Weird Laws In History

this episode is sponsored by Wix go to wix.com slash go slash simple history to create a website today weird laws in history there were some strange laws made in the past but are they as strange as they seem let’s look at some of them now from 1886 to 1948 it was an arrest able offense to buy or sell margarine in Canada this made sense as it was brought in to protect the Canadian butter industry some Canadian states could not let go of their hatred for margarine as it was illegal to sell buttered color margarine in Ontario until 1995 in the United Kingdom a law dating back to 1313 does not allow people to wear Armour or carry any kind of weapon inside the houses of parliament unless they are part of the security detail guarding it it is thought that king edward ii brought in this law to curb the growing tactic of rowdiness and intimidation of armed force that some of the nobles were regularly starting to use during the parliamentary debates the law is so loosely worded that it is still enforced today as it is deemed to cover guns and bulletproof vests as they are modern weaponry and armor in 1541 and act for the maintenance of artillery and d barring of unlawful games was passed due to the growing fear that the once legendary archery skills of the English was in serious decline the law stipulated the following things all men over 17 years of age from all towns and cities must practice archery every week for two hours at the appropriate designated areas all children between 7 and 17 years must possess a bow and two arrows men over 17 must possess a bow and four arrows so they might help defend the country in times of peril the bow should be of good quality have be made from elm ash or cedar foreigners are allowed to own a bow but not participate in the practice or be allowed to take their bows and arrows outside of the country understandably with the advent of muskets becoming more widespread and the development of ever more sophisticated weaponry the legislation was heavily down over the next century then finally in 1863 it was removed from the statute books altogether the Russian Emperor Peter the Great who reigned from 1670 to to 1725 brought in many new laws including one to tax anyone who wanted to grow or maintain a beard this was brought in because Peter the Great was impressed by the European fashion of being clean-shaven at first it was met with strong opposition by the church who saw this law as blasphemous but eventually they relented and the annual beard tax was to remain in force until 1772 when Catherine the second repealed the law in Arizona in 1855 it was made illegal to hunt or shoot camels at first glance this may sound pretty strange as camels are not native to that part of the world nor did Arizona even have any zoos at that time but there was a good reason for passing such a law at the time the US Army was experimenting with using camels instead of mules on the more hot and desert type regions of the United States and they chose Arizona to test out their new camel units it all made a lot of sense as camels could carry two or three times more payload than the average mule and could travel in desert conditions for up to 85 miles without water if a mule was to attempt to do this it would be dead from dehydration after only having done a quarter of that distance the experiment ultimately failed as the camels proved to be temperamental and controlling them in large military formations proved impossible [Music] at a glance these laws seem strange but what makes perfect sense if you want to build a website is Wix the only limitation is your imagination as Wix gives you the complete creative freedom you need for your project or business go to wix.com slash go slash simple history to create a professional site regardless of your ability Wix has great features to make your site personal such as Wix videos Wix Pro Gallery Wix bookings and solutions for all kinds of sites such as e-commerce music hotels events restaurants and more build your own website and support simple history by going to wix.com / go / simple history or click the link in the description below to get started [Music]
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