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We Recreated The Deep Dish Pizza From Our First Date • Tasty

cheese never stops the cheese never hey guys it’s katie and this is my husband chris hi and today we’re gonna cook together in the same kitchen it’s gonna be delicious so i thought what would be really fun is if we tried to recreate our first date dinner yes which was deep dish pizza from a place here called masa of ecco park and i remember picking that place because it takes 45 minutes for them to even make it so it was a lot more time for us to actually hang out is that really why you picked it yeah wait seriously yeah no way yes a little bit about this deep dish pizza they’re huge they’re cheesy yeah there’s sausage in it which is delicious the people that make it are from chicago yes it’s legit we’ve well we think it’s legit we’ve never been to chicago so don’t come for us we’re gonna be sharing a pizza of our history [Laughter] [Music] to get started we are gonna make the dough first yes i know that dough includes flour and water and um love oh that’s cute gross okay so first thing we’re going to do is we have some warm water here we have about a cup and a quarter cool so we’ll add our sugar great mix that together and then we’re going to add the yeast and sprinkle that on top let this bloom for about five minutes bloom it just means it’s like gonna get activated see how it’s already starting to form ripples it already smells like dough [Music] next steps we’re going to add flour and some cornmeal that’s perfect got it that’s salt in there whoa and then we should whisk that together just to make sure everything gets well combined they’re doing it a little delicately well i’m getting more confident i’m getting warmer gosh this is crazy i believe in myself that looks whisked are you trying to make a pond about it no wasn’t true i would have said this is the whiskiest part of the whole recipe because i might smell everywhere now we’re going to add the yeast concoction and then we need to add the butter all right okay and then you want to do this okay you could do this with your hand too this is where i feel like if you were making this with a kid this would be fun they could yes they could squish with their hands you’re trying to say you want to have kids right now so you’re going to mix this until it becomes a shaggy dough let’s add some flour to the table top okay too much so when you follow our surface spread it out so it’s a light dusting and not like a bunch of flowers can be added to your recipe right all right this is like too much got it so should i just sweep all this out of here no that’s fine it’s fine we’ll just stay away from that stay away from my area because uh it sucks we’re gonna just wow wow wow wow this guy out we’re gonna mix it together with our hands okay maybe i should have brought it more together in the bowl no turning back now all right you want to take over yes push away and come back you just push away the bad thoughts pull in the good push away the bad are we there let’s see does it spring back quickly yeah so we put some oil in the bowl and we put the dough inside and then we’re going to top it with plastic wrap plastic wrap and then we’ll set this in a warm place for about one to two hours so it can double in size great find someplace warm flour on your face can you get it off yes great now we’re even now i’m a real chef we’re gonna clean up and then we’re gonna get working on the sauce next i’m excited all right i love sauce sausage let’s get started next we’re going to make the tomato sauce which on this pizza is like one of the best parts yeah i feel like it’s the most important the acid from the tomato really helps balance like the fatty cheese yes oh that was smart thank you we have got some san marzano whole tomatoes and we’re going to put those through a strainer so next crisp we’re going to need to crush these tomatoes with their hands so we’re just gonna get in there and really just squeeze and smush them yes because we want to get out any water got it from the sauce so that we don’t have a soggy pizza okay great so do you wanna yeah yeah i’ll get in there whoa wow this would be fun if i was a kid stop talking about kids do you want children yes all right i feel like that’s good you’ve crushed them well we’ll transfer them to a saucepan great [Music] we’re gonna add some sugar delicious red pepper flakes red pepper flakes salt bam olive oil pow last but not least we’re gonna do four cloves of grated garlic we are cooking this down to get the water and excess liquid off so the pizza is not super soggy bam powder pow delish all right when we were ordering chris tried to order two of these deep dishes the server was like sir that’s obscene you’re gonna get kicked out of here okay this looks nice and reduced we’re gonna turn the heat off and we’re gonna add in some fresh basil next we’re gonna make mushrooms yes we are first thing we’ll do melt some butter yes add in some mushrooms beautiful whoa i’m gonna use the lightest touch you’re gonna let this saute for about five minutes i think we’re almost there and then i’ve got a little salt here so we’re just gonna season it with a little salt yeah we’ll set those off to the side let them cool awesome and then one last thing it’s time to prepare the sausage one of my favorite parts about this pizza is that it has a huge like sausage patty on the top so good it’s delicious it’s crispy yes first thing we’re gonna do is toast some fennel toasting it is just really gonna bring out that fennel flavor it makes it more aromatic yes is that a word there you go so delicious we missed that but it doesn’t matter toast this for about three to four minutes until they start turning brown then we’re gonna transfer them to a cutting board awesome we’re gonna chop it up you want to do it love it yeah i’ll chop nice looks good add this to some italian sausage without getting it everywhere okay and then you want to mix it together let’s do it you need to hold it yeah yeah you hold it i think that looks good awesome all right so next we have two pieces of parchment put the sausage into the parchment so we’re basically making like a meat frisbee yes gross and then we’re gonna put this parchment on top of our meat frisbee and then we can kind of just use just hands you know what might be easier is like a rolling pin yeah i can get it teamwork guys there’s a rolling pin wow wow it’s not really a circle anymore that’s pretty good yeah i think i have to lift this up oh all right all right so our sausage disc broke a little bit put it back together that is that’s almost nine inches this looks like a massive pepperoni it looks like a big pepperoni it looks like we’re putting one one huge [Laughter] okay and then we’re gonna assemble boom kiss to assemble [Music] boom whoa that dough is huge we are not going to use this whole thing it would be that this is two pizzas worth of dough awesome so we’re gonna flour our surface i’ll let you do that do you think you know how to do that i think i know how to do it more like fancy more magician take the dough cut them in half all right let’s do it and then i’m going to put this in a freezer bag and you can freeze this dough for up to one month and make another pizza awesome next we’re going to put our dough in a cast iron pan because the cast iron holds a lot of heat and makes the dough super crispy yes add a little olive oil to the cast iron pan and you can use a paper towel to spread it so we’re going to smash this thing into there now yeah i think we can just add it in and it should be easy enough to work that we can just spread it out you want to make sure it just goes all the way up the sides of the pan our first date should have been going to a deep dish pizza place it should have been making a deep dish pizza well yeah though i don’t really go over to people’s houses on the first day yeah you never know oh my gosh sorry yeah yeah looks good so the next thing we’re going to add is cheese oh my gosh mozzarella cheese how much of this are we using the whole thing whoa it’s gonna be worth it that’s crazy so that you’re gonna tear it and we’re gonna add it to the bottom the thing about chicago deep dish is that the cheese goes under the sauce next thing we’re going to do is add our mushrooms on top it looks perfect you want to add the sauce i would love to add the sauce all right all right you’re doing great you’re doing great i felt like i did great this is the real test can we put a giant frisbee of sausage cleanly onto this pizza all right should i just i just go for it let’s go slam it oh my god look at that last thing you need to add is some shredded parmesan on top let’s put this on a sheet pan boom this is to make sure no mozzarella cheese boils over and burns yes not gonna have a cheese volcano spilling in the oven no so we’re gonna put this in the oven at what 425 for how long 35 to 40 minutes good job here we go whoa it looks perfect i’m shocked by how close we got it all right do you want to give it a cut i would love to do the honors like our like a wedding you do it’s too dangerous [Music] let’s pull it up oh my gosh keep pulling the cheese never stops the cheese never i am four feet above the pizza and the cheese just broke now wait that looks exactly like this that looks perfect should we dry it yes let’s do it oh my gosh that is really good that’s really good the sauce the sauce is perfect there’s dynamite cheers cheers to seven and a half years together and almost five years of marriage hopefully hopefully 30 more at least i plan on living longer than that how old is that how old does that make us 16. it’s like 60. okay i’d like to live longer than 60 to 100 more years [Music] you
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