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Welcome To Las Terrenas, Beach Paradise In The Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

hello and welcome back to the dominican republic i am now here in las terrenas and i took a bus here from the capital santo domingo and i’ll flash a map right now to give you an idea where it’s located it’s in the north of hispaniola and it’s part of a peninsula peninsula de samana and often people come here for the full caribbean experience of going to the beach eating nice restaurants and generally doing a bit of holiday i’m staying here in a hotel called takuma boutique and i’m gonna give you a room tour just now to give you an idea of what it’s like and i’ll leave the link in the video description as well so this here is where i’m staying at takuma boutique the ensuite right here tv wardrobe desk but the best part is this so we walk out to the patio the pool is right in front with the restaurant across the way the spa is just over there so now leaving my hotel and heading just two minutes down this road and we will be right on the beach getting here from santo domingo as i said i took a bus which takes around three hours and costs 500 pesos you don’t need to reserve a ticket beforehand you just get on the bus and you pay after it’s left and it leaves from a terminal called terminal aso troops there are multiple ones leaving every single day and it will take you to las terrenas town which is i don’t know a five or ten minute taxi journey somewhere that way but we are heading towards the beach just a little bit further down here and i haven’t shown the beach in the dominican republic yet people are very friendly here as you can see and as you probably saw in the last video when i visited the local villages uh in an area called aguero and we are right here now at the caribbean sea there is a road just before it and here we are the tide is almost in but not completely shoes are off and now taking in the late afternoon vibes much cooler at this time and i’ll hope to catch the sunset a little bit later from playa bonita the beach that i said i will eventually head to after just showing a little bit of what it’s like here it’s not all tourists either there are plenty of dominicans around and locals who use the beaches which is good to see it’s so nice how the coastline just bends around the corner here at this particular point so there is no uber here you’ll just have to wave down a taxi or rent a bike yourself a motorbike that is for the amount of time that you’re here or you can also just hail one down and not pay much money for a quick journey to reach one of the beaches that you want to get to so i will move on from here and head to playa bonita as i said hola cuanto mucho a playa bonita okay [Music] [Music] so there we go 200 dominican pesos and i think around 10 or 15 minutes the journey was quite fun going through all the back streets and we are now here at arguably the best beach in las delanas and i think it gets that reputation from its trees and how close the proximity is to the sea and also for its secluded nature it’s really beautiful the tides obviously in like it was in front of my guest house but still i think this is going to be a good place to catch the sunset today as it will disappear somewhere beneath the horizon in the distance there you can see how clean tidy and developed the area is just in case you had a different view of what the dominican republic might be like well it’s actually very high end in some places which is such a great amount of greenery and colors to accompany the caribbean sea so why bonita translates to pretty beach in spanish and it is by no means perfect but i think it’s pretty damn close to the caribbean dream the one you see in the pictures i also want to say that we are here in july and despite that i wouldn’t say it’s so crowded i mean look i’ve got all this space to myself just to enjoy the beach the sunset and the slow crashing of the waves no towels within two or three feet of me which is a huge issue in lots of places around the world not here for those who dare to venture beyond punta cana and santo domingo i’m telling you now you will be rewarded so some of these beach clubs are really nice classy not tacky at all not ruining the area a lot of the architecture is in unison from one resort to another which is good planning i say [Music] drink in coco loco c coconut uh rum and yellow and the view here is perfect i didn’t notice before but there are a couple of islands just in front here here is my coco loco mi primero vez is my first time drinking this so uh saluana i don’t know if you can see in the distance but the sun is disappearing but it’s such a color that it almost looks like it could be the moon normalmente la playa es says [Applause] so after trying the coco loco we have come to a bar slash hotel i think it also is okay it’s also a hotel and it’s called mosquito and it’s right on the seafront although it’s obviously dark now you can actually sit on the beach and have drinks but here we have just grabbed some dinner and i have mofongo which is a local dominican dish eleanor que esmo fungo includes my first ever taste of my congo [Music] that is really good it reminds me of a pie filled with a rich tomato type of sauce with shrimps but it’s also soft as well from the bananas [Music] dip in a little guacamole [Music] that’s really good hey welcome back it’s now the next day and i’m here in the pool at takuma boutique and i’m gonna wrap up this video from here i am heading to semana in the next video and also a place called galeras so a little bit more of uh this part of the dominican republic to come spa is just there i went for a massage and it was pretty good it’s around thirty dollars for thirty minutes or fifty dollars for one hour if you’re interested and breakfast in the mornings here it’s also super nice which i just ate in front of my room here which is connected to the pool as i showed earlier so the link will be in the video description as i mentioned before for takuma boutique and i will see you on the next video cheers [Music] you
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