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When Cheating Doesn’t Actually Count As Cheating | Kevin Gates Helpline Episode 4

hey actually I was talking about you last night you can fool the fool but you can’t fool the wise man you’re the real thing I try say barley some good sage you go this is a kipper gays helpline and Kevin gates I’m accompanied by bubi black and what we’re gonna be doing today is taking calls from people all over the world we’re gonna be aiding assistant lending wisdom knowledge your love to help them through whatever hardship that they may be encountering let me go kiss my face I look I got this man face tattooed on me how many two twice almost and I weird like a badge of honor we got on the lab see what’s happening oh man we got you bro from Colorado putting me Giraud you on the phone with Kevin gates and Boo but was then available what’s happening what did you want with the Benazir what up what up it’s like really loud on your I hear like a lot of status mm-hmm doesn’t mean lighten up this single word anyone yeah I’m a college student right last semester I met this chick then she seemed to be like way more invested in it than I was she dig my tags yeah one time I like hung out with her and she felt like a remnants of like I hate you here whatever and flipped out I’m sorry I would just like say things and I was like let’s uh you know only see each other or whatever and then that just kind of snowballs into a relationship and then towards the end of the semester I kind of happened where I hooked up with someone else and I feel really shitty about it and no one knows about it it don’t matter how great of a person she is to you it matters how great of a person she is for you so anyone a relationship and you trying to make the other person happy that’s insanity because you’re an appeaser now you’re appeasing her you’re telling her what she wants to hear I believe the best thing you can do is tell this person hey I really like you as a person but this is what’s going on I need to make myself happy before I can make anyone else happy you know yeah I would let her know you’re a big play on yeah it’s more like like I’m a huge and like I can’t they know and I and you’re not gonna listen you’re not a it is not a big heart and you give a you don’t like to hurt other people that’s all that’s not you ban a it’s difficult book is like I feel shitty about myself for doing that my show about yourself we just gave you the black line you use that blue print and you’re gonna make it it’s not that oh yeah blessings on your journey baby thank you thank you yes sir all right all right all right seems like you all want to be a player a big player I don’t think he held it that’s 400 passport get stamped and outside of different countries yeah the country with you know somebody might be stamping their passport right now cool so he he gonna state the state she is gonna scar to the country you moved here she grew here [Laughter] [Music] you know I got one of these tattooed on my leg yeah I love the time oh we got Jennifer from South Carolina you know I’m saying that’s this yeah see and seeing it bit yes she put me out there with Santa and Jennifer you on the phone with Kevin and boobs all right so I am a millennial moms born in 81 and I have two kids I have a boy who’s 15 I have a girl who’s 13 and they’re both obsessed with like social media technology and all these new words and so I can no longer really speak to them and then when I try to I sound very uncool so help me talk to them help me figure them out why don’t y’all have a time with y’all get off social media I have family time and really establish their bond right and we did some of that like we play cards against humanity’ because that’s the only place where they can say cut burn and so like I just want to be able to also speak their language there was that yeast thing and now if I look nice it’s that drip but my son says that to me and I think I’m wet it depends on what context is used and it could mean that but it also means something else I mean we’d not go out to get into all that because different things yes ma’am but you ought to learn from the person that’s speaking the language right dignities all designers and visitors over is in seven different languages and that’s all it is is communication with your children asking them how you know I’m not really hip to a lot of the new words that’s going on because y’all teach me and it’s beautiful because it’ll be fun because you’re learning and they’re you’re allowing them to be the teachers because our children are our greatest teachers and I hopefully answers your question oh yes thank you I love the thought of them having multiple languages that hadn’t occurred to me I think we’re all speaking English yes but blessings on your journey miss Jenna thank you so much both of you you’ll have a fabulous day she wanted us to teach her how to really go to the hood it was yeah but it was beautiful for me because I got to use sarcasm this time I have displayed on the show Gigi I got a min sarcasm I got to be witty how do I feel some things can’t be expressed in language I’m one with my environment right now we got new Mickey from California [Laughter] what’s happening you’re on the phone with Kevin and boban okay so on so what I wanted to talk about today is the issue of shading Freud have you heard this word cuz I just learned it a month ago no I heard it could you expound yeah so Shane and Freud basically describes the emotion of when you feel joy at someone else’s misfortune or on the other hand feeling sad when others around you succeed Wow and my day we used to call it being a hater hater hater I really think that we all experience this emotion on some level no matter what no speak for yourself I thought it’d be interesting to like toss you a celebrity especially about this because I think that you guys are on the receiving end of shading Freud a lot there’s a lot of people that I feel like you know waiting for celebrities to drop the ball or fail in some way so that way we can be like haha they have people deaf people doing that even when you’re not a celebrity right is not the celebrity I think I was in prison I was nominated for the Grammys and I saw Drake get like 13 or 14 or Wars or something I was like man wow like one day one day I’m gonna get 13 or 14 like this I look at it like one day I’m with one day that’s gonna be me you think is where we come from because yesterday when I seen your truck man his truck so cold bloody man I’m happy for him I can’t wait to see a minute it’s like you know put my little toy character in a toy truck and push him down the street I’m happy you know I’m saying as a kid where we come from it’s different like when we see somebody and I was sectioned doing good it’s like we salute it like because we know what you went through the giddy I you and I grew up it’s not that you know when you change your perspective that’s what miracles have been when I feel that emotion it’s like the next thing you’re feeling is shamed and then it turns into the cycle of like beating yourself up you’re like man what’s wrong with me why am I so insecure what the hell it’s a beautiful thing Dave you had a bility to see negative baby and correcting but that’s just an old programming that you just need to get rid of I think she was trying to put us in the truck I think she was really trying to cuz she kept saying not I’m talking to a celebrity why is the worst so nobody you costly using she might have came with the wrong intention but she left with the right ones that’s why I got this ego on my hand I’m a Dumbo taking everything in a nobody got some Mickey got so yeah she did cuz you heard what she said she said when you say yeah that just look like a hater sheesh our figure is gonna be something like that you got what she was looking for but not what she was expecting [Music] I mean the day was like a it was like a a bag of roaches that was everywhere you know I’m saying so we could basically someone dislike what director happened the day we just knew it was just all type of different people coming from all the type of different areas and it was like really a challenge for me at Kennedy you know what I think we have live well it was flat for me I say it was flat because I got to display different type of emotions that people don’t normally get to see they they don’t get this esocast I don’t get to see my sarcasm they don’t get to see them being witty but it’s cool you know we live to like like the do see like sentence and I know I’m funny but I’m not that funny why are you laughing I want to thank everybody for watching the Kevin gates helpline I’m Kevin gates this is all G boo be black and if you need help with any of your issues follow the details below and let me leave you with this you’d be amazed what you can get people to agree to if you just ask for real hey there were V [Music] nevermind me I’m in my own world let me do it to this camera again because my wheels I just get to thinking about all the I’m in my home where I never mind me it’s gonna be a Rob blooper
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