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I know my name is Kelsey hi my name is Becky aware the scigirls welcome back to another episode of psychosomatic if you’re on part of the vlog fam which you should be cuz we’re almost at 100k we’d love to see you guys over there and help us get there but you saw me go to SL and try to like find some items so vlog fam new what’s up comment below if you just subscribe to the blog channel hey so we went to West out and we looked at some items that we thought we could recreate and we’re gonna try and do that today we agreed for a lot cheaper that’s the key part of this because you guys will recommend DIYs or whatever we’ll see DIYs we want to do but I’m like I literally can’t do that for cheaper somebody want us to do with that cost how much forever 21 version I’m like it’s so cheap already it’s such a mess so we have three items that were fairly confident in and we are gonna attempt to recreate them so much cheaper right now alright so first up we are going to try and recreate this beautiful wooden tray with gold handles this retails for $60 USD and I’m feeling pretty confident that we can do this for a much much cheaper so to start I went out and bought some wood that looked like it was similar sizes kind of close texture to all that so the cedar here is already kind of on the right color vibe for this tray which is awesome and it’s not that expensive this is cedar and I got one that’s a 1 by 4 and one that’s a 1 by 3 so altogether this was only nine dollars worth of woods so we’re off to a pretty good start already so the first thing I’m gonna do is cut out this wood to the right sizes another thing is that the tray actually has these the tray actually has these like funky angles it’s more like an Tex akan yeah and we’re not gonna do that because I think it’ll just take too much time but I think we can get it to look somewhere by just doing a rectangle shape so I’m gonna cut out all my pieces that I’m gonna need for that and we’ll go from there [Music] and for the side pieces I went and cut those on a nice angle and I used a miter box to do this it’s pretty easy to achieve and your edges look a lot more professional in our opinion and once all the pieces were cut out then I just took a sander to it and made sure everything was nice and smooth so here are all the pieces laid out you can kind of see how it’s going to fold together nicely and that was actually very easy to do so next step is taking some wood glue and some clamps and maybe some tape as well and gluing it all together nice and tightly clamped and letting it dry [Music] ok so it’s been about half an hour the glue is dry let’s take the clamps off and the tape off and see how she looks for extra sturdiness if you plan to carry really heavy things with this tray you can put nails along the side into the bottom pieces of the wood to hold it together even more um yeah this is cute it looks really good already now that it’s all together I’m gonna give everything excuse you I’m just gonna give everything a final sand okay so now for the handles funny enough we actually have these gold handles that will be used on multiple projects before we can link below if you want some more inspo but these came off of amazon and they are so affordable and you can get them in a ton of different sizes ours happen to be a little longer than the Westone ones but that’s okay we’re gonna use them anyways because we have them so these addition to the tray ended up costing us the zero dollars because we have in from existing projects so instead of actually screwing up from the bottom we’re going to put drill holes on the sides that fit this with a screw in it and we’re just gonna glue it into the hole again if you want to carry really heavy things you should probably screw it in from the bottom but like my screws aren’t that long and that’s complicated so we’re gonna do this [Music] okay so I drilled the holes and the handles fit in perfectly but we are gonna put them on after so next I’m just gonna give it a stain and we have this what’s staying early-american we’ve been using for so many things lately and I love it that’s all we’re gonna do now okay so lastly is to put the handles in the holes that we drilled and we have this construction adhesive which is just really strong glue we are going to fill the holes and stick the handles in and let them dry completely [Music] okay our tray is complete and it’s really cute I love it obviously when you’re putting the handles on there’s a bunch of different clues you could use we thought afterwards that a expanding glue might be good because then it really fills the hole a rule of thumb obviously if you’re not screwing it together just be cautious of putting anything super-heavy on it because I don’t want you to drop anything break it I care about you alright this tray is complete let’s see how it stacks up to the real thing so this tray costs sixty US dollars and in total we were able to make it for only nine dollars [Music] so for this one we’re going to be tackling this like fishbowl terrarium and this was $70 us and when I saw this I was like I feel like we already have literally everything we need to make this so it could cost us like $0 which I got really really excited about conveniently the cactus that was in this that we’ve had for like years just died so we can offer up this fishbowl that we actually got from the thrift store years ago even if you don’t already have a fishbowl lying around check out your local toy store because they always seem to be there and we had this scrap MDF we honestly have so much MDF right now so I was more than happy to get to use some of it I think the first thing to do is um say goodbye to these remains [Music] so now that I have my cleaned out fishbowl I’m going to make a template for kind of like those circular leg pieces I think the best way to figure out the curve of this is to really just like kind of try to trace it so I have my little paper template here I’m going to trace it on to the MDF and flip it so that I have two pieces that have a full semicircle and then I’m gonna cut that out using a jigsaw hopefully I can get the nice curve if not that’s why we have sandpaper so I have my two little MDF semicircle pieces cut out now the next step is to find the direct center and then cut halfway through one and halfway up from the other so that they can go together like a little puzzle [Music] this works together I think I’ll glue it just to keep it from wobbling [Music] and then the next step is to great ancient gold and then literally we’re done after a couple coats of gold spray paint we have something that looks very similar to the West sub one and once we put the bowl in what what what guys also can we just talk about how this cost us nothing seriously we already had the grace they paint we already gray why is it it’s not seriously we already had the gold spray paint we already had our dead cactus fishbowl and we already had tons of MDF to use this has to be our most successful that costs how much because I don’t think anything has ever cost us zero dollars if you were planning to make this you might have to spend a couple dollars on the bowl couple dollars on some MDF a couple more dollars on some spray paint but even still I think that this would only cost you like $12 to make maybe which is a steal versus $60 so let’s see how our DIY one stacks up to the West someone the West Elm one is originally $60 us and ours came in at $0 [Music] don’t you okay now that I’m done those we can start our do I so for this one we’re gonna be recreating this table lamp from West Elm nice no chip don’t talk with your mouth go through we’re gonna be recreating this table lamp that costs $50 us and I think we can do it for less so to do this we’re going to use some sort of cylinder shape to make our mold with so I’m gonna be using a chip can and for the light I’m going to use one of these simple chords that you can screw a bulb into this cost us eleven dollars so first I’m going to cut a hole in here that the Courtin come out of and tape it all into place so we’re ready to fill it with mint I’m come in no no and again [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so I have my little mold set up here with the cord through the can and I taped off the important parts of the cord and I left it a bit longer than I’m gonna need it because I want it out of the way for when I fill us with cement and this is loosely taped up for now but we’re gonna make it much tighter once the cement in there so that leads us to cement we’re using this quick-set cement which takes an hour to dry which is good for us so we don’t want to sit around here all day wait for this just set so basically cement is four parts cement one part water mix it together it kind of feels like peanut butter if you’re doing it right and then we’re gonna pour it in the mold and then adjust the cord [Music] okay it’s been about half an hour maybe 45 minutes so we’ve left this hard in it’s still a bit warm but I want to open it anyways in case it might dry better once the cardboards my hair so let’s do this and fingers crossed this all apart I’m hoping I can just like it was like croissant rolls peel it apart like that okay oh shut up cheese oh oh oh yeah I love it isn’t it the best I love it it’s not amazing it works I knew it would work alright this is cute but it’s not that goal we’re going for so to do the next step we have this gold sticker paper it’s like a really thick shiny gold paper and it’s perfect for that metal effect okay so I’m gonna stay on the tops make it a bit smooth and then I’m gonna use these to cut shapes that can wrap around the side and go over the top [Music] so we have it covered in the gold foil paper and we glued it down into place that’s pretty good last step is to put a light bulb in and see how she looks completed ah that’s cute it looks super legit let’s see how they look compared to each other so the lamp originally was fifty US dollars and we were able to make it for twenty-nine [Music] all right I hope you guys like those recreations I think there’s a trunk I think we did a really good job let us know which of the three turned out the best in your opinion no tuff also like you might be biased depending on what you like like me you didn’t want your style is although they’re all comes the same style actually we got this gold thing going how much I really like yes please let us know in the comments below which place you’d like us to try next or which item you’d like us is right I see because I’m running out of ideas that were obvious to me and now I don’t know where to go now I know I’ve heard party put a bit I’ve heard Pottery Barn in the comments and if you guys don’t know we’ve already done anthropology Urban Outfitters and out west um so we’re making our way through the gorgeous goals but sometimes a little bit expensive stores and if you guys didn’t know we also link all the items below yes sometimes about I was gonna say fashion could be cool like a high-end clothing I store or something like that I don’t know give us ideas below hey you guys so much for watching if you like this channel the video if you liked this video make sure you like it but if you like this channel make sure you subscribe see you next time bye guys I feel like channel [Music] you
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