What If “Independence Day” Happened? (Part 2)

hello America three billion people were just turned to ash but we blew up the aliens so this is a time to come together under our common humanity and no stop looting damnit when I created the scenario involving Independence Day I figured it would be a one-off topic but so many people requested I dive deeper into the scenario I thought hey why not in part two I’m not putting more years onto the scenario considering how well everyone dies when the aliens do come back but I can focus more in detail of this world before the death and destruction mostly this is going into detail about how badly everything truly would get if you haven’t seen part one click here if you have let’s continue as I said before when the aliens attacked they killed over three billion people by mapping out what cities they attacked it’s easy to assume most of the damage went to North America Europe and East Asia with the nations of these regions falling into mass Anarchy civil war or some other form of social unrest the balance of power in the world shifts to the less affected regions of the world like the southern hemisphere don’t imagine some Chilean Empire or anything the northern hemisphere now sees smaller nations surrounded by rebel and destruction it was bombed so heavily the southern hemisphere just becomes the new leaders by default the Latin American countries are unable to successfully stop riots and looting following the attacks to be fair no country can in this alternate timeline without trade and a working economy what can countries do to curb the violence nothing without trade or a good economy cities become overpopulated centers of starvation and crime without trade resources like oil petroleum and metals quickly begin to run low millions of barrels of oil aren’t being shipped across the globe so car travel slowly dwindles this further localizes and isolates pockets of humanity so do you want to be a successful community or nation in this new world any problems that were ongoing before the aliens say an insurgency ethnic tension or drug trafficking just become ten times worse economic collapse and Anarchy make it a tad harder for national governments to do their job drug cartels and trafficking expanding Colombia in Central America outlaw groups carve up territory for themselves cartels take over as the Mexican government Falls people need food but people also need to be where food is easy to access and plentiful in our modern age transportation and trade has allowed people to live in places they previously wanted in this alternate timeline people from the Caribbean American Southwest in North Canada migrate to the low populated and fertile lands of the American Great Plains or they’ll try how local governments react to new mouths to feed is up to your imagination going across the globe to sub-saharan Africa at best things would remain the same at worst complete collapse if nations would collapse across the globe it’s doubtful the artificial borders of sub-saharan Africa could survive in this alternate timeline famine sprout up across sub-saharan Africa millions potentially now at risk of starvation apart from the collapse of nations society doesn’t rapidly change as it did in the West or in East Asia except for the alien enclave in the centre of Africa what and the series timeline aliens were able to land and fight for a decade in the center of Africa yet somehow we’re beaten back by African warlords in a realistic timeline the aliens kill everyone they see I don’t know the specifics of what aliens need to eat or anything but from simply a militaristic standpoint ak-47s vs. what these guns are don’t lead to the best outcome in this alternate timeline the countries that would be best off is Australia and New Zealand both countries are low populated generally free of major crime and have no deep conflicts which would result in civil war if everything went badly but from a food standpoint both countries easily could sustain themselves head trade shut down both countries capital cities remained unharmed by the attacks and so governments stay functional so Congrats Aussies and Kiwis and this new world your most likely the new powers until aliens blow everyone up this is simply one scenario and added some context to my previous video we’ll never truly know what would happen had say aliens actually did attack but it’s fun theorized if you are interested in seeing humans and aliens fight then check out the new mobile game Independence Day extinction my friend from app fine made a review about the game so go check that out this is Cody of alternate history hub
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIwr__nK7f8

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