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WE GOT CHALLENGED! – Epic House Ep. 6

I busted out my phone here because I thought this is a good idea to approach and also it’s a funny creative idea but this random guy on vine sent me this vine you’re hardly but you can beat my challenge the biggest most epic hot chocolate you so much fill me out take it in again and beat my challenge the biggest most epic hot chocolate do you accept my challenge I want to go to as a house and make a hot chocolate either really let it go it gets better each time it does so this is what I’m saying is I want to open an episode up and first of all we’ve never done hot chocolate before bet you can’t beat my hey Harley yeah because hot chocolate is like it’s you know how you used to do when used to pitch ideas you’d be like spaghetti every big yeah you just like okay you want it I’ll see you in a week yeah so like this guy like pitches hot chocolate and it’s like what what is epic about hot chocolate you remember when we tried to approach a soup what happened how bad it can get and we did that goulash we put hamburgers in kool-aid oh yeah well we got paid for that episode so that’s right but what happens is this guy’s like hey do you accept my challenge hot chocolate I think a good creative idea is like sauce boss is on his phone straight up [ __ ] and or who knows what whatever maybe anything sauce boss is on his phone and he opens up that vine and like he sees it and he’s like [ __ ] your challenge hot chocolate [ __ ] you and then he’s off it but then later like he’s doing something else and here’s like hey Harley is really a hot chocolate and like I’m like you know soft Boston like tripping out I’m actually hot chocolate and I hear music hot chocolate he’s hot do you accept my challenge do you accept my child and like this random guy who just vine to me completely randomly and like called me out he doesn’t even know but he comes like he becomes like the epicenter of this episode as I’m like I go to sleep at night I’m like and it’s just this is like 20 seconds in the beginning of an episode hey Harley you look so much like yo we’re making hot chocolate [ __ ] hot chocolate and then you guys are like alright whatever and then we just make we figure out how to make a hot chocolate and like the subtitle of the episode is like challenge accepted [ __ ] and I end up we end up making an episode for this guy who has no idea it’s coming like he you know many times people have tweeted me [ __ ] anything but this one just tickled my fancy just as much as Paulo did you’ve got mail I’ve seen of you tripping out hearing it ever is gonna be so good when you’re gonna actually have like hey chocolate do you accept my heart Harley and like we Mexico I picture his head like his head floating around we put his head his video and like they’re all floating we know this guy yo let him come at me [ __ ] lawyers they’ll suck his dick dry but listen those are lawyers of the best for second they are they are this vine tickled my fancy in the same way that Paulo did like five years ago remember he just like sent a thing and then we went to Queens and did a whole episode was gutsy yeah I feel like this although we’re not going to wherever the [ __ ] this guy’s does that’d be way more extreme I like kicking his door and I [ __ ] splash hot chocolate in his dad’s face [ __ ] his mom pick them up from Oh sceptre challenge look I’m a flight to Montreal and respond challenge accepted yeah maybe that’s pretty good to let him show up and be like hey where’s the episode you said challenge what’s now we just yeah we bring them in we just slowly his ass lights are here there’s no food at just waiting for him so what do you have we make them smoke that primo Canadian Ganj and then we make him bareback three primo Canadian hookers there we go sounds expensive you did it but okay now we got to come up with a meal up yeah go find all that hot chocolate
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