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What I Eat In A Day (healthy Slimming Recipe Ideas!)

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys. – So today I’m going to show you what I eat in a day. Thank you for all your comments asking, because you’re so
curious as to what I eat. And so I took a day to record everything and here’s the video. (upbeat music) Now the first thing I do when I wake up is I check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and email. I know it’s not a great habit, but I feel so connected to you that I just need to see you right when I wake up. So Twitter is the first
thing that I check. I make sure to retweet favorite and just check in and creep on you guys. Then I go brush my teeth because it’s really important to keep your pearly whites nice and shiny. Then it’s time to drink water, I always make sure to
drink water in the morning, preferably with like a lemon or some type of fruit in there to really start up my metabolism, and also, so I’m not dehydrated. Water is really important. It wakes me up and it tastes so great. After that, one of my main
meals that I love eating are the Blogilates, Banana Pancakes. Now these are completely Paleo. You just need one banana and two eggs that are blended up or, if you don’t have a blender, you can mush it up, but just make sure it’s really smooth and put it on the pan at low-medium heat, flip it, and then you’ve
got Banana Pancakes. Honestly, they are so good, I cannot get over them. (upbeat music) After this, I get ready for my workout so whether I’m going for a run, or going to the gym, or teaching a POP Pilates class, this is when I do it, and I like to wear my bright Nikes and get out there and have a good workout. (upbeat music) When I get back, I’m kind of hungry so I usually have a protein shake, or some type of snack. So today we are making one of my staples, which is just a strawberry
banana protein shake with some protein powder, one banana, some frozen strawberries, almond milk, a little bit of ice, and
then you blend it up, and that’s it. Seriously, one of my favorites. (upbeat music) So after I have my protein shake, I usually take a shower and change so that I’m fresh for the rest of the day. And then I’m checking
email, designing stuff, taking phone calls,
meetings, whatever it is, the days seriously feels nonstop. I usually have some type of a snack here. So today I’m having celery and hummus. Usually it’s carrots and hummus, but I couldn’t find anything today. And also another great combination is apples and peanut butter, or even carrots and peanut butter. I know, it’s crazy, but you have to try it. For lunch, I usually have a salad. It really fills me up and I can put a ton of stuff on there. I am totally into seafood. So today I have romaine
lettuce and spring greens along with imitation crab and shrimp, right on top with a spritz of lemon. And my favorite dressing right now is Asian Peanut Vinegarette
from Trader Joe’s. Seriously, try it. It’s kinda sweet, it’s kinda spicy. It’s perfect. After lunch, I go back to working again on more and more stuff. Like I said, it’s nonstop. Then after a while, I get hungry again so we have dinner. Sometimes we’ll eat dinner at home, or I’ll go out with friends. And one of my favorite things to eat is lettuce cups. Actually showed you guys
how I make my lettuce cups or lettuce wraps in my
last cheapcleaneats video so go ahead and try that one out. And of course, lots of water. And I go back to blogging. Now I like blogging at night because I feel like it’s quieter and I have more time to think, and really get into it. Blogs have become a
lot more intense for me because so much has been going on that I really want to think about it, contemplate, put some more emotion into my blog posts, and of course, more Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all that jazz. And I know you guys are
always on your phone too, so no judging. If I am hungry, which oftentimes I am, I mean, who doesn’t like to eat, I may need a snack. So one of my favorite snacks or, you know, past dinner desserts is
actually Quest Cookie. It is seriously so easy to make, it is ridiculous, and it tastes like a real cookie. So what you do is you take a Quest bar, today I’m using Raspberry White Chocolate, and I put it in the microwave for about 10 to 12 seconds to make it soft and I quarter it. After quartering it, I press it into little circles and put in the oven at
380 degrees Fahrenheit for about four minutes, yes, literally four minutes. They puff up. It comes out and they smell amazing. And then they’re crunchy.
They are so good. So guys, that’s basically
what I eat in a day. It changes from time-to-time but usually it’s very high protein and it’s low-carb, and if I am training for something, I definitely go super low-carb, but my meals change
depending on the season. But right now I’m totally
all about the salads. So that is what I eat in a day. If you want to show me
what you eat in a day, go ahead and upload your photos and hashtag #Blogilates so I can see. And that’s all, guys. Let me know if you have any questions on what I ate and I
will talk to you later. Bye, I love you. Once your mixture has
this nice frothy texture, you’re good to go. (upbeat music) Look, everything is mixing in so nicely and the whole aroma is coming together as one, unified-
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