talk about how they would talk to each other we were just like oh my gosh intrigued they did some investigating they were able to find the family of those two lovers in New Jersey it turns out Elias and Elaine got married in 1948 both have since passed on but their children got a special window into their parents courtship millions of kisses and hugs to you from me remember me and then there’s just all these X’s and millions millions and millions more so long honey 99 don’t forget to write sealed with a kiss wait you showed me that said that my mom do this I would say no so that’s a part of my mom I didn’t know another sweet love letter was found in the crawl space of an Arizona home how I miss you sweetheart I could never tell you just how much I love you with every breath I take you’re my love my life and my everything and without you being with me life is so very lonely good night my sweet baby it was among a cache of letters a home inspector happened upon I have never seen anything like this you always find junk up in there that nobody wants you know boxes old Christmas tree stuff like that but nothing like this the letters dated back to the 1950s you write them just the way I like then I can just picture what you are doing and it makes me feel like I am there Bob now wanted to track down the lovebirds for their families I know if it was me if it was my great-grandfather I would love to have them his search turned up the recipients obituary Roger Wright died in 1981 but thanks to these letters their love story lives on and a man can now relive moments from his parents lives after Jerry Wilson found a trunk in his attic like this incredible little time capsule of uh of stuff that we discovered the trunk contained love letters photos and other mementos dating back to the 1940s Jerry figured out the woman’s name and used that to track down her son Eugene I didn’t know anything like that existed the find helped Eugene and his siblings learn more about their parents I knew she had served she was a nurse during World War two I knew my father of course was in the war he was wounded in action and the battle later so what I didn’t know was how they ever got together this is inside [Music] you
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