What If Trump Was Never Elected President?

in November 2016 the United States of America changed its fate forever instead of electing a dignified politician he chose this buffoon but what if there was an alternate timeline where the u.s. chose the right candidate what if we chose the right man for the job wait I’m sorry you thought I was talking about her no of course not no the fate of America was chosen months before this travesty occurred by then the destiny of the US was already sealed they had denied the hand of God himself of course I’m talking about Jeb Bush what if the Jeb Bush was elected president of the United States usually in these scenarios the alternate timeline takes a more somber tone reflecting on what we lost because a bad event happened and I’m not stopping here time to crank this stuff up to 11 and make you stay up at night thinking about what was lost sorry grandma dying of the virus should have voted for Jeb in March 2016 you old bat in an alternate January 2017 Jeb Bush is sworn into office usually the day is cold enough to harden the most stubborn nipples yet instead the day is warm the Sun glistens as Jeb speaks the people once uncertain decide to clap and feel their souls light up they wonder how they never clapped before as he gives a speech comparable to that of Kennedy Lincoln and even Jesus Christ himself at the end of his speech Jeb takes out a flaming sword it astounds the audience worldwide at the sight of such a beacon they realized this is not simply a mere public servant the next four years are a time of not only prosperity for the US but one of expansion Canada under the reign of Justin black face was fine 20 years ago Trudeau hasn’t seen the best of days so they cast off their maple leaf shackles and join the USA the cartels disavow their trafficking no longer needing to sell drugs as the only hi we all need is Jeb there is no longer a left or right in politics there is only Jeb a black hole of true centrism who brings in all sides eventually Britain does leave the EU deciding to join what is now the Jeb Empire the entire EU follow suit by 2022 Jeb has now United all of humanity but where is there to go simple Mars Mars for the last few centuries has been controlled by a cult dedicated to machinery called the adept as mechanicus Jeb realizes that Mars could easily defeat a United Earth even with all its firepower and decides instead to join forces now with the mechanicus technology at his back Jeb can lead a holy crusade across the galaxy reconnecting with lost human colonies and bringing the truth to them Jeb is soon deemed the Emperor of mankind and reveals the humanity he has always existed throughout history a Great Crusade begins as humankind is able to once again travel through the warp Jeb has brought together many worlds either through conquest or by acknowledgement of his wisdom the galaxy is a dangerous place and the only light is the Emperor various xenos threaten humankind orcs Eldar and even the mysterious forces of chaos fueled purely by the bitter rage of Hillary Clinton eventually the dark gods of chaos corrupt a major ally of Jeb Ben Shapiro as they corrupt him into believing that the ways of Jeb are not true turning on Jeb into sending mankind into an era of civil war by the last battle of this heresy Jeb and Ben have a final clash Jeb is victorious Venice struck down and his chaos legions chased back into the warp at least for now despite his victory Jeb’s injuries are too much Jeb is now just a hollow man his body becoming a corpse brought into what will soon be called the golden throne Jeb sustains his life by the daily sacrifice of 10,000 clapping attendee but that’s just a theory a game theory thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next video in which I exploit a global crisis to predict which videogame character will survive the coronavirus
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNoNkJc2CZE

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