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We Tried To Make A Zero Waste Chocolate Cake • Goodful

today we’re making chocolate cake but there’s just one rule we can’t produce any waste and I’m terrified I’m Sarah and I run Matchbox kitchen I write about sustainability I’ve led a zero waste lifestyle for about two and a half years now and we’re gonna see who makes less waste food waste is not necessarily A Bad Thing a lot of it can be composted so not all waste is bad waste but for the sake of this challenge we’re gonna try to have zero waste we actually have another Channel Good full that focuses on sustainability and healthy recipes check it out foreign I’ve never shopped in the book aisle so I’m hoping that the ingredients that I need are there I don’t see like baking soda or any kind of leavener maybe we can find a baking soda with like the least amount of packaging so I’m gonna grab this baking soda which does come packaged but it is a recyclable paper being zero waste doesn’t mean you make absolutely no waste at all it’s about being conscious about the choices you make to reduce the amount of trash you create hey Sarah so I actually am purchasing baking soda too oh great but I feel like maybe we should just split it yeah because obviously we don’t need this much perfect and then cut down our waste honestly the hardest part about this has been filling these containers clean clean cheese okay I need an apron this is really exciting [Music] I’m thinking of making a vegan chocolate cake the only thing I’m worried about is they usually use oil and because I can’t buy that package free I don’t know what I’m going to do to replace it yet I know obviously that eggs come in a carton so I’m gonna try to switch eggs out for a flax egg and I know I’m going to be eyeballing a lot of things in the bulk aisle so might be kind of tricky this will be fun though I hope we get a cake at the end instead of using milk I’m going to be making my own cashew milk just by blending cashews and water together I don’t have a source of fat for my cake so I’m gonna have to think of some sort of substitution for butter or oil that all comes in packaging we have mini chocolate peanut butter cups maybe I can melt those down and add it to the cake this can be my source of chocolate my source of sweetness and my source of fat it actually might work to make a really fudgy chocolate cake this is all new territory for me I’m not sure if this is gonna work I have seen in some recipes where people make a chocolate avocado pudding and I think I might do something like that to make a frosting for the cake I am nervous about some of the swaps that I’m making but I’m excited to see how it turns out guys it’s time to get baking I got two jars of these mini peanut butter cups and I’m just gonna melt one down because I want to save the other one for maybe a frosting first I’m going to sift all of the dry ingredients together I’m also going to get my flax egg going this is a really good substitution for vegans but I’m using this in order to cut down our waste it’s like slimy kind of like an egg consistency would be I’m now going to mash up my very ripe banana I’m going to make some cashew milk and I just put some water and cashews in here so I made the cashew milk and then I added some coffee beans to it she’s getting really fancy with this and I know I kind of played my cake a little bit safer but I only have one banana pail in my trash bin who’s the expert now still her I’m not the expert so now I’m going to add my melted chocolate peanut butter cups yum I’m measuring out the avocado and now I’m just gonna blend it all together so it’s smooth and there’s no chunks of avocado in it does the avocado taste come through not really because chocolate is such a strong flavor that it pretty much masks most of the avocado I didn’t get anything to grease my pan with I mean it could use parchment paper although that’s trash most parchment paper is compostable oh although you should still be conscious of using it mindfully well guess I’m using parchment paper should I do it again it’s kind of a bummer because I feel like I was doing so well and now I’m like I I don’t know what to do with all these scraps of parchment but like I really need to line my cake tin you’re doing two small cakes I’m doing a layered cake I’m sure both cakes will come out delicious I have to say these look really good yeah they look great too I’m just nervous they’re not going to come out of the tin it worked when the cakes came out of the oven I was relieved that they Rose but they do seem a little dense so I’m a little worried if they are hard inside or not I still have a lot of chocolate peanut butter cups left and I really don’t want to waste those so I’m thinking I’m gonna melt those down and use it as a glaze for my cake there’s still a little bit of chunks left but the residual heat will melt those down to make the ganache frosting first I made a chocolate ganache with chocolate chips and cashew milk and then I got the avocado and whipped that until really smooth and fluffy once the ganache is cool enough I’m going to mix them together and then whip them even more I can’t even taste the avocado I don’t know how much fat is in these peanut butter cups so I’m hoping it works to set like a ganache a nice chocolate ganache you can’t go wrong what are you doing so I just cut off the domes from my cake to level them out a bit and now I’m crumbling them up into smaller pieces and I’m going to toast them in the oven so it adds a nice crunchy texture to the cake that’s so smart while we’re waiting for those to toast I’m going to brew a little bit of coffee from the coffee beans that I bought so what is the coffee for I’m going to just make a hot coffee to brush on top of the cake layers to add some more moisture and more flavor I’m going to start putting my cake together instead of using a disposable Piping Bag I like to decorate my cakes with an offset spatula you can still get a lot of different designs and textures that way for the second layer I like to put it upside down that way that the flat side is on top I’m going to keep it relatively thinner on the sides just because I don’t want the frosting to be overwhelming so my cake is set my ganache kind of turned into a Chocolate shell but it’s okay I don’t really have anything else to add on top oh I have these things maybe I could do like a little oh you know what this might actually be pretty cool I’m gonna get a little abstract design on there it’s like Stonehenge or something so now that my Crumbs are nice and toasty I’m going to put them into the coffee grinder and grind them into a powder that looks really nice thank you did you want to say anything about it I was really impressed by Alex’s efforts because she didn’t create any plastic waste so far and the only things that are in her trash Bowl are all compostable now I’m going to decorate the top with my lemon that I used earlier and just put a little lemon zest that way it’s not completely wasted and that’s it overall I’m pretty happy with how the cake came out I really like how it looks but again we haven’t cut into it so I don’t know if it’s going to be dense or dry I’m actually really pleased with this cake I’m excited to try it I think it’ll have a good amount of chocolate flavor not the best execution but points for creativity aside from the parchment paper Fiasco I think I did a pretty good job of course we can’t let these cakes go to waste so we’re gonna have some people try them out and see how they taste wow beautiful when I was cutting out the parchment I kind of messed up but I figured we could use it as napkins oh I am it’s good it’s moist it’s very moist it doesn’t even need that much chocolate on top I feel like the flavor of the peanut butter goes a long way oh wow layers wow okay I like it’s not too sweet I do feel accomplished I mean you didn’t even create one piece of plastic waste which is amazing there’s nothing like the taste of no waste save the turtles [Music] dogs [Applause] 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