What If Germany Won WWI? (Part 1)

(old fashion music) Johnny get your gun, get your gun, get your gun. Take it on the run, on the run, on the run. Hear them calling you and me, every son of liberty. World War One was called the war to end all wars. Europe was now at a new age. A crisis, where tradition and the modern-day were increasingly at odds. Industrialization progressed faster than the mentality did. The old noble ways of gentlemen war clashed with the brutal reality of the trenches and because of this, millions died. World War One was the war to end them all because this was the last time the old European ideals would fight, the last time monarchies would reign, for whom won and lost, new ideas replaced them for this industrial world like fascism and communism. Simply put it set the stage for the next. Germany in our timeline brought Russia into civil war caused mutiny in France and almost broke the Allies in 1917, before you know.. America. It was just by bad decisions that we saw a twentieth-century of American ascendance when it easily could have become the German century. Only, question is: what would this look like? What if in an alternate timeline, Germany and the central powers won World War One. Let’s go back to 1914 with the assassination of Austrian royalty Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand was dead by the hands of a Serbian nationalist and the Dominos began to fall into place. Treaties certainly forced a lot of countries to declare war for their allies. There’s one military decision that Germany made that almost certainly lost them the entire war: invading Belgium. France had built up their military border in anticipation for a German attack. Germany however had a plan: the Schlieffen Plan. bypass the French defenses on the border by invading through Belgium, which was undefended. By going around this meat grinder, the Germans would have easy access to Paris. Well that’s not so bad. Belgium’s tiny. They can’t defend themselves. But, Germany ignored that Belgium had one key friend: the British. And the British had one single condition that it stressed shouldn’t be violated: Don’t violate Belgian neutrality. Germany, in oppression fashion, believed more in military action than diplomatic consequences and marched in anyway Array it was this single act that brought on the wrath of the British Empire, redefining the absolute scale this war would be fought on. The British would block German ports and cut the trans-Atlantic cable between the United States and Germany. In this alternate timeline for Germany to not lose the war, one major step is, it simply doesn’t invade Belgium By doing this Germany avoids immediate conflict with Britain. Now this doesn’t guarantee the Brits would stay out of it (keep in mind the central power victory would cement German dominance in Europe and we can’t have that) but without a provocation though, this would by Germany enough time to gain a major advantage over France even if it was a year before Britain entered. It was four years of trench warfare between the British and French combined against Germany alone. France alone wouldn’t even have the population to sustain a German offensive. So in this alternate timeline Germany’s military keeps france at bay through a small border they share at Alsace-Lorraine while the majority of their forces fully mobilized against Russia aiding their Austrian allies whether or not this alternate strategy would work who knows, but does solve the whole keep Britain out of the war thing no matter what german military strategy is, resentment is still insured against the Tsar revolution can still undermine the Russian war effort like in our timeline enforce the Russians to negotiate. I’ll focus on this aspect in a bit The German forces on the eastern front now come to the west. Millions of troops fighting in a small area until one side finally breaks and without Britain that side is most likely France. Germany then invades. In our timeline Germany almost destroyed the French defense in 1917 before the Americans arrived so it wouldn’t be long before the French simply can’t defend themselves and are pushed back! soon Paris falls. The war in the west and the east is officially over. Both sides tried to fight Germany and lost. Would Britain just sit back and allow Germany to beat two nations in war, achieving complete dominance over mainland Europe? Probably not. They declare war It’s unlikely however that they’d win as the British were the masters of the sea, the Germans were the dominant military of the land It’s doubtful burden alone could put a dent in the German occupation. America would simply stay out of the war In exchange for a ceasefire, an agreement is made very similar to the treaty of ‘Brest-Livostk’. In just one signing of a document, Germany and Austria-Hungary seize Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus and all of the Ukraine and Crimea. By 1918 most of Europe is now either a Germanic puppet or in the Empire. Array ‘Why would they do this?’ Germany feared Russian dominance. Russia for centuries was this backwater european wannabe. Add size and manpower but was woefully poor and far behind technologically. In the last few decades something changed. it began industrializing rapidly and if Russia fully industrialized there was no defeating them. By seizing their valuable lands diplomatically by military agreement, Germany legally ‘connotured’ the Russian state. A quarter of the population now German; most of their coal, now German. But this is just the beginning. If there’s one thing Slavs don’t like it’s being invaded and occupied. So the two million German troops in the East now face a guerrilla war against the insurgents including ones funded by the Soviets. France is blamed for putting the worst of the reparations on Germany but it’s not like Germany would be so kind if they were in the same position. In this alternate timeline Germany keeps Alsace-Lorraine. They impose massive amounts of war reparations and the French people have to deal with a brief German occupation. Imagine France at this time. They had lost two wars now to the new German Empire.. basically powerless to stop the state that was practically brand-new. It’s not hard to imagine elements of French society would be resentful against the Germans. Does this mean we’ll have an alternate French Hitler? Probably not. Even if France actually did have a French Hitler, they just don’t have the population to win a war. World War One was defining for one reason: it set the stage for who the winners and losers would be in the 20th century; not just in terms of borders but ideology. Old European aristocratic ways died with the Kaiser (Emperor) and the Austrian Emperor. Don’t think Germany and Austria expand monarchies to France or make the king a new power or in Britain but they do send a message that old European aristocracy and nobility is still relevant. It’s very possible that the 20th century could become the German century. The Germans wanted an economic union that United all people of Europe around Germany. Without the rise of the Nazis, intellectuals including people like Albert Einstein continue their scientific endeavors inside Germany. However we’re just getting started. The Central Powers have established themselves as victors in this war. What matters is how they use this victory. This however, is one scenario. This is Cody of AlternateHistoryHub (old fashion music)
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQW3VefRozc

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