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What’s In Peanut Butter? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 7)

what’s in here what does it do and can I make it from scratch it’s the stuff inside your stuff ingredients for the purposes of peanut butter peanuts are just peanut oil and then all the stuff in here that is not peanut oil so things like sugars starches and proteins so when you blend a bunch of peanuts what you end up with is peanut particles floating around in peanut oil now this is called a suspension because the peanut particles are suspended in the oil eventually those particles they will settle to the bottom leaving you with peanut oil floating on top and no matter how long you keep your blender going your peanut butter is gonna separate out into two layers and it’s also gonna be running because at 25 degrees Celsius a suspension of 50 to 60% peanut particles in peanut oil which is what peanut butter is is just runny [Music] but this peanut butter does not separate and it’s not running so what’s in here that’s not in here that makes for such a huge difference in texture well this just has peanuts and salt we knew that and this has peanuts in salt too but there’s a bunch of other stuff in here first on that list is sugar and that’s in there mostly for flavor there’s also 2% or less of molasses which I’m guessing is more for color than for flavor then there’s fully hydrogenated vegetable oils in this case rapeseed aka canola and soybean oils and mono and diglycerides now let’s talk about the hydrogenated oils first to make a very long story short hydrogenating veggie oils changes them from unsaturated fats which are usually liquid at room temperature to saturated fats which are usually solid at room temperature now I’ll post a link to a video in the description that explains why this is the case more fully but all you need to worry about right now is liquid to solid so adding hydrogenated veggies which remember solid to peanut butter is I think what keeps it from being runny but there’s still the issue of separation and that I think is where the mono and diglycerides come in now these molecules are kind of like a third of a fad or 2/3 of a fad respectfully they’re sort of fatty on this end here and kind of watery on this end here and for that reason they’re used to mix fatty stuff like peanut oil with watery stuff like peanut sugars and protein keeping it all together so to make our non runny non separating peanut butter we’re going to need direct from nature versions of both hydrogenated veggie aisles and mono and diglycerides now chemically hydrogenated veggie oil were pretty close to butter but out of respect for vegetarians vegans and those among us who are lactose intolerant I’m going to use cocoa butter which comes from plants and is really high in saturated fat and as you can see it is solid at room temperature and instead of mono and diglycerides I’m going to use lecithin in this case soy lecithin which comes from soybeans and is a natural emulsifier so let’s do this and see what happens [Music] we’re getting there [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay so let’s see good sign not runny not very runny at least come on come on you can do it this looks unfortunate I hope it tastes better than it looks come on there may be a better way to do this your hangar ah it’s getting everywhere okay good enough so now obviously I’m not gonna be able to tell you whether this is gonna separate until it sits around for a while so I’m gonna clean this up and then let it sit around for a while but I can taste it and tell you what it tastes like because cocoa butter has a very distinct aroma actually if you add something to hot chocolate it’s incredible but let’s let’s see what this tastes like hmm very um sticks to everything it’s sticky but you don’t really taste it nearly like peanut butter it tastes pretty good okay so um I’m gonna go put this somewhere and I’ll let you know what happens all right so it’s been a few months and I have our homemade peanut butter now as you can see it has separated so you might think we failed but back when I made this I also made this this just has peanuts and salt no cocoa butter no soy lecithin and if you do a little bit of math you’ll see that our version separates a little bit less which is great but what about the running this issue let’s find out so here we go moment of truth okay so it’s still running but that is way less than the peanut butter with just peanuts that is not bad so overall our homemade peanut butter separates but not as much and it still runs but also not as much I am reasonably impressed that’s not bad I’m gonna give this seven out of ten solid but not perfect now if you guys have comments let me know below and if you an idea for an episode hit me up on Twitter until then I’m gonna go eat this sort of runny sort of separated peanut butter [Music]
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