What If The Roman Empire Never Fell? (Part 1)

this one I had been giving a lot of suggestions for so I’m finally doing the subject what if the Roman Empire never fell well this depends on what you mean by a Roman Empire the Byzantine Empire also known as the eastern Roman Empire survived until 1453 and when you put that in context the Roman Empire didn’t fall until forty years before Columbus discovered America that seems like a good run if you ask me so if we want to know how life today would be different if Rome never fell we have to look at the factors that led to the empire falling or at least it’s split between east and west which marked the end of the true Roman Empire historians point to a number of factors that led to this collapse such as inflation the economy barbarians and even Christianity for Rome to survive it would have had to overcome these very difficult situations which in most if not all cases were impossible a lot of these problems which led to its demise for substantial to its very existence the addition of barbarian troops into their ranks and the need to expand to repay those barbarian troops with land was necessary in keeping the Roman hold strong in Europe many of the problems that caused Rome to fall were not just limited to one or two issues such as invaders or corruption it was a combination of simultaneous issues which hit the empire all at the same time so for the scenario let’s assume that at the height of Roman influence in one 1-7 AD Rome did not begin to crumble but instead began to invade more and more land to secure more power in Europe the thing about the Roman Empire was that it was incredibly diverse once Rome invaded the Italian peninsula they began to encompass more people and tribes with the new land with new people this leads to more diversity and a greater change in the Roman Empire if the Roman Empire would survive and eventually invade new the Empire would look less Roman in more of a collection of Europe’s ancient tribes and people’s conquered Germanic and Gallic tribes would fight for the Romans and spread the Empire and the Empire would be more Germanic than Roman assuming that the Empire would continue to grow in more and more Germanic tribes would be assimilated in the Roman Empire they would mesh themselves in the Roman government in military ranks after a couple decades Germanic warriors would feel need for compensation and relations would begin to suffer between Gaul districts and Italian eventually the Roman Empire would have less and less power over the northern German territories and those lands would be regulated by the same German tribes which live there the Empire would look less like an empire but more of a united band of warriors and generals who pledged allegiance to the Emperor now since the Romans built infrastructure wherever they went it is easy to assume that once they conquered Germania the Romans would build new outposts and roads across Central Europe these outposts would rise to become new cities replacing Berlin and Munich and these cities would share a common history with Paris and London the relationship between the Germans and Romans begins the thin and the Germans rebel against the Romans and launch a new war against Rome let’s assume that somehow the Romans win and are able to not only defeat the Ostrogoths and Visigoths but also the vandals goths angles Jude Saxons and the good old Huns so somehow Rome was able to not only defeat all of them but push them out or assimilate them all in the Roman territory then perhaps Roman Empire would continue to survive this is only the first part that I will be talking about Rome and the second part will be discussing Christianity Islam Russia and the Mongols until next time this is Cody from the alternate history hub you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYmkAmAbSI8

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