What If Mussolini Remade The Roman Empire?

[Music] this video was sponsored by wargaming very own world of tanks war stories if you have ever been interested in driving a tiger tank through the sands of North Africa find out more after the video Rome the Empire that laid the groundwork and contributed so much to the modern West millennia ago it United most of Europe under one banner that didn’t last of course ever since the collapse of such a vast empire Rome’s homeland of Italy has never been able to reclaim that former glory from 2,000 years ago when the fascists took over the country back in the 1920s their leader Benito Mussolini promised the people of Italy that he would reclaim that glory the Italians once had – most of Europe Italy was a joke ever since its reunification it has had a pretty poor military record wars in Africa and it horribly and their colonial ambitions were of minuscule compared to Britain and France Mussolini dreamed of finally giving Italy that respect back his hopes were that someday the Italians would dominate the Mediterranean world in a neo Roman Empire as we all know that didn’t happen at all they got bogged down in every invasion they tried Greece North Africa you get the point what I’m imagining is what if Mussolini’s dream had come true say the Axis powers win and Italy annexes all the land they want to make their neo Roman Empire dream come true in this alternate timeline it’s pretty necessary for the Axis powers to win world war ii do they do this that’s not very important I’ve already done some videos about that to make up for ignoring the Italians in those videos let’s imagine what this axis victory would look like from an Italian perspective congratulations Mussolini you won the war you can now annex any nations you want if Italy’s plans had been realized it certainly would have been comparable to the size and scale of the old Roman but sorry to burst your bubble linguini just because you win the war it doesn’t mean you could have had the power of Rome why do I say this during the war most of the conflicts Italy fought in Germany had to back them up which reminds me there actually is one thing this neo Rome’s heirs with the old one the Germans it’s a common misconception that just because Germany and Italy were both in the Axis powers that they shared similar beliefs and got along fine they in no way were friends in fact they really hated each other Hitler was vocal about how he saw the Italians as a lazy useless people he used their terrible military performance as an excuse to show how weak of a race they were but Cody you say I thought Italians were European and white that’s right Jimmy but you see for the Nazis they organized White’s themselves into sub races at the top or the Aryans and at the bottom or the darker-skinned Mediterraneans this wasn’t a secret the Germans kept either they made it very well known to their Italian allies that their race was inferior no matter how much Mussolini insisted for Hitler to change his mind well he did it if the Axis powers won the war this racial tension between the two doesn’t go away it becomes a legitimate concern for this neo roman empire which shares borders with the now strongest military force in the world in peacetime the Axis powers are dissolved since Italy doesn’t have an efficient military this large nation is plagued by constant native revolts in the North African colonies with Germany having the upper hand Italy’s entire fate is determined by whether Hitler wishes to do something against the Italians whether this would happen maybe maybe not it’s kind of impossible to say what is known is that the Neo Roman Empire would be weak and unstable constantly at fear that its northern neighbor might bully them or worse destroy them entirely if need be sorry spaghetti [Music] this video was sponsored by world of tanks war stories for those that don’t know World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game where you command a single tank against 30 other players there are over 450 historically accurate tanks from the 1930s through to the 50s and best of all it’s free to play on all ps4 and Xbox one consoles so you can get into it easy now they’ve introduced war stories run away tiger it’s a story driven campaign where a team behind German lines in North Africa steals a tiger tank and must drive it back to the Allied front in honor of it coming out wargaming has a special offer for new players who click on the link down below you can grab one free tank a garage slot in three days of premium gametime while this offer less the number of registration codes is limited so be sure to click fast this is Goudy of altering history up [Music]
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