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We Did Surgery On A Really Weird Grape

In today’s video, we are making some gummy
candy out of fruit. [Music] Guys, Benjamin Librado asked, if we could make
a gummy coconut. Yes, we can. I think we can do
more than just that. Instead of just going
for a gummy coconut, we thought we would try
a few different types of fruit. So here we’ve got a coconut,
an avocado, a couple limes, and several grapes. And we have ideas of how to make
gummy versions of all of these. Let’s get started. Here’s the basic idea. We have four different
kinds of fruit. We are going to find a different
way to hollow each one out, and fill them with gummy candy. All right. So first thing
we’re going to do, we need to hollow
out this coconut. Now, you guys have seen
in previous videos how Grant breaks
open a coconut, you get a perfectly clean cut. So we’re going to do that. So we’re going
to take this outside. When Grant did this, he used a sharp rock,
the edge of it on the coconut. I was actually able
to smash my coconut open just using flat ground. So I’m going to try that again. [Music] Well, look at that. Nice. [Music] So this one, we won’t even have to worry
about carving out at all. That piece came right out. So while Nate finishes
cleaning out the coconuts, I’m going to go ahead and start
on the gummy candy center. We are going to be using
some Knox gelatine, some heavy whipping cream,
sweetened condensed milk, and some flavoring. [Music] In previous videos, you guys have seen
Grant make Lego gummy candy, and we’re going to be using
a similar recipe, but we’re actually going to be making this even
a little bit more solid, and it’s going to be opaque, because we want it to look just
like a coconut inside. Measurements for this
are really simple. I used about 3/4
of a cup of water, 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream, 1/2 a cup of
sweetened condensed milk. I’ll be adding a little
bit of flavoring, and we’ll be adding 3,
maybe 4 packets of gelatin. So now that I’ve got a bit
of a simmering boil, that’s as hot as we
really need this. So because we want this coconut
to cure pretty fast, I’m going to be using
four packets of gelatin and cold water, which I’ll be adding
to our gummy candy. If you wanted this to be
a little bit softer, you could use maybe even 2 and 1/2 packets,
and it would be just fine. Disgusting. But that’s how you
make a gummy candy. [Music] We’ve got a couple
of coconut halves that fit nicely together, and we are going to need
to seal these off. So what we’re going to do
actually is take some sandpaper, and just sand down the edges, because we are going to use
some tape to hold these together while our gummy cures inside. [Music] One spot is refusing to stay. I’m gonna put more tape on it. If it doesn’t work
with duct tape, you’re not using
enough duct tape. [Music] Go kick it around in the snow. Nate! Go on. It’s a coconut, that’ll hurt. Probably shouldn’t
be in sneakers. Oh, my sneakers are new
and very waterproof. Oh, I can tell. [Music] My shoe is off. You weren’t paying attention. In case anybody is wondering
why we’re doing this randomness, we’re trying to cool
them down in the snow, because it’s actually
a whole lot colder out here than it is in our fridge. So our coconuts have to keep
rotating to make sure that we create a hollow inside
for them when we cut them open. So I left Nate out in the snow, and I’m going to go
and start on the other fruits. I don’t know about you guys,
but I don’t think that an avocado flavor
gummy candies going to be good. So I think I’m going to go
with mint for this one. Cool. Now let’s make a filling. Measurements for this one
are going to be just the same as we did for
the coconut filling. So I’ve got 3/4
of a cup of water, 1/2 a cup of heavy cream, 1/2 a cup of
sweetened condensed milk, and then we’ll be adding in about 1/2 cup of cold water
with our gelatin in it after. This will be the mintiest
avocado there ever was. We are going to add
one other thing that we didn’t add
to the coconut. Food coloring. [Music] That’s kind of the color
of an avocado. You don’t have to use
this much gelatin. This is kind of overkill. We just really want to make sure
that this cures fast. [Music] Next up, limes. [Music] So for this mixture, again, because we want everything
to set very quickly today, we’ve only added about
3/4 of a cup of water. I’ve added in 1/2
of an extra gelatin packet, and then a full packet
of lime Jell-O. This is not the recommended
way to make jello, but it does work. [Music] So Nate poured out half
of one of the avocados, just trying to get it
from the counter to the fridge. So I’m going to put
these in the fridge and then pour the jello in. All right. We have an avocado, 2 coconuts, and a lime
in the fridge. What’s next? Surgery on a grape. We’re literally trying
to hollow out a grape. The same way that you would when you’re trying
to hollow out an egg, so you can carve it
or make it into an ornament. I shoved a needle
all the way through, and now we’re just going to try and hollow out the insides
by blowing the guts out. That’ll be fun. Yep. I have a hollow grape. I’m very proud of myself. [Music] Here’s the thing. We’re not just trying to make these grapes sat
in hollow inside, we’re putting stuff back. [Music] Little bit of the gelatin
leaked on this coconut. It’s a little slimy. Wait, wait. No, no, no. It bounces in your hand. Kinda does. You can feel like vibrating, as though it were
a spring or something. [Music] I’m so thrilled right now. I’ve put the lime
in the coconut. I’m proud of you. [Music] Well, that one doesn’t look
like a coconut, but it looks awesome. There’s our lime coconut. Let’s see what I real
coconut looks like. [Music] Okay, that side does. That side looks great. Yes. This side, well,
maybe I should have kept kicking it around in the snow
a little bit, but… It’s not bad. That’s really not bad. That’s actually really cool. You can see that, that edge. It looks like a coconut. I want to try this. The coconut made
from jello and snow. [Music] It’s really good. The avocado. We’ve got to look at the inside, but we are missing
a key element. I think we have a great idea for how we’re going to add
that key element in. Doesn’t taste like
avocado at all. World’s mintiest avocado. That’s amazing, and it
tastes really good. Should we see
how our limes turned out? Yeah. Jello segmented lime. Oh, that’s fun. [Music] Done. Pina colada flavored
energy drink? [Music] Yes. A lime slice on a gummy coconut with a pina colada
flavored drink inside. I’ve never been happier. The candy island
life, altogether. Oh that has some real
lime in it still. That’s cool. [Music] Hmm… Nice and tart. There. My wedge has less lime in it. Well, that’s some– It’s tart. Taste like a lime. This would be really fun to do
with oranges, grapefruit, like a bigger fruit that you can carve out
the pieces a little bit easier. Because it’d be a fun snack. Nate just eating a lime? I have to go. Wait, get the grapes. [Music] Dang it. [Music] I can’t get the edge. [Music] The stick. Dang it. [Music] Okay, but I actually want
to know what it taste like now that we’ve done
surgery on a grape. Surgery on a grape. Surgery on a grape. That’s really good. You thought it couldn’t be done. You may have not said
it out loud, but in your head,
you thought we couldn’t do it, but we could. We did. We might be the first people to
hollow out the guts of a grape, and fill it
with grape-filled Jello. [Music] Thank you, Benjamin Librado. That was a lot of fun. But we’ve always got more
for you to see. This box up here at the top will
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