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What Will These Repairmen Do For Easy Garage Door Fix?

you know when something breaks in your house you have to rely on the repairmen who come to fix it but how would you know if they were charging hundreds even thousands for repairs that you didn’t need when we put various repairmen to the test we’ve rented a house for an entire month tricked it out with cameras and then called the fix-it guys when they arrived Lisa Guerrero was waiting for them there’s the first in a special Inside Edition series you don’t want to miss from above it looks like any other house in lovely Montclair New Jersey but this house is watching you come on in let me show you around we’ve installed more than a dozen hidden cameras in this water bottle the screws in the wall behind two-way mirrors they’re everywhere even in my glasses all the images are being fed back to our secret command post now we’re about to put some home repair men to the test first we enlisted the help of two garage door experts mark McManus with door boy and Andrew shamino with Kristy overhead door the garage door itself is in perfect condition everything is in perfect working order next we created a minor problem the experts say any repairman should be able to instantly recognize and fix we’re gonna purposely misalign one of the sensors this is gonna make the garage door not close this should be a simple fix for any door dealer that’s not trying to rip you off to fix the problem all you’ve got to do is realign the sensors and just like that it’s fixed then I booked appointments can somebody come out tomorrow to take a look at my garage door it’s not shutting when this technician from Sears showed up he goes straight for the sensors and fixes it in a flash that’s how come what 30 seconds all that say so as simple as just turn the sensor it was very easy thanks dude great work five other repairmen also honed right in on our sensors and fixed them for a small service fee thanks to all these guys too but look what happens next this guy is from a company called garage door repair my garage door isn’t working let me take you around and show you this should be working from all the way back here I hand over the remote and let him get to work he also spots the sensors but when he comes back inside his diagnosis is grim the sensors are dead what’s he doing well he’s basically trying to rip her off so those need to be replaced no matter what oh man do you want to go and show me back in the garage he delivers more bad news no they’re not his price to fix it all today how much seven twenty but instead of hiring him I had some questions were you just trying to sell me sensors and a motor that I don’t need you don’t need a sensors it’s dead in 30 weren’t you trying to rip me off just now no that was a total ripoff there’s absolutely no reason for any of this to be replaced but look what happens next these two guys check out the sensors and seem to fix the door but then he says this it’s an electrical problem it’s perfect all right you see that yeah that’s letting you know there’s a malfunction in the unit that’s completely untrue so about how much is this gonna cost 475 I will lose a coupon from online I could do it for 400 $400 fixed all in if you do cash no time time to reveal who I really am I’d like to know if you just tried to charge me 400 bucks to fix a circuit board that doesn’t need repair the garage door opener is not looking he insists the opener is bro in are you guys trying to rip off people no it’s the most important thing a consumer should really know is that there are predatory companies out there so make sure you do your homework [Music]
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