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What Am I Doing In Dubai, United Arab Emirates? 🇦🇪

[Music] [Music] hello and welcome to dubai in the uae my 54th country and i am just stopping here to visit a friend who recently moved here i’m not doing a long series of videos in the country i am just doing this one i am starting today’s video which will also carry on to tomorrow here at kite beach and the iconic hotel the berger arab over there and the sun disappearing let’s walk a little bit further on i’ll talk more about dubai and show the city some of the old town will walk to the burj khalifa tomorrow night in this video so dubai has no shortage of public beaches and perhaps one of the best ones to catch the sunset is here on kite beach as you’ll be able to see the sun disappear and the virgil arab claimed to be the first seven star hotel in the world it is a landmark of dubai built in 1997 it was one of the first real statements that the city made [Music] hello good afternoon and welcome back to dubai i am continuing this video after the brief start yesterday at kite beach here in old dubai but before i get talking about this area yesterday after visiting kite beach and seeing the sunset i then continued onwards towards the palm jumeirah which is a large palm-shaped island that you can see very clearly from a bird’s-eye view totally audacious the attempt to pull off such a thing the famous atlantis hotel is there and from there you can get great views of the marina which is another part of dubai over on that side of the city more towards the south i then spent the evening in marina checking out some of the nighttime views the dubai eye the grand ferris wheel the largest in the world and also glittering skyscrapers and beachside restaurants all sorts going on in the marina quite a touristy area but certainly worth taking a look at if you’re in the city now i’m going to continue today by showing the old part of the city which is probably what interests me more than anything else the name of this area is the al fadi historical neighborhood and it is the heritage part of old dubai the buildings are authentic but with some restoration and modern signage and places to grab tea coffee and shisha before starting today’s section of the video i had some lunch at the arabian tea house restaurant i recommend it for the aesthetic and also the food so this quarter was formerly known as bastakia from the persian merchants who lived here they originally came from the town of bustak and the incentive for the persians to settle here was due to tax breaks that were granted by the sheikh at the time and then this area kind of fell into a bit of a disrepair around the 1970s but since then and the introduction of tourism in dubai and the surge of this city in the uae during the 90s and 40s and teens this area has now seen a lot of investment and renovation this is the heart of the tradition and the core of the city which was built on trade pearls which came way before oil this here is dubai museum although it is closed at the moment for the foreseeable future i’m not sure when it opens once again but it is housed in this old fortress and is probably well worth a visit if it is open i am now heading towards the creek [Music] so i’m now here on the boat which has a traditional shape you want to make sure that you get the ones that only cost one dirham not two [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] a five-minute ride to the other side for what is around 20p and we are here at some of the best souks so this right here is the first and original part of dubai’s souks and of course it still exists today uh not quite the same as it was but it still retains that feel it’s the best that you’re going to find anywhere in the city and the spices there’s gold and it makes a very interesting area if you’re looking for the traditional site so let’s uh walk through and see what it has to offer [Music] hello yeah good these oreo spices okay so this is the most popular one the mixed spice supermax arabian curry mixy spice palette barbecue masala and other chicken wow emery’s chicken is in the hot water okay very small stick and this is a one chicken dissolve okay yeah after first man wow that really does that’s a powerful cleanser after finishing filming in this area i’m going to head towards the burj khalifa to wrap things up it’s going to be a pretty chill video i’m just showing dubai a mix and match of it in one video as i’m only here for a short time and like i said i’m visiting a friend and then i’m gonna be off to another country after this i really want to head to latin america but i have a secret birthday destination my dad turned 70 this year and so my family are going away for a weekend in an airbnb somewhere which we’re keeping it a surprise for him so i’m not going to mention it in this video because he watches all my videos but i need to be in a destination that’s close enough to catch a flight to where we’re going to celebrate his birthday which is why i have to hold on to visiting latin america and the caribbean until a couple months down the road sort of june and onwards [Music] hello how are you walking on from the spices soup you’ll eventually reach the gold souk which i’ve also been told looks especially good at night uh but uh i’m heading to the burj later so i’m gonna check it out now it also has the world’s largest gold ring um let’s see if we can track it down [Music] so this here is the star of tiber the world’s largest and heaviest golden ring certified by guinness world book of records amongst other [Music] bracelets and necklaces [Music] for a single ticket going from alaraz here to the burj khalifa it is just eight dirhams your attention please the train to creek will arrive there we go metro journey complete and i am now here by the burj khalifa standing tall behind me there let’s walk a little bit closer to it [Laughter] [Music] so great views of the burj from here reaching 828 meters it wrote records for being the tallest building in the world i love this behind me here representing an emirati man and woman the whole area is filled with lights once it gets too dark and it’s beautiful for just walking around plenty of traffic and cars around as it’s rush hour right now i’m not going to head up the burj khalifa in this video as we want to see it from the outside it’s amazing how far dubai in the uae has come before all of this was just desert bedouins on the coast and pearl traders and then the oldest emiratis will remember that dubai was just a small town on the coast but today it is something completely different something like over 80 percent of the uae’s population are non-local they may be filipinos pakistanis indians bangladeshis some europeans and a bunch of others as well as you walk around the streets you’ll see so many different nationalities in fact it can be a rarity sometimes to spot an emiratis they tend to hang out in the same places [Music] [Music] hello and welcome back i am filming the outro of this dubai video in the next country after leaving the uae i am in another place here in the middle east perhaps some of you who live here might be able to recognize what park this is although there’s not really that many clues i will keep it a secret until the next video but i just wanted to do the outro for the last couple of things that i saw in dubai which was firstly the dubai mall i walked inside and filmed some things but i was told by the security to delete my footage as i didn’t have permission to film inside the mall it is one of the most impressive and most glamorous malls arguably in the world it is enormous and well worth a visit it’s a tourist attraction in itself it has a huge aquarium with a bunch of sharks from the dubai mall you can make your way outside and see the burj in all its glory and also the light show which appears i believe every half an hour or so in the evenings and if you’re there you may as well see it there are lots of other tourists there it gets a little bit crowded but the water show along with the light show are kind of nice to just watch that was all for that particular day while i was in dubai i also visited the expo which ran from october 2021 to march the end of march 2022 so just a month ago it finished and then i decided because there’s so many expo vlogs and it had already finished that i was a bit late to the party and i wasn’t going to put out a expo vlog for myself i was just going to enjoy visiting it i went on three separate days there was so much to see each country has its own pavilion where it showcases its architecture some of them are really impressive others a little bit underwhelming and then inside you have different exhibitions some promoting the country’s tourism some are more about the environment and the economy and politics it just depends on what that country wants to showcase itself and i really enjoyed visiting all the different pavilions some like saudi arabia pakistan and of course the uae really blew me away others like the uk’s one architecturally very nice but inside a bit disappointing the food at the expo was amazing too it kind of felt like you could just walk into any pavilion and try the food of that country some had coffee like the jamaica had the blue mountain coffee or ethiopia had their style of coffee so it was really interesting just to wander around and get a taste of each individual place the next expo is in japan in 2025 so i recommend if you have the budget and the enthusiasm to do it definitely try to make an expo on your bucket list for something to do in your life at some point they only come around every five years the dubai one was supposed to be in 2020 but obviously it changed because of the pandemic it was pushed forward to the end of 2021 so that’s all for dubai maybe i will go back to the uae and visit my friend in another year or two or whenever and make some more vlogs maybe go to abu dhabi do some hiking and things like that didn’t quite happen on this last trip but that’s completely fine so i’m going to be filming videos now from the country that i’m in as i said my dad’s birthday is coming up and i have to meet my family not too far from here i don’t want to bang on too much so i will end it here thank you for watching and i’ll see you from the country that i’m currently in [Music] you
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