What If The Yellowstone Volcano Erupted?

uh Yellowstone Park beautiful landscapes tranquil geysers and one civilization ending volcano huh underneath Yellowstone is the world’s largest supervolcano with enough potential energy to wipe out most of the United States and destroy the global economy potential in the world now don’t worry this isn’t a video to scare you or tell you to buy guns to shoot at the inevitable ash cloud scientists say the volcano is overdue for an eruption but in geological terms it won’t explode for another thousand to ten thousand years so what’s the point of this video well let’s ask the question what if the Yellowstone volcano didn’t save volcano actually explodes in the present day how would the world react now one viewer may say this is an alternate history well you’re right but it sure is an interesting scenario so we’ll cover anyway if the volcano actually did erupt soon we would have a fair bit of warning using measurements of temperature and volcanic forecasting scientists would give an alert if the eruption was imminent and alert could be seen a few days or weeks before the initial eruption scientists would report to the United States government first before all else saying that a Cass traffic event is about to begin full-scale emergency mode begins nationwide the US government calls on the citizens to evacuate the entire western portion of the country it would be the largest full-scale evacuation and American and world history since people will only have days to leave the area and their homes there would be chaos for those trying to leave and others exploiting the loot left behind mass riots envelop across major US cities mostly in the West in a few days states like Wyoming Montana Idaho and Utah are depopulated their citizens gone and crossing the Mississippi River many would be stuck behind those who don’t have cars in the cities or too poor in rural areas would have to wish for the best in the impending fallout stock markets would crash across the globe economies are put in jeopardy from simply anticipation of the eruption the days before the eruption would be filled with panic dread and dramatic shifts in demographics refugees would make shelter east of the Mississippi or as far as they could go then one day the volcano erupts in under 10 minutes the states of Montana Idaho and Wyoming are literally wiped off the map their landscapes explode and are covered in volcanic lava ash flies into the atmosphere as an ash cloud forms across the mainland United States for an a thousand mile radius the ground is covered in ten feet of volcanic ash making two-thirds of the country uninhabitable much of this land is located in the great plains destroying vast amounts of agriculture the ash cloud causes a dramatic shift in the Earth’s climate shifting the world into a volcanic winter the United States struggles to maintain control in the weeks following the eruption the ash cloud would make air travel impossible and fallen blankets of ash cut the country into two the west coast is stranded in other parts of globe countless crops and livestock could die leading to millions of casualties from famine who knows how the rest of the world would react to such a situation best prediction is the loss of the United States to global markets would bring on a depression far worse than the 1930s social upheaval certainly would happen across every nation combined with terrible harvests famine and new disease this upheaval could bring civil war revolution and other civilization destroying side effects in the months after this eruption many look for a scapegoat to blame this on even though the eruption was purely an act of nature various political and religious movements in the u.s. arise in response to this catastrophe movements we could not even imagine from such drastic period of events it’s hard to say if the United States or other countries would survive the Yellowstone eruption this is simply one scenario though and is not on a hundred percent prediction sometimes it’s just fun to predict no matter how morbid it is what do you think the world would be like if Yellowstone erupts say in the comments like on Facebook and subscribe if you have not done so this is Cody from the alternate history hub
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3cTKvfL4NA

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