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We Tried To Make Mozzarella

okay so here we are this is eating your feed my name is Nikki this is Andrew our friends Adam and Annie challenged us to recreate some of the most viral foods on the Internet today we are making mozzarella today we’re watching a tasty video called how mozzarella is made which is about a place in New York City called Casa della mozzarella so they have a big block of mozzarella curd a guitar that’s just a way to cut it up heat up curds with hot water and you add salt and you kind of squidge it together that’s the cheese pull you want and they make it into this little like ball shape this is the process of mozzarella curd tomate Sorella so we’re gonna have to make our own mozzarella curd for sure we need to start from a mill a milk product this is a mozzarella recipe on Epicurious and it does call for liquid rennet what is Rena curdled milk from the stomach of an unweaned calf oh so hopefully we can get that at Whole Foods like always our good friend and tasty producer / chef RIA is here do you know anything about how to make mozzarella great meaning there basically it’s milk rennet citric acid and salt you don’t like mix all of this together you heat it up you stir it and then you set it aside and it becomes curds yes and then we’re gonna eat it after we make it so is there anything you’d like to eat with some fresh mozzarella pizza yes I think it’s not that difficult all right we got ah run it tablets citric acid 1/4 TSP liquid rennet told us not to use junket but that’s what that is you’re good at this silverlight cheesed or what does they don’t have liquid running hi I know you’re a cheese store but I’m looking to make my own cheese and uh I’m looking for this thing called a rennet preferably the liquid rennet okay thank you take care now I do not love him yeah this cheese store has liquid rennet so we’re in luck liquid vegetable rennet now let’s get out of here got cheese to me please don’t take this this Rena is double strength use a third of what recipe calls for so we’re starting with one gallon of milk we will need a wealth of a teaspoon how about like three drops I think it’s preposterous that’s it that’s like not even gonna make it into the bowl a quarter cup of water for a quarter teaspoon of liquid Rena I think I’d rather overdo it you’d rather have to cheese cheese then no no no no no all right there seems preposterous like that few drops of a thing that that was important that’s what we drove all over town for a couple drip-drop get your gas and a cup of water mozzarella comes from the heart not the brain but it comes from the udder should we drink a little mm-hmm one gallon of whole milk add the citric acid mixture heat to a medium-high heat until it reaches 90 degrees oh it’s curdling 91 we drop counts okay it’s been 30 seconds all right just give it another 15 seconds cover and set aside for 5 minutes bye oh whoa yeah it says a gelatin like consistency would you say that the gelatin like I would say this is pretty gelatinous set the pot over medium heat we’re gonna stir intermittently without breaking up the curds that we just cut give it to Jeff first we’re gonna be reaching a temperature of 105 degrees whoa some curds are hotter than others some cards are hotter than others yeah okay I’m turning off the heat here it comes oh it’s already kind of cheesy oh no wait we were supposed to set it aside for another 5 minutes 5 minutes here into the strainer discard the way clump the curds it looks like cheese we’re straining out as much of the liquid as possible so this is the leftover liquid is called whey needs salt oh yeah that’s Kirti for a bouncy Oh look like gross pantyhose we’ve made our own mozzarella curd and now we’re basically going to season it with salt gently melt it with some hot water until it becomes elastic and kind of comes together as a single lobular cheese yeah [Music] the pedal is too big for this bowl can you overwork it is there such thing do we have to like dump out this water and get pot or water in there yeah we’ve definitely made progress but I think we’ve kind of lost it on this step here it’s kind of like stuffing it under and then squeezing it so it erupts from the top of his hand well I got some good daddy’s mozzarella mozzarella let’s cut it that is mozzarella that looks like cheese yeah this is mozzarella I don’t know what mozzarella tastes like right now all the right texture no this is way too light we shouldn’t be able to split it open like this this looks like a vagina do you feel discouraged I may have added too much Renan rennet so I think we also overworked the curds okay now let’s heat it over top record the last time when we did this I just like ripped it apart with my hands so we’re gonna do instead I let them dry out and then cut it into Kurt’s we don’t have a guitar but we cut it up into pieces and this is when we add the salt which we should use more than we used last time now we’re adding the boiling water and hopes of melting the cheese together does it feel different than I did last time yeah it feels softer overall tug it down so I kind of stretch out all of the what might be inside of it you know yeah we should keep it in one mess though cuz if we have too many strings and we fold it over on itself and it’s just a bulb strings okay we’re gonna set our finished mozzarella balls in a little basin of ice water nice oh yeah that looks really good those are like the folds but they definitely not as big as previously I’d say it’s still pretty rubbery just doesn’t have like that rich dairy taste [Music] we asked Korea doesn’t have flavor so here we are on day 2 of eating your cheese after watching a bunch of videos I think we’ve realized that the recipe we were referencing it’s designed to make cheese as fast as possible so overall we’re gonna be taking more time on each step today we’re also using raw milk today so we’ll pretty much we’re doing the same thing just taking my ham let smells like cheese looking for a nice thick blob look like you’re about to go fencing on God our cheese has set for another 15 minutes that already looks better oh it’s a Farnam curd when we add the hot water to initially heat up the curd we’re gonna let that water come to room temperature I throw in some salt look at that geez oh my god it feels like freshly shampooed hair let’s blast it and then we’re gonna start making our bowls oh wow this is cheese lava they say that you don’t use a gloves there is no way in awesome that you can make much so the gloves only the real cheese only the real art gets formed when you do it like this oh yeah [Laughter] do you see that so next we’re gonna make a little saltwater brine so we’re gonna add some of our drained way which will be the liquid that our finished mozzarella balls will go into so that they can be seasoned oh please be good I can’t tell if it’s still rubbery maybe more stretching still need a salt like inside we’re gonna make another match what we’re adjusting this time is we’re gonna go down to one drop of rennet because too much run it can result in a rubbery cheese yogurt it didn’t occurred only thing we changed was the Rena haha alright well that didn’t work so here we go two drops around it in our first few attempts we at least got to a gelatinous curd after five minutes so after five minutes we should check okay it’s been five minutes we’re gonna take a look we’re doing something wrong it’s liquid it’s completely liquid let’s give it five more minutes in another five minutes yeah we’re that’s not cheese what the did we do everything has been exactly the same I don’t know why this is the problem with raw milk last time we did five minutes it was with the pasteurized milk not the raw milk we’re gonna put this pot on hold in case it thickens up when we just each make our own badges done may the best cheese ball wedding I will make a batch of cheese with the pasteurized milk Nicky’s gonna make another attempt with the last raw milk gallon we have and either cheese is gonna happen today or we’re just gonna have lots of pots of milk I’m adding my rennet one two you’re going three drops yeah my citric acid nice and dissolved alright so it’s been about thirty minutes on this guy it’s definitely curdled oh yeah it’s good yeah it’s working it just needed more time what we thought was our failed fifth attempt has been sitting for another 15 minutes and it’s actually working I’m gonna keep making that this worked five minutes doesn’t work with raw milk that’s a nice looking curd though this looks really similar to the video it’s like super grainy and crumbly it’s a lot of salt in here I’m a little worried this isn’t coming together like the first one did not enough salt too much salt oh god is that when I give it I’m not giving up on this why that is the only thing we changed can you get water out of here and get more honor in here something’s happening something’s happening so Jesus is it really yeah eat that it’s cheese okay I think we should go more boiling water Oh mother pearl I think we should just try to form it into a big ball yeah one big ball oh sweet baby Jesus keep it in the water keep the temperature high I think I should ball it up now you know it’s really hot do you want me to get the cold water to pull your hands maybe do you mean Hannah yeah okay I’m good okay it’s pretty good here we go [Music] I’m good I think done this yeah put it in the water we never gave love you know alright it’s time to cut into that last extremely hot and painful fall of mozzarella oh is it Wow it’s really soft Wow cheese it’s like creamy inside no it’s perfect yes the texture is amazing it’s like almost the liquid yeah [Music] yeah this is our victory it’s a symphony on your mouth we’re making little pizza dough’s from the dough that we made for pizza Oh should we put a slice to garlic oh yeah okay so focaccia I think we should go cheese olive oil and salt let’s make it yeah got some basil we eventually got to a cheese that I think closely resembles that in the video didn’t really help at all yeah well just a little bit she made all of this stuff so we’ve got at recruiter eboard with Sciuto your parmesan from your cheese wheel some crackers two types of salami we have folk cocktails okay season finale let’s all eat some cheese this is so good we had lovely mozzarella and then we finally had what we found out yellow looks like the season has been many stressful days of trial and error all the foods that are made in those viral food videos are made by people who are like masters of their craft and so it’s just been really fun to try and like replicate their process and see how they do things got a little bit of a behind the students taste and make it for ourselves you can’t fail every time this has been eating your theme [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]
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