What If The Reformation Never Happened?

this is Christianity hopefully you knew that Christianity is mainly split into three major groups Catholicism East Orthodox and prostate is ‘m hopefully you knew that as well Protestantism is split into different groups such as Methodists Lutheran’s and a Baptist Baptists Southern Baptists Calvinists Pentecostals you get the point now why is this while it’s from one monk Martin Luther Luther protested against his church and when you protest against 16th century Catholicism things tend to get very messy as they did the Protestant Reformation was a period of religious and political conflicts which split Western Christianity apart creating a cultural divide still seen on the continent today it shattered many old teachings of the medieval age and spun the West in a sectarian conflict in wars however through the conflict a put Europe on the path of the modern nation-state so what if the process Reformation never happened without it our world would look much different especially in the new world which would look less like this and more like this before we talk about the scenario we need to learn the history of the Reformation in the 16th century the Catholic Church was the strongest most dominant religious financial and political power in the West as well as being the largest landowner the church also provided widespread charity and education to the masses Martin Luther began to see the corruption inside the church Luther began to question many of its teachings believing the church had strayed away from its origins so in order to create change Luther wrote up his arguments called the 95 theses and according legend nailed it to the door of the All Saints Church in Vidhan burg Luther at first didn’t wish to leave the church he wanted to reform it from the inside Luther believed that salvation could be achieved through faith alone and not through religious practice he also was against the sale of indulgences as an afterlife safety net for poor peasants over the next year Luther was brought in courts to explain his claims which by then he had become much more radical announcing he believed the papacy was the Antichrist this didn’t go well as most would assume and a few years later Martin was excommunicated from the church now Luther wasn’t the very first to in the Vatican others have before in their message mostly fell on deaf ears the difference with Luther was he and his followers use an invention to their advantage Gutenberg’s printing press by being able to print literature at a relatively fast pace Luther was able to get his ideas out faster to the general public he also translated the Bible into German before then the Bible wasn’t Latin and since only church officials read Latin the general public only knew of the Bible what the church told them by translating into the native language the power of interpretation was taken away from the priests and allowed general educated people to think about the teachings their own way by doing so the Reformation exploded as scholars across Europe began preaching their own versions of Christianity John Calvin founded Calvinism with a belief in predestination Ulrich Zwingli in Switzerland found it’s vaguely ISM eventually more split prostate ISM up into subsections of denominations a practice we still see going on today over the years most of northern Europe had split ways from the Catholic Church northern Germany and Scandinavia to Lutheranism Henry the Eighth formed the Church of England after wanting an annulment and the Pope said no in southern Europe the church aimed a crushed Protestant propaganda from causing revolts and so a Counter Reformation was formed in Spain and Italy in Catholic France Protestants were nicknamed Huguenots eventually persecution did come to the process as France set up courts to charge people of heresy thousands fled France in the Prostate friendly States including John Calvin this type of religious tension erupted in a sectarian war between Protestants and Catholics inside of France this was the French Wars of Religion after decades of conflict the most notable example of intolerance was the st. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in which 30,000 prostates were killed by Catholic mobs this violence created deep hatred between Christians in Europe especially inside the Holy Roman Empire the violence escalated into the 30 Years War at first the war was between Catholics and Protestants however it became much more of a political war instead the conflict and the point of the bloodshed created some tolerance on both sides and the Reformation effectively ended so what if the process of reformation never happened well here’s one scenario in this alternate timeline Martin Luther is simply either never born or silence before he can make an impact on a large scale his initial actions were what began the Reformation so removing him from the picture would keep stability in the church another critic could have taken Luther’s place however for the sake of the scenario let’s assume that the church silences any opposition the history after the sixteenth century is wrapped from the turmoil of the Reformation the Catholic Church was not just a spiritual leader to Europe it was an institution which controlled the religious lives of Europe’s royalty the church settled disputes between rulers by losing nations such as England Sweden and Denmark history would be different drastically in our timeline Henry the eighth left the Catholic Church because of the Pope’s refusal to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon by doing so he set the stage to transform Great Britain from a Catholic island into a Protestant one the reasoning was less religious and more he really really wanted out of that marriage however this is still considered a part of the Reformation and removed Catholic influence from Great Britain if Katharine of Aragon’s simply birthed the son for Henry then modern British history would be different the Spanish Armada never would have attempted to overthrow the prostitue Lizabeth since she never would have been born the United Kingdom today would remain a Catholic nation if the UK still colonized much of the world as they did in our timeline the church would have a much larger influence in our timeline one of the most significant events of the Reformation was the 30 Years War in this alternate timeline the war does not occur meaning over 40% of the German population would not have been killed what this would mean for history is a dramatic change the wars most significant effect was it contributed to the rise of enlightenment and the modern nation-state without this it could have been centuries later that these ideas rose up in our timeline in general the world would be very Catholic with influence spreading wherever the European empires went there isn’t much to go into specifics simply because the Reformation was influential literally everything could have been changed what do you think the world would be like how the Reformation happened tell us in the comments like us on Facebook and subscribe if you have not done so this is Cody from the alternate history hub five point eight billion believers worldwide and infinite gods its religion in numbers
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