What If Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct?

Continued on indefinitely, what would change in our world? Well, here’s one scenario. Say there is no meteor, and the dinosaurs don’t go extinct. Could they have even lasted in our timeline at the end of the cretaceous Era dinosaurs were beginning to be in tough shape due to an increase in Volcanic activity and changes to the Ecosystem now one viewer will say that means the dinosaurs were dying off before the asteroid! To that I say… No sit down. The dinosaurs had dominated Earth for over a hundred and fifty million years before the asteroid. Over this time period Earth went from a single continent of Pangaea, To somewhat resemble the world map we see today. Climate shifted environments changed, but the dinosaurs never went away. We never think about how incredible that is that these animals could last for so long at the time the asteroid hit the Dinosaurs were simply in a slump. If it hadn’t been for space rock crashing into the planet the dinosaurs probably could have evolved and recovered just as they did for Generations before the asteroid impact wiped out everything larger than a cat(meow) and it affected the earth for millions of years over millions of years mammals Rose and eventually gave rise to humans. Today the dinosaurs never Truly died off one Branch of dinosaur survived the extinction and evolved into what we call birds. In an alternate timeline if the asteroid never hit, It’s very likely the dinosaurs would have survived in the present day. There were so many diverse and different species Some theories suggest dinosaurs could have been warm-blooded or at least a mix between cold and warm. If this was the case, Species of dinosaurs would have survived the ice age adapting to the Colder world. Dinosaurs evolved for millions of years. Differentiating into numerous species becoming stranger and stranger(Therizinosaurs) If this wasn’t stopped entirely alternate dinosaurs would roam the Earth today. Interesting enough, birds would take a different evolutionary path. Birds like ostriches and emus Would most likely never evolve, because they’d be easy prey for larger dinosaurs. However, flying Birds and reptiles would rule the skies. Mammals never would have risen because they’d be prey for dinosaurs as well. In our timeline mammals and dinosaurs Actually evolved around the same time but mammals were always the prey and couldn’t compete. Now a common idea is that if humans didn’t exist then obviously some intelligent dinosaur would take our place. Velociraptor or humanoid reptiles(Stegron the Dinosaur Man) and cars or whatnot odds are dinosaurs never would have evolved into looking like humans. Humans have the shape We do because of our unique evolution and survival on the plains of Africa. Perhaps in some strange Fluke a species could evolve intelligence comparable to humans, But that doesn’t mean that they would be bipedal, or even have the capability to use technology. Which means the most significant event of dinosaur is dying was it gave rise to us Humans. The only reason you’re here now, is because millions of years ago Earth was in the specific wrong place at the wrong (bat)time If an asteroid was off by a couple seconds or a minute, life on Earth would be entirely different. So if you want to thank something for why you’re watching an internet video right now, Thank an unlucky space rock that crashed into Mexico. Of course this is speculation, And we’ll never know a hundred percent how things could have been. This is simply one scenario out of many. What do you think life would be like had dinosaurs never went extinct?(Better than now) Tell in the comments, like us on Facebook and subscribe! If you have not done, so this is Cody from the Alternate History Hub (Awesome Jurassic Park Music) (JK it’s HolFix)
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWs5QkAqUEc

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